Huge Gold-kun cover to colour the store after closing.

The merchandise shelves are all covered and become like mountain ranges with cloth deflection, but this month's illustration took advantage of its shape and depicted Gold enjoying the red-leaf-dyed mountains.

People rushing to their homes in the dark.

They were all early enough, but when I notice that illustration, I stop and see them for just a moment.

"Let's all go hunting for red leaves, even on the weekends"

"Really, Dad!? Yay!

"Oh, my dad's just a monster hunter, and you guys haven't been able to figure it out for a long time."

and other happy family voices, Goldwolf and Primla had heard from the upstairs office.

They both laughed, just like their families.

Osama seems to smile, as the Virgin dreams.

In her head, there was so much delusion that she couldn't beat the colored mountains.

Aside from that...... they looked at the weekly reports coming up from each store and were trying to respond.

There are four main non-verbal means of communication in this world.

It is a "letter" using a post office, a "message" using a messenger bird (Tegamidri), a "message" using vocal magic, and a "message" using a messenger.

Since the latter two are not common, the common people mainly use letters, and a message is used for hasty communication.

All business contacts for 'Slumdog Mart' were letters, but the Post Office did not use them.

We used carriages carrying goods to various stores and warehouses to purchase and sell goods.

The carriages come and go between warehouses several times a day, and they are connected like relays.

With this mechanism, we can deliver efficiently to outlying stores and finally contact business.

Goldwolf had used the letter to give detailed instructions to each store.

That was a time-consuming task, so I always tell Primla to go home first, but she always offers to help.

For a girl in love, this wasn't about overtime or anything... because it was one of the few bonus times I could be alone with my uncle.

That doesn't mean we take a special approach.

She kept her thoughts in her chest, and seriously wrote to her.

Occasionally the thought flies and the content becomes a love letter is flawed on the balls (without).

Two, different to the crisp and pen running sound.

... Dosari.

and a faint sound arrived from under the window.

Guess that's the sound of people falling. Goldwolf gets up and asks what's going on out there.

"Uncle? What have you done?

The Virgin, who spoke, continued to say, "Yikes!?" and breathed away.

Because my uncle suddenly threw himself out the window...!

"Whoa!? Uncle!?

The Virgin, who changed her blood phase and rushed over, saw it by the window, which......

She was a woman whose face was torn like a pomegranate, embraced by her uncle's arms.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

She was just wearing a 'gorgeous smart' apron in her swimsuit, going and falling in front of the store.

And not only your face, but your whole body is full of bruises as if you got a group lynch......

I know I'm supposed to be a woman's age, but I've already done it like an old man, I'm tired of it.

Hair is a mixture of gray hair and runny, skin is also worn out......

For one thing, Goldwolf interrupted by putting him to sleep in a bed for his hypnotic sleep in the office.

The female clerk, who regained consciousness by the prayer of Primla, rose,

"Thank you for your help. Sorry. I'm not going back to the store..."

and thanked him with a faint voice like a grudge spirit, and tried to get out of bed immediately, so Goldwolf hurriedly pulls back.

"Wait a minute. Shop means" gorgeous smart, "right? It's already night, so it should be closed. So rest a little more..."

"Eh. Store sales have been depressed lately, and we're supposed to extend our opening hours. The store is still open, so don't go back to the customer service soon. If the sales go down any further, I'm gonna get a broken leg bone from the side manager this time."

The woman painfully suppressed Avara, yet told me the circumstances.

After hearing the whole story, Osama doesn't think it's possible, and it's so frightening that he puts it out in his mouth.

The activities of the adventurer in the first place are from early morning to evening.

Of course some quests are best started at night, but in that case it is common to go to the ground and camp in the middle of the day rather than leaving the city at sunset.

The adventurers in the city at night are already moving to the tavern and are in the middle of healing the fatigue of the day.

At such a pleasant time, you can't complain about the discount for an adventurer's shop, whatever the store you have a sister... even if you get pushed over.

But the wounds on the woman were not caused by the customer, but by Genocide Knuckle, the head of the department.

Goldwolf didn't know his management policy, but he expected it to be probably a father concession.

But not even Daddy, who could be considered a tyrant, did so much terrible violence.

Perhaps... my son is a more irrational beast than my father, Osama thinks.

It was easy to imagine that the measure of extending opening hours would also be a proposal for genocide knuckles.

You think the longer the store opens, the better the sales.

And the overtime, naturally, I guess it's not paid......!

What was accumulating in these 'gorgeous smart' employees in Lutanvesta territory was neither gold nor know-how as a clerk.

Hardship and irrational violence......!

And I can't even complain about that anomaly, it was fear and stress......!

The seemingly goldwolf teaches a woman.

And recommended a transfer to 'Slumdog Mart'.

But she didn't make it look good and shook her head left and right like a machine.

When I give you eyes that don't make you feel the light,

"What, I'm a" legendary salesman "... admiring Genocide Daddy, I went into" Gorgeous Smart "sooo. Genocide, I hear it was harder in Daddy's time. But he didn't give up, so he climbed up to that position. I want to be a good seller like Genocide Daddy...! And one day, I want to own my own store! So here we are, we can't just run away. So...!

That's what I say, I try to get out of bed again.

Goldwolf intuited that it was not a good idea to leave her like this.

Don't give up, run out of words.

"Legendary salesman" is a bright red lie, even if he could be a brave man, he would still be a small-time man without a family...

But it didn't arrive.

In the schools of those who aspire to commerce, they are always treated in classes as well, great men in textbooks, "The Legendary Salesman" ….

Prior to a powerful imprint similar to that parent-child relationship, it was only as effective as the advice of a frigid relative I hadn't seen in ten years, such as Osama's words.

"At least let me just cure your injury," Primla offered.

"Eh. If only one injury is healing, it will be noticeably unnecessarily done..."

The woman flutters in her footsteps and tries to drag her body back to work.

The unbearable feeling Virgin knelt on her back as she turned away.

"Our goddess, Master Lunarillis... Please, protect that one...!

But even that was an unfulfilled wish.

'... that guy, you've got three days to have it. I feel compelled to be with my children.'

Osama is thrust into motion by the voice of the girl who sounded in her head.

"Wait. And finally, there's something I want you to see."

"Why, what are you still...?

You felt persistent, a woman who seemed a little disgusted.

But Osama, like a customer, takes her out of the office and pulls her to the store where the closing work is done.

Primla was still praying, but suddenly she rose to a screaming whimper she heard and followed the two of them.

In the store where the lights have already fallen.

What she saw when she jumped in there, it...

The smile of a number of people on the road, reflected across the windowsill.

Everyone is turning this way and stopping, making their eyes shine.

"Take a look! Grandpa! This is Slumdog Mart!

"What, this is the adventurer's shop? When it comes to adventurer shops, they're narrow, dirty, noisy... and some of them are so pretty and cute."

"Hey, you'll be fine here!? My entrance gear, I'll buy it here tomorrow!

"Right. My mom won't be home all the time at work, so I thought on 'Gorgeous Smart' as I saw how it went... My mom wasn't there, and the clerk was scared, so he came out without buying it... but it looks okay here."

The woman was hiding behind the shelves and listening to the words.

And further distorted his distorted face, he was crying.

"Wow, I... Huh! I... Huh! I've been discounted for a long time and my customers kept yelling at me...... Huh! And when I realized, at some point, the customer's face only looked white...... Huh! But Master Genocide Daddy told me that it was only when it happened that I was alone... Huh! If you don't know the look on the customer's face, even if you don't like it, you can pull it to the store without worrying... Huh!

A goldwolf crouching next door whispers in a tranquil tone.

"Thinking about sales all the time is what makes your customer's face look like money too. That way, the discount becomes a success. But... didn't the sales grow?

"Ha... Ha! You're right, the customers I brought, they didn't buy at all... Huh!

"Because the feeling that you think it's money is also conveyed to customers. Customers are not money, they are the same people...... The fact that you're crying watching customers smile, which is now flooded outside this store... didn't you remember that too?

"Ha... ha no! Finally...... I finally remember! I wanted to be a 'legendary salesperson' not because I wanted a lot of sales......! A lot, because I wanted a smile...... Huh! And yet, and yet... Huh! I... Huh! I... Huh! I can't believe I forgot my daughter's smile... Huh!!

"... but it's okay now. You don't forget to smile anymore. If the tears I endured were empty, there would always be a smile at the bottom of it… that's what human beings are all about"

"Ugh... Wow! Wow!!!

A woman who is comfortable with Osama so that the dam's embankment is decimated.

Tears I'd been saving up were washing my cheeks off like they had been released.

"Oh, my God, when I thought I hugged you in the chest, I didn't know when to die."

"My Lord's chest feels good, so I thought my life span had grown.

Around her crying like a girl, white and black fairies were around to tease and envy.