Genocide Daddy's dog banishment was hard to say a success.

He was recognized for a feat, however, and had even emerged as the director of the Small States that bound the 'gorgeous smart' of the Hurlberry Small States.


● Master Tian (Shigen) Grade (Director of Small Country)

Promotion: Genocide Daddy

● Li Tian (Riki Ten) Grade (Deputy Director Kokuni)

● Nengtian Grade (Aspects Manager)

● Kwon Ten Grade (Branch Manager)


There's nothing more scary about him for three rank ups.

Now all the 'gorgeous smarts' in this country remain thoughts.

Furthermore, the young man who had been the director of the department until this time was lost, so he was finally able to place the three men in Antrea's director of the department.

When he's in a good mood, he rattles his throat like a cat.

...... Grrrrrrrrrr......!

The manager who has always been under me, when a young man like Diamond Richnell succeeded in 'throwing away a dog', I thought it would suck...!

As soon as he became head of the department, he destroyed himself on his own......!

Thanks to you, I was able to consolidate three ministers in this country with my son...!

Now no one threatens me anymore...!

The rest is what to do with the 'Deputy Director of Small States', which is still an empty post......!

Genocide Daddy was now not an office desk, but a flurry of thought in front of a luxurious studio desk that glowed black.

His immediate report, the deputy director of the small country, is absent so far.

Jumping over one position, I have sons as department manager on the side.

The election of the Deputy Director of Small States is essential to make his regime even more unshakeable.

Having come up with a name for it, Daddy urgently summoned the department heads on the side.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

'Gorgeous Smart Hallberry Small Country Headquarters' in the castle town of Hallberry Small Country.

It is, so to speak, the main business of Gorgeous Smart in this country.

Four men were poking each other in the large conference room in one of those rooms.

"Oh, listen, my sons! I've been up here naked and consistent just because of my strength! And it became the head of this country, but not yet! Still going up! You need a competent right arm to do that! You know what I mean, Gorgaah!?

Genocide Daddy stands up from the chairman's seat, wields a hammer-like fist and valves hot.

He is the owner of an out-of-people Kui Wei (Cute), with his tender hair and beard, his glistening eagle nose and his big mouth, and yet the king of the hundred beasts.

If you're a concurrent person, you're just shot at at at first glance, and definitely shrunk up with a roaring fury.

Even the overlapping word 'power-based powerhara boss' is uncomfortable, horrible man......!

No, it was male...!

It is the first time to participate in the ministerial meeting in this regard, and the youngest son of the brothers, Genocide Knuckle, agrees while managing his father.

"Let's go, Tatsuji! If you can't hold it, you can't hold it!

Red face swollen on the skinhead. Body shape like a snowman with a bowling ball on it.

The unbalanced, fat arm has a noisy tattoo that shows that this is the murder weapon.

Appearance And Statements, Both Far from Merchants......!

Man like only arm inherited from father......!

No, he was just a male too......!

A second son, Genocide Fang, who was throwing his legs out on the long table, corrects the words of the three men in a fed up manner.

"That's not what the right arm means, you meat Dharma! Besides, Omei would be right-handed! Come on, seriously, start over from kindergarten! Gorga! No, die already! In the morning and in the afternoon, die in two parts. Ya, gollyah!!

The same unmade hair as his father's, but no beard has grown.

With challengingly caught eyes, a large mouth with a ripped tattoo.

A man with thirty inches at the tip of his tongue, as if he had inherited from his father only the enormity of the geostatic voice and the richness of the vocabulary.

No, it was like being halfway between a human and a male, a half-beast that could be eaten up by his opponent with words.

The second and third sons who annoyed me were blind and breathed quietly...... their leading presence, Genocide Lower.

"Phew. Oyaji, I don't want you to say it the way you took it around. Are you going to turn one of our brothers into a deputy director who's a direct report to Oyaji?

Hairstyles separated into kitschy and seventy-three, nose muscles that pass neatly through parts of faces that are not too assertive.

Slim system, crisp aristocratic jackets and slacks......

It doesn't resemble his father, a complete human being... now he, who resembles his late mother, was the eldest son, Genocide Lower.

In this space full of beasts, he seemed the most human... or the only, businessman.

Even the tattoos in the temples look stylish, like they represent brain clarity.

The brothers' father fisted the long desk to ring the bell of the correct answer.

He always slaps the same place, so at last the limit comes and the desk is in two straight.

"Exactly, Genocide Lower! I called you guys today to see who you can get for the post of Deputy Director! I'm going to announce how to do that! Whisk back the hole in your ear and slap it firmly into your head, gorgaah!!

Only three men were rushing their fingers into the hole in their ears and scratching out their earwax.

The second and oldest were listening in the same pose.

My father told them, here's how to elect a deputy director.

Over the next year, let's compete for sales among our brothers in the three territories of this Hurlberry small country…!

Add the sales of each territory in the past, and appoint the person from the territory that had the most upside as deputy director, …!

Furthermore, the judgment is based not only on sales on 'gorgeous smart', but also on the number of clerks who caused them to commit suicide.

This was a way of identifying the qualities of the Genocide Daddy as the one standing above him.

Interrupting subordinates do not make them quit, but to eliminate the threat, make them commit suicide......!

That was also the other arm he wanted in his right arm......!

"This is a test, so whoever is competent or incompetent, whoever he is, buzz him! But it's only suicide! An efficient way to do this is to always let the wheeled rope drip from the ceiling of the store's warehouse! And let the targeted clerk (him) organize the warehouse after all the harassment, alone! If you repeat that... in a few days you'll be waxed with dried persimmons!

"I see! Oh well...! There was a mass suicide in the storekeepers' warehouse before at the Oyaji store, but that's how I accomplished it! That's great, dude! Grrrrrrrr!!"

"Exactly! If I wanted to make a total replacement for the clerk at that time, I'd be a little serious...! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!"

The second son turns his admirable obsession to a jerk who speaks like a martial arts tradition.

Both parents and children are joyfully throbbing.

The three men didn't know what it meant, they added their fingers and made it a kyoton.

Only the eldest son doesn't admire or shudder, just exhale, spinning doubt.

"Phew.... but if you did that, wouldn't the 'gendarmerie' shut up?

… It is the humans of the three kinds of soldiers known as' guards' and 'gendarmes' and 'soldiers' who are at the forefront of peace in this country.

'Guards' keep the city safe, so to speak, police officers.

'Gendarmerie' investigates the case, so to speak, prosecutor.

'Soldiers' involve invasions and defenses of the country, so to speak, military personnel.

Suppose, for example, that a 'gorgeous smart' clerk committed suicide in the store.

Then the "Guard" comes along, makes a field verification and a situational inquiry, and sums it up in an investigation.

If the superior judges the documents submitted and finds them to be caseworthy, the 'gendarmerie' will be dispatched and a full investigation will be opened….

Genocide Lower wondered if they would be investigated by the 'gendarmerie', even if they all committed suicide more often.

Here was his father's answer to that.

"You know I am cordial with the 'Minister of the Guard Authority' of this country!? So we're good! No matter how much lower end raises a case-related investigation, it is handled by suicide at the minister!

Yes......! Being a minister of a small country also works for the ministers of the country......!

"But that goes as far as the Guard Bureau! I can't hold you down until the 'Gendarmerie Bureau'......! So it's just suicide! Just make it look good! That's all you have to protect to kill anyone who gets in the way! Grrrrrrrr......!

Totally in a good mood, Oyaji puts him on a further tongue check.

"Whoa! But before you kill him, don't forget to push the overorder and leave it full of compensation! If you do that, you'll get the flavor even after you kill it...!" Left behind family "is money! I'll add the money from it to my sales, so squeeze it tight! Nice, Gorga!!

Instead of targeting the clerk (emon), even the people around him, he squashes all the way to the bones...!

That was the way to kill everyone (Genocide) Dad (Daddy)......!

"Shh, wow! Awesome, dude! I can't believe the clerk's family switched to gold! Oh, but if we keep doing that, we'll all freak out and the new clerk (him) won't come in...?

"Phew. It is obvious that there is no problem. Because he's a" legendary salesman. "He wants to work for Gorgeous Smart because he admires him, and that's what he sweeps and throws away."

"Right! Yeah, you did! How dare you, Oyaji, was a" legendary salesman "in that" Yardhock End Branch "! I can't believe I beat the top sellers out in such a remote area without harassing my jealous boss for his manpower... it's not human wax! Even a business god can't do that! True, the clerk who works at my place, he's the one who came in admiring the legend of a jerk!

Yes......! It is...!

Whilst Genocide Daddy is failing 'Discard Dog', the reason he came out......!

It's because he was embezzling former Goldwolf achievements and establishing himself as a 'legendary salesman'...!