"Then I'll send you all back to the mansion, won't I? Mr. Primla, please stay back first. All you have to do is keep the store closed. And don't work overtime."

Leaving that behind, your uncle left the store office behind.

Recently also becoming famous in this neighborhood, disturbing girl...... three daughters: Charles Lott, Glass Paleen and Midnight Sugar.

They had formed a "Wow Knights", which had its operational headquarters in the corner of the office of "Slumdog Mart No. 1".

The main activities of the Knights include special training for the upcoming swordsmanship tournament, nearby patrols, and slum dog mart publicity activities.

Girls like jeans get all rampaged around, then occasionally stay and fall asleep in the office at some point.

Then it will be your uncle's turn.

We need to get them home after the closing.

Initially, the guards caught him as a daring personage, and sometimes Mother headed to underwrite his identity.

But nowadays, no one cares if Osama the Kowamoto is holding the girls back.

That was both smiling and envious for Primla.

"... If I were asleep... would your uncle hold me...?

It's something she never even thought about sleeping for when she was severely jerked off.

But now it frequently climbs to my head, and each time my body temperature soars.

"Yes... you shouldn't, you shouldn't. Such bad behavior… and it will annoy your uncle"

Primla holds one cheek in the office and swings as she sifts through her reddened face.

After checking the store door tightness, I got up from the chair and thought I had to go home.

"Yes, I was going to make it tomorrow, let's make a purchase order for the month"

Pong, meet your hands in front of your chest.

The adorable trick was just my sister's sluggishness.

And likewise a modest desire had surfaced in his chest that made him feel futuristic, as if it were inversely proportional to its size.

If you submit your purchase order a day early, your uncle might compliment you too......!

You may stroke my head too, as I always stroke the heads of my schoolchildren......!

Oh, but... my uncle has stopped me from working overtime...

Oh, but if your uncle is home before he gets back to the mansion, you'll be fine...!

… it is a thankful act for the Virgin to place her hand on the head of the lost, but the opposite is unlikely.

Because it is considered disrespectful if done by anyone other than the brave, such as putting their hands on their heads, which they consider to be the 'use of the goddess'.

Of course I know Goldwolf, so I wouldn't stroke the Virgin's head...

Aside from that, Primla prepares the cane and the paperwork.

I removed my demon wax mark (tarp) from the jewelry box I mistakenly thought of as a ring.

In this world, there are four types of consent methods, such as writing.

In addition to common signatures and seals, there are magic "Demon Blood Pen (Zain)" and "Demon Wax Mark (Talp)".

Demon Blood Pen (Zain) is a pen that uses magic to remove the user's blood and use it as ink.

When the person who wrote touches his finger on the handwriting, the letters glow, so it becomes proof of his own station.

Magic scrolls (magic scrolls), by the way, are written by this magic brush (zain).

The Demon Wax Mark (Talp) is used as a single set with a magical seal and a special wax called Demon Wax.

Simply put, it is a wax mark, but it has the characteristic of what was written on the document pressed and that the name of the seal is recorded in the wax.

Similar contents are recorded not only in writing but also in wax, so if they are altered, it is convenient to know immediately by comparison.

Incidentally, if a hand is applied to the document after the wax mark (tarp) is pressed, the area will be discolored red unless the wax mark (tarp) is pressed again.

The counterfeiting of the contents remembered in the wax mark is nearly impossible.

Therefore, in the case of commercial contracts, this magic wax stamp (tarp) is used for expensive orders, rulings, etc.

Primla, Goldwolf's secretary, is young and empowered to rule on the 'Slumdog Mart'.

And non-store product orders, which had not been in place for a long time, had become her job.

The girl is on a boneless desk and begins ordering work.

In order to make the purchase order to be sent to the workshop, reference was made to the report and inventory list that came up from each store.

Then, on the written document, poke the Devil's Wax Mark (Talp), Pong, Pong...!

Only then did the infantile girl's spine tremble and she felt like rising to heaven.

Because the imprint is made of magic letters called 'primula', underneath which is a 'slam dog' of rice grain size.

She secretly planted it when she decided to make an impression.

Yes, only at this moment of stamp is the girl going to be 'Primla Slumdog' instead of 'Primla Holly Doll'......!

In her heart, she cries with joy.

... ahhh!

It's like really, being your uncle's daughter-in-law......!

I can't stop Niyaniya just to stamp it all the time, and Goldwolf asks me, "Was there anything to be glad about?" He asks me.

Each time I had a hard time deceiving, but only today, I'm alone, so instead of Niyaniya, Holy Girl Primla even gets bored with Kunechne.

In her moist eyes, all the paperwork appeared like marriage papers.

Forget it's too late, I'm obsessed with creating and stamping documents.

And... I finally realized.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Goldwolf sent the three jeans to their respective homes.

I was just returning to the Holly Doll family mansion and receiving a warm welcome from my eldest daughter and three daughters.

And Mother and Osama, they were hammered at the same time.

"Oh, what about Primura?" "Oh, what about Mr. Primla?

The two of you face each other.

Make sure you rip between them, and your anger interrupts you.

"My God, Mother! The city is on fire! That too, in many places!

From the great staircase of the Great Hall, Kulalalaka, now the branch manager, rolled down.

""... what!?

Hammer again.

The Grand Virgin had hardened, but the wild dog was already sick.

What he saw when he ran up the stairs and jumped into the rooftop terrace, trying to replace it with a coolaraka......

Under the night sky, where the stars began to blink, this is how the red flames illuminate the city, shining red copper......!

It was a curse of treason, rising many times from between...!

The wolf barked quietly toward Kulalalaka, who later caught up with him.

"The firehand is up is the slum dog mart store. Mr. Kulalalaka, I need you to lead the people in this mansion and help me extinguish and rescue the fire. If anyone gets burned out, show them to this mansion."

"Understood! What are you going to do, Goldwolf?

"I'm headed to store number one, because there's still got to be Mr. Primla in store number one."

Then, you fell too far to stand, and the Grand Virgin crawled dressed without one, and rubbed it on her legs.

"Primla is left in the store!? Fair enough, it's a big deal! Gol! Take my mom, take my mom!

"No, Mother, please wait here. Slumdog Mart outside of this city may also be on fire. The emergency contact information at Tegamidri is in this mansion, so please confirm it and send out the Tegamidri bird here for help from leading players everywhere. And then, when the injured are brought in, ask for treatment. Mr. Primla will definitely help, so leave it to me."

Without waiting for Mother's reply, Goldwolf whistled into the sky.

And I immediately got my hands on the balcony trunk, no hesitation whatsoever, flickering and throwing myself......!

"Goldwolf!?" "Gol!?

What the two girls saw as they breathed so much that their heart stopped and followed the end of the line......

It was Osama's back, already spanning his beloved horse and disappearing into the city like a disease.