Before Goldwolf, new challenges came down.

It is a vain giant shadow, named "The Legendary Salesman".

It was not uncommon for him to be put in the hands of the brave man what he had once accomplished himself.

Instead, Osama before he was left in 'Purgatory' was sometimes thorough on the back that he should be.

But...... it was not in good faith to see innocent people suffer by it.

And... helping a worn out female clerk made that impact even more painful now.

Many young people are still being danced to distorted statues in this Hurlberry small country.

Admiring the glory of deception, they are being flirted with, forced into hard labour… and continue to be exploited.

Genocide Daddy's 'Responsible Counter', the root, is no longer measurable.

"Success or Failure (Irace)" is definite, but I couldn't do it now.

Even if there is no doubt that he will go to hell, he will ascend to heaven, in the memory of the people, while still wearing his feathercoat as a 'legendary salesman'......

Even a treacherous and outrageous king, if he dies with his crown, may he become a myth from legend...

If you don't make the people realize that you are a 'naked king', you will die and you will leave a huge impact...!

If that happens, the brainwashing of young people will be stronger and even harder to solve.


We hunt them down while letting the world know how foolish (the Genocide) family (the family) is...!

The first thing to aim for is three men......!

If we take our share as soon as possible and make his incompetence, even more, emerge......!

A corner of horseback riding collapsed, made up of three brothers......!

I can drag down the mountain general who was wearing an apparition on top of it...!

Uncrowned wild dogs, determined......!

To rapidly advance the deployment of stores on the territory of Lutanvesta, promptly and with further fire…!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Or so I decided in my heart, a world that doesn't necessarily work.

But Osama was doing it without difficulty.

More share recapture of Slumdog Mart......!

This wasn't just due to Osama's arms.

There is also a great deal that was helped by the incompetence of the example three men, who are the directors of the aspects of the territory of Lutanvesta.

Speaking of what he did, violence......!

And an extension of opening hours......!

But still, when I found out that sales wouldn't recover, it was the end of the night when I started getting into late night sales...!

He had a Doya face, and this is what he said.

"If you keep the show open all day, it'll only take a while! Um, now it's twelve, because the mistletoe is open, so, uh, only for one day... erm... That's right! It's already thirty times better! Oh, my goodness! Now I can be Fukubu!

I don't know where to go into it anymore, muddled management theory.

No, rather than management, it's not even a deception......!

Winning or losing was like deciding at a time when there was no one around who could correct it.

And finally fooled, open 24 hours (full time)......!

But I didn't increase the number of people, I was turning it around with the personnel I'm in now, so the clerks just get exhausted......!

Rather than increase sales, due to a series of mistakes, the reverse is sluggish......!

They will not be corrected, just blown away by the violent typhoon Violent Storm......!

"Why!? Why!? Why?!? You're supposed to multiply it by 300 for" Kai "!? So you guys are teasing!? Where did you do this? If you don't let it out, don't let it loose! Oh, my God! So much so that 'I don't stand up'!!

... The 'gorgeous smart' in Lutamvesta territory was flooded with storekeepers with dead faces.

Some have swollen balloon-like faces, serving in a state where the front doesn't look like a lock.

Some drag their bent legs in the unlikely direction, cleaning the store with a mop on crutches.

Others are covered in bandages... customer service like mummies...!

The sight was not the sole of The Adventurer's Shop......!

Whilst, the hospital waiting room......!


The color of defeat grew thick, like a field ward...!

There is no way an adventurer trying to make his way to a quest where he risked his life would use such an ominous store......!

Then inevitably......!

Pass the 'King's Shop' and your feet head naturally to the 'Wild Dog Shop'......!

This good assist further boosts Slam Dogmart's share.

Already secured 60%......!

Exclusive in Rutan Vesta territory, but enough to outrun Gorgeous Smart...!

I was sorry for the gorgeous smart clerks who were getting into it, but Goldwolf was praying.

Now, as their eyes will wake, and...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Genocide Daddy had called for a three-man Genocide knuckle at headquarters.

I was originally going to keep my mouth shut and be static no matter what, until the end of the 'Deputy Director Selection Period'......

In the wake of the sharp decline in the share of "Gorgeous Smart" in the Lutanvesta territory, we had to raise our heavy hips.

"Oyaji, why not?!? How come there are no customers in the store?!? Well, well, well, well, well, well! Even though it's the ones at the store that suck! Why, why not!?

Three men who look like they can't stay or not.

Like a child whose flirtations were found out, my father drank a son who couldn't stop crying.

"Calm down, Gorgaa!! Your guests have been taken by wild dogs!!

"And taken...? I can't let you get away with taking customers! Nola...... I'm gonna buzz you!!

"Yes, that's the intention! You have a brotherly arm! So I'm gonna kill all the people who get in the way! But wild dogs are Ujauja nasty......! You've been killing me all by yourself, the milk in this world is so cheesy!!

"Eh, oh, cheesy! So, what do I do?!?

"That's why I use my head... and 'buddies'...! Remember, son! If you want to be my right arm, use those two well!!

"Occasion? Nana?... Right! All we have to do is poke our heads at each other!!

"Yes, that's good! That's a much better way to do it than to do it alone! I knew you were smart!... but don't rush! It's too early to draw a conclusion there! The sooner, the sooner, the sooner, the sooner, the better! Think more, think better, think better! Got it, Gorgaa!!

"More... better, done...?

The father rises and turns behind his son.

And I put my hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear to roar.

"Grrrrrrrr......! Yeah, for example... How about this...?