When Genocide Daddy stood on the veranda of an op like a castle, with a big sunset on his back and a blast on his sons.

Goldwolf and Primla left their qualitative headquarters and were at Slumdog Mart across the street.

It is time for the adventurers who went on a quest in the morning to return.

They sell the loot of the day at the store, grab the money and head to the liquor store.

Conversely, for the store, it's a valuable time to purchase things that are not available at the Inquirer.

But the 'buyout service' in this city was almost exclusively owned by Slumdog Mart.

There are several reasons for this, but above all in Goldwolf's definitive appraisal eye and honest dealings.

Many individual store owners try to buy cheap for even $1 (ender), but he didn't do anything like that.

Another factor is the 'Welcome Back' call.

The storekeepers welcome the rootless adventurers with a different warmth than during the day.

In addition, the adventurer who finished the quest is mostly dirty, but even gives me a squeeze to wipe my face off.

In the meantime, if you close the purchase, you can pull the whale, and when you hit it, you can 'fumble' your face.

The Great Virgin Reincarnation began on a whim, but it was a service that became so popular that it became a raffle ceremony.

Tonight at the store, we also prepare a mountain of squeeze.

I was waiting now or now for the big kids to come home muddy, headed by the example mom.

But since recently, the children in their original sense have also come to push at this time.

...... doddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!

The ceiling sways in the footsteps like a little giant, and the staircase slams violently.

Kids who finished their studies at 'Slumdog School' upstairs come down like avalanches.

The store is going to be a little stash until they get home.

I'm basically not a customer, but I didn't kick him out because of Goldwolf's policy.

Because I also thought it would be a good study to deal with the adventurers who finished the fight.

But today, there will always be more rape.

Because Charles Lunlot, leading the way, even Midnight Sugar, an honorary student, and Glass Paleen, a teacher, were together, glued around Goldwolf enough to be butter.

"No! Please don't, Mr. Charloonlot!

"I got you. Whoa, whoa! Why did you suddenly have a big chest? Until now, it was petanco. Fuck you!?

"Ahhh! Don't rub it!

"Midnight sugar! Touch me, too! This is real!?

"This definite satisfaction... no doubt."

"I knew it! Glass Palin, what is this about? Here!? What magic did you use!? Confess!"

"Hih-heh...! Oh, um... Until now, Dr. Midnight Shuffler told me to wear a bra for kids... When my breasts get bigger, my heart as a teacher gets dirty... But it's always been painful, so I talked to Dr. Goldwolf and he told me that's not true..."

"That's what happened!? I'm gonna be a big tit (over there) side person before Atashi. How dare you, Glass Paleen sucks and you're so busy!? Half to Atashi now... No, give it all to me!

"Hiya!? I can't give it to you. Huh!?

"Why do you want it?

"You've decided you'd better be big on everything! Midnight Sugar! You're petanco like Yasuri hurt you, so I'm sure you've already given up, but Atashi...!

"Why should I be big?

... a bossy question, thrown by the redneck girl to keep standing.

Then the lady's hand, rubbing constantly until then, stopped perfectly.

I kept my fingers stuck in the double hills of a schoolteacher who was so shape-shifting that I thought it was a class collapse.

The girl, who dropped the twin tail on her shoulder, has the unique look of a truth-seeker.

She raised her face as she looked up at the great tree beside her.

And a word.

"... goldwolf... which one are you?

Osama, who was trying to tamper with the girls, was suddenly turned to the spearhead and smiled bitterly.

"Which, what do you mean?

"It depends on whether your breasts are big or not... which you like better"

"Oh, is that what you mean, then I..."

As soon as the following words climb to the edge of his mouth, Osama realizes once again.

By the time it's unusual for some reason, the store is quiet.

And to the fact that my gaze is pierced with pain.

Charles Lunlot, Glass Paleen, and Midnight Sugar drank solidly,

Reincarnation and Primla, who had a squeeze at the entrance, were stationary on the spot,

The pine pack, clinging to Reincarnation's arms, looked back like a koala who found a distant fire,

And until now, he had disappeared, even Luc and Pull, floating close to sticking to his face.

What they had in common was a serious look, like waiting to announce the passing of the exam......!

It was so unique to those who risked their lives that some of the results seemed to make them cry out...!

What you have and what you don't have......!

The victorious masculine (Osama) smiles, fulfilling... which army...!?