The women in this store, all their eyes (yes/no), were directed at lips that were thinner and less moisturized at their age.

I want to be sure of the judgment of fate soon, but I also forget that everyone blinks......!

Had Osama's mouth ever come to the fore before...!?

No, no......!!

Osama himself, to a piercing gaze, felt the tingling of his lips like after eating something spicy.

But you can't do this forever.

Osama finally shivered those lips and tried to spin the proclamation......!

"I..." "Oh, I'm so sorry, all the time."

But it was cancelled from the nose by another unfamiliar voice of Osama.

Osama's attention shifts to that Osama.

"Ah... Welcome, Gendarmerie"

"I can't believe you're a gendarme, Mr. Goldwolf. Or have you forgotten my name already? [incomprehensible]

"No, I know you do. Mr. Gunhound."

The man known as Gunhound was no less Osama than Osama.

In a flaky mid-fold hat, yore yore jacket, like arrival from the last funeral.

The plagiarism of her face doesn't feel as hectic as her outfit.

But only beards are cut together, making you feel weird obsessed.

And Shechemok, stuck in his mouth, was shaking like a willow that could not be seen.

Next to it, a big man named Work Clothes for Corner Cutting.

Keeping him down trying to get forward like a watchdog, Gunhound bowed his head to the point of his apologies.

"Thank you for your cooperation in the investigation during this time, all the way. I wanted to thank you for that today... Whoa, a lot of customers are coming, right? Whoa, I think I just got here, all the time."

Men drenched in sweat and dirt enter like blissful men with the momentum to break through the swing doors of the store.

The clerks begin full rotation.

Goldwolf left the buying business to another clerk, trying to guide the gunhounds into the customer service space,

"No, not here. I'll be right back. I just came to order with an introduction to the new Saucony today, all the time."

The gunhound is at the tip of his thumb, poking at the chest plate of the big man behind him.

The shops were crowded and pressed together, but the gunhounds stood sloppy thanks to wall-like saucecans.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Sauccan. I'm Goldwolf, the owner of this Slumdog Mart."

Even to Osama's polite greeting, Sauccan remains a stare in a high-pressure attitude.

"Hey, Sauccan. What an attitude. This guy's not a suspect yet, dude. I'm sorry, Mr. Goldwolf, but he was an ex-military, and he didn't..."

A saucy cane with no reflection color at all and a gunhound that just doesn't seem sorry.

And Goldwolf looking like he doesn't even care about that.

"No, it's fine. By the way, what's an order?

"Oh, I want his balls, all the time"

The collar of a good jacket opened just a little, and a grip of guns peered from between his sides.

"Flintlock gun (cancer) bullet, right? Yes, I did. May I have a baptized ten (ten) silver bullet?

Hugh and his breath leak out of his mouth.

"... that's the best store in this city, all the time. I just looked at the grip on the gun, and in conjunction with my position, I can't believe you let me hit the bullet I want... so can I have one set of that, please, all the time"

"I understand. Our baptism is by the 'Holly Doll family', are you sure?

"Sure, yeah. This city... No, even the most baptized bullets of the Virgin's family in this country would make the Demon King chicken."

"Then we will finish it within a week. It can also be delivered…"

"No, fine. I'll come back for it, dude. Claim your money from this city's gendarmerie bureau. Now, if you'll excuse me... I'm sorry to keep you busy."

A gunhound that squeaks cuddly on the heels of dusty leather shoes, along with a greeting like no sorry kakera.

But I was about to walk out and twisted my face like I remembered something.

"Oh, yeah, all the time. I'm talking about Mr. Gorgeous Smart, and it looks like Mr. Genocide Knuckle has been appointed head of the Lutanvesta area. I thought it might be Diamond Rich Nell's next target, and this one gets tingly, all the time."

"Really? I don't know what Mr. Genocide Knuckle is like, but this store was just about to consider expanding the entire territory of Lutanvesta. Then it's going to be a battle with Mr. Genocide Knuckle."

"That's the thing. Ha ha, don't overdo it to your brave store opponent, duh. Now it's time to be rude..."

That is all the disrespectful gendarmerie abandons and leaves behind the hustle and bustle slum dog mart.

... The unnatural fallen heavens of the brave men, which have happened over the last few months.

This is being investigated by the Gendarmerie's "Defender of the Demon King (Sanitast) Division", the sensitive gendarmerie, Gunhound.

As he followed the tangled thread, he found the shadow of one Osama.


This is his declaration of war......!

A new enemy to the wild dogs (Goldwolf), different from the brave...!

This is the moment when the Hunting Dog (Gunhound) stood up...!