'Slumdog Mart' in the territory of Lutanvesta was steadily taking root in the region.

Of course, Genocide Knuckles, the head of the department for aspects of the area in question, was not watching it in silence either.

He was him, inspiring his men in his own way.

"The store at, it's gone! Somehow all of a sudden, it's gone! But you know it! It's all your fault! Because you skipped it, it's gone! If you don't want to be beaten up, more of a rip-off! No, I knew I'd hit you! I'll beat you up now!

Literal foolishness, even in the genocide family.

Even the Genocide family, literally a proud arm.

His, only and best solution to that was... violence.

That's all I've had from a young age. And yet, for him in his current position with his father's power, that's the best 'corporate effort'.

The fisted effort shook up the clerk with fear and, at the same time, aroused him.

In other words, it had a certain effect.

But I just made it gumshara, and if there's no guiding principle against the sales downturn, it's pointless......!

If the Admiral didn't know the big picture, where the soldiers were willing to die, it would be a mirage to storm......!

How much barbarity you have put on an invisible opponent, the battle is zero......!

Share, another 10% decrease......!

In a hurry he launches into a further ton of demo measures......!

"Ugh!? Why!? More, it's gone! I knew it was because I've been bluffing! From now on, do it tighter! In addition to this hand, I also grab my leg! I didn't want to get kicked, sell it! If you don't want to be trampled down, make it go away!!

Oh my God, I just added a kick to the sanctions that were so far only punches......!

Many managers strengthen penalties in order to improve problems.

No matter how careful you are to be late, you will not be able to fix it, so you will try to impose a fine, etc.

But this reinforcement of differences is unprecedented......!

Even fool generals are at the level of starting tea water with their navels......!

Playing alone that can't even be called such an additional measure can't possibly stop the 'Slumdog Mart' leap......!

Wild dogs are quicker, shimmerer, tougher than he thinks......!

And most importantly, it made all the people involved happy...!

A good example of this would be the cover for shelves provided in each store.

This is to cover all the product shelves in the store, with a large painting of Gold on the surface.

Goldwolf had instructed the stores to always put this cloth on their shelves at the time of closing.

The cloth is made of glowing material and glows at night.

Then what do you think......!

The inside of the store is shining from the outside, plus there's Gordo playing the Dotabata Theatre...!

Besides, there are twelve different types of cloth, and the pattern changes every month.

This greatly entertained the eyes of the people on the road, making Gold-kun's character more familiar and favorable.

… is there any fusi that I can think of that kind of clerk that coldly hits customers who don't buy it?

I bought it occasionally at that store, but when I didn't buy it, it would be customer service like I returned my palm... have I ever been struck like that?

Goldwolf especially hated the way he did it.

I want to treat you warmly, even if you're not a profitable opponent right now...

It is the cover for this shelf that will be made after closing that will greatly represent his thoughts.


Always remember the spirit of service at all times and enjoy it, even if you are a customer who does not lose money......!

That's 'Slumdog' Spirits......!

It was a spirit that could be called the 'heart' of a wild dog, poor and beautiful, that could never be found in the stores of the brave...!

The fiery momentum of 'Slumdog Mart' will not stop.

Even 20% doubled their share, which was a big Venus, in a meagre period of time...... they were already crossing 40%.

"Gorgeous Smart," which took nearly half of its share, will also show a visible decline in customers in the store.

Genocide knuckles are among the best sellers in Lutanvesta territory, and I finally realized the fact after inspecting a certain store.

"Why!? What the hell!? So much so that the customers are gone like Mahou!? rururu......! If you don't want to get your bones broken, just like before, you're gonna have to follow my guests! Immediately...! If you don't hurry, well, well!! Oops!!!

Exasperated as a instant boiler, he goes rough.

It was stormy and rampant, reminiscent of the Genocide Daddy of previous years.

But the father and the son...... were very similar, but ironically, the son was more in constitution than the father could contain by a certain impulse.

Yes......! It's an impulse to destroy......!

So much so that the father who once destroyed the office still seemed rational......!

"Uhhhhhh!!! I'm getting customers right now!!! Now, let's get you started!!! Otherwise, this is how......!!!! This way, screw it up, I'll snap your bones!!!!!

...... mekki mekki mekki mekki mekki mekki mekki mekki mekki mekki mekki mekki mekki mekki!!!

Store that can be considered the big black pillar of 'Gorgeous Smart' in the territory of Lutanvesta… its big black pillar is literally broken…!


Oh, my God, you made me collapse...!

And these are the two major chains in the region, 'Gorgeous Smart' and 'Slumdog Mart' ….

It was a decisive blow, balancing the shares between the two......!

Of course you can't do this for free......!

Instead of demoting the brave class, it is a great failure of crashing things......!

But it is...!

Genocide Daddy did not demote his son, Genocide Knuckle......!

As a loss 1, I let him keep pitching...!

This' loss system 'is treated as a' temporary suspension of disposition 'in the valiant assessment.

It seems temperamental at first sight because it maintains its current status without blame... but it is not.

The added score is treated as' interest-bearing debt '.

If we can't do something to give this back, the loss will swell more and more in the period.

And what happens if demotion is decided in a separate case......

Full settlement, including the share of interest......!

Sometimes a minor mistake triggers a ruin class disposition...!

And this was both the sword of the blades for the giver.

The boss who gives the loss is often, and even more so, the boss imposes the loss...!


● Master Tian (Shigen) Grade (Director of Small Country)

Genocide Daddy (loss 1)

● Li Tian (Riki Ten) Grade (Deputy Director Kokuni)

● Nengtian Grade (Aspects Manager)


Genocide Lower

Genocide Fang

Genocide knuckle (loss 1)


Father and Son of All Killers "Father and Sun"......!

We're both close, stone hugs......!