Also today, Genocide Daddy visited the store where Goldwolf is the manager.

He always called it a store inspection. Harassment, he yells and scatters like a king of beasts, and rushes around and leaves like a storm......

But only today, he was as quiet as a cat, as a raw wind.

Rubbing over in front of Goldwolf, who welcomed me with his spine correctly, talking in a cat's voice.

"Um, you, what's your name? Well I don't know, garbage man...... no garbage store manager kung! I'm gonna have you set up a new store! We've already got the property under hold, so go now and get ready to open it! The place is here!

Genocide Daddy pushes the map dosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

It wasn't uncommon for Goldwolf to help launch a new store.

If he could be 'gorgeous smart' in the neighborhood where he is, then surely he was involved.

If you are deploying 'Gorgeous Smart' to another country, you have traveled many days and helped.

And just on track, Godsmile's son... finally comes along and Osama becomes the payment box.

Osama, who was wondering if he could push the challenge so hard, was a little hobby.

"Okay, then we're on our way. Meanwhile, this store...?

"You're not the manager here anymore, so it doesn't matter! Look, just go! Hush!"

I couldn't even let the clerks say goodbye, and Goldwolf got kicked out just like a wild dog.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

It was in a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains, as opposed to the city of Yardhock.

"Gorgeous Smartyard Hock End Branch" … that's the name of the new store.

At the top of a chopped rocky mountain, a dilapidated shack that snaps like a tanishi.

Without a roommate sign, it would be more of an abandoned house than a store. That was Osama's new fortress.

He climbed to the summit trying to reach the wand, complaining, blown by a high wind with nothing to block him.

While doing so, the roof slab peels off and falls under the cliff like a petal.

Osama returns to me the sound of a freshly slated galangaran.

I had a bad feeling because the x (bat) mark on the map I was given was too far behind the mountain... I didn't think it was in a terrible location so far.

The yard hock is literally the most endless land because it is at the southern end of the Torqualm territory, but it is also the southernmost part of the Torqualm around here.

There are many caves and mine tracks around, and a short distance away is the famous Ceasefire Mountain.

Far south was the great sea plain, and from here the horizon that seemed to stick to the sky was rising like a mirage.

Though the situation is completely island-like, Osama cannot be flattered.

And I was loyal to my duties.

I decide to make a place to live in the meadow a little down from the top.

Because in that abandoned house, I thought it would blow up without a trace.

Use the carpentry tools you were bringing with you just in case, cut down the trees and build a plug shack.

For him, who has experienced harsher survival than this, the mountain was overflowing with material.

And over the course of a few days, I put together a log house that I could tell from the shop.

But there are no products yet.

Osama sent it to Genocide Daddy as a letter because he placed a purchase order.

Of course there is no post office or anything else, so I went out of my way to get down the mountain and ask for delivery to the people in the settlement who live at the foot.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Furthermore, a few days later......

Goldwolf will again be stunned by the luggage piled up in the settlement at the foot.

He placed detailed orders for goods, all of which had been replaced by 'Battleax Five Hundred'.

A frightening number of battle axes arrived tightly boxed in a crate.

Yes......! This is what Genocide Daddy specializes in, misordering......!

If the type is just wrong. Still, combined moves with overorders......!

What Goldwolf had in mind was to improve his range of consumables.

They were targeting adventurers who ventured through the caves around here and ran out of supplies to return to the city to supply.

Buy it all at the Endless Branch and you'll save a lot of time back in the city......

It was the prospect that some demand would be expected, even without a hectic buzz.

But what arrived was Battleax, a peaky weapon of choice for the user......!

Plus, ONLY......!

This is a convenience store with only a gift cookie behind the cashier, if you like...!

In the first place, two-handed weapons are unpopular for cave exploration...!

At least if it was a handax, I could swing in a narrow passage or something......!

But this is what Genocide Daddy was after.

The sales downturn is a must in the first place just because it's a store in a remote area, but if a mis-order is added there...

Desperate deficits are inevitable......!

An even more unsold product that can be sent like a day in a row......!

We have to load them in the rear car and go back and forth and carry them to the back of the mountain......!

But I just carried it around, and it's a lonely situation where the store doesn't have customers, not even a fellow clerk...

Beside is a pile of stock exposed to rainstorms......

I can't even cry to someone......

I just headed to the city to sue my boss and he drives me back cold, naturally......

I have to go back to the mountains with Tobotobo... I don't have any money to go into the tavern to clear my rabbit...

Because salaries are foreclosed because of the deficit......

I have no choice but to pull to the back of the mountain and be forced to live like a immortal...

Eventually, I don't even know if I'm part of 'Gorgeous Smart'...

Sick of heart, and shut......

It won't even come down to the settlement at the foot......


This is what Genocide Daddy came up with, a means of a new 'throwaway dog'......!

Speaking of abandoned dogs so far, it was common to take Goldwolf to dangerous places, such as deep underground labyrinths (dungeons) and to 'leave him behind' in the guise of an accident.

He's the only one who mistakenly thinks' he got away with everyone in an accident 'and tries to get out of there.

And with incredible toughness, he has lived many times.

But this time, it's completely different from the traditional pattern......!

I just drove him to an island on land and I didn't leave him......!

Of course, it is not considered 'exile' at this point.

But if Goldwolf is sick of his heart and pulls him into the mountains...... he stops being in public......!?

That's when the 'Exile' countdown, starts......!!

This is exactly the 'pull it if you can't push it' method......!

Using Goldwolf's honesty and stupidity, we aim to avoid letting him nest the other way around......!

It was a new-sensitive 'throwaway dog' operation......!

But... but it is.

It will no longer be necessary to say that this operation ended in failure.

That (●) Osama wild dog Spirits didn't fall for the 'loose suicide' trap set up.

In an amazing way, sell all overorders......!

"Gorgeous Smartyard Hock End Branch" sales grew......!