Goldwolf had been blinded by the Gendarmerie Bureau officials, but he had already made preparations that this would be an inevitable path to take in the fight against the braves.

The Gendarmerie Gunhound associated the death of the brave men and their disappearance with a series of events that he described as the work of the Demon King's Believers (Sanitasts).

"Demon King Believer (Sanitast)" … refers to a human being who worships the Demon King as a god and joins a monster.

They claim that "all the world belongs to the demons" and carry out destructive activities that have no enemies for humans.

At last it is a terrorist kind of race.

The 'brave', who reign in this world as absolute goodness, are treated more than human beings.

Goldwolf, who secretly strips his fangs at them like that, is the evil of mankind as a whole...... it would not be strange to be seen as the most heinous terrorist.

But...... no one knows yet that there is a decisive difference between them.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Goldwolf began to expand the region of 'Slumdog Mart' in earnest, starting the day after Gunhound visited the store.

Start by targeting only the territory of Lutanvesta.

Starting from the city of Antrea, the neighboring cities and villages opened new stores for Slumdog Mart.

That's not from the area where sales are likely to be expected, just like building roads, laying rails...... I tried to expand the store around the main force.

This was for two reasons.

Firstly, it was narrowed down to the territory of Lutanvesta because of the visibility gained in the Selection of Delegates to the Primary School Against Swordsmanship Games in Lutanvesta.

That event, which defeated the juxtaposed school of bravery and the children of the junior elementary school did not win, is still a story grass among the people of the realm.

For those who cried out for pleasure in his land, 'Slumdog Mart' is no longer a stranger.

If you open up in the neighborhood, you'll be the first to do it.

The plan was to open the store after aiming at the positive image.

And it was in the interest of some efficiency that it expanded around the city of Antrea.

If the store is concentrated in a single area, the delivery time of the items handled in the store can be shortened, and if it is out of stock, convenience between stores can be facilitated.

In addition, it will increase the patrol efficiency of the owner, Goldwolf himself.

In the early stages of deployment, we need to go around each store and give detailed instructions, but we can reduce the time it takes to get there.

These methods, called 'dominant strategies', are methods of attacking and reinforcing dominance from the dominant regions.

For Goldwolf, this territory of Lutanvesta was like a garden, so the location of the city, the village, etc. is grasp.

Information on where to open a store was also cultivated through years of clerk experience.

He spreads the map of the entire Antrea all over the desk in the conference room, piercing the red pin so as to strike God's hand, and instructing his men to open the store.

And at the same time, he trained the branch chiefs, the heads of their respective cities.

Firstly, I upgraded Coolaraka, who first scouted as store manager, and the manager named Wontorea, who even relied on me in the 'gorgeous smart' era, to branch manager.

After teaching them 'Slumdog' ism, he had them educate candidates for store managers at headquarters in the city of Antrea.

Specifically, thorough manualism.

Goldwolf compiled it into a manual for any triviality in order to uniformize the quality of its services and strictly adhere to it.

The manual had a compact thickness like a small dictionary and was divided into two parts: the 'normal' and the 'emergency'.

They are then equipped as standard in the pockets of the aprons of all the clerks.

The "Normal Edition" describes the business from opening to closing in detail, and even the clerk unfamiliar with the business can do the work alone.

The "Emergency Edition" contained a wide variety of treatments in the event of a disaster, as well as methods for handling complaints.

Perfect tiger roll with safety of customers and clerks first......

And then if you teach me the mindset of 'adhering strictly' to it...

The pappies who inherited the wild dog store on a genetic level, spreading it to the world like it was unleashed on a doggie...!

Goldwolf's strategy for opening stores begins with an interesting start.

People rather waited for 'Slumdog Mart'.

In every city, as if a fashionable cafe from the ship had landed, "Finally, that one's here!" I was very welcome.

That's how the accepted stores use Store 1 in the city of Antrea as their heart and connect like capillaries.

The collaborative effect further enhances our presence on the territory of Lutanvesta......!

We increased our share in the territory to 20% at once...!

Osama, who has had great success expanding his first force, will make a long promotion......!

Finally, to the Aspect Manager class......!!


● Ojin Class (Chairman)


● Quasi-God (Jun Shin) Grade (President)

Din Din Dingil


Noone Lives Forever

Marie Blood HQ (Harley Queen)

● Shiten Grade (VP)

Kitty Geyser

● Chi Tian (Chi Ten) Grade (Director General of the Great Powers)

● Seating Grade (Deputy Director of the Great Powers)

● Master Tian (Shigen) Grade (Director of Small Country)

Genocide Daddy

● Li Tian (Riki Ten) Grade (Deputy Director Kokuni)

● Nengtian Grade (Aspects Manager)

Promotion: Goldwolf

Genocide Lower

Genocide Fang

Genocide knuckles

● Kwon Ten Grade (Branch Manager)

● Datian Grade (Store Manager)

● Koten Grade (no title)

○ Fallen Heaven

Midnight Shuffler, Diamond Rich Nell, Crimson Teager

Ride Boy Lance, Javelin, Speer, Oxtan

One hundred unnamed warriors.

52 Unnamed Brave Woman.

101 Unnamed Braves

One hundred and forty-five brave men without names.


We are one step closer to becoming equal to the Genocide brothers and king to our father (Daddy)...!