With a twinge pain in his nose, Primla was pulled back from her honeymoon delusions.

Even back in reality, vision is as veiled and bonkers as the continuation of dreams.

When I take a hack of breath, my lungs are filled with the kind of irritation they smoked, and I can't stop peeling.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey! Ke...... smoke!?

Inside the office was already filled with smoke and grey smoke like a snake.

Raw, and precipitating, as deep as a thick mist......!

The girl stands up and rushes to the door.

When you open your hands on the knob, there's...

The fiery serpents crawl around the floor and ceiling with our faces...!

...... GOOOOOOO!!

A few times as much heat as when you open a hot oven burns the girl's soft skin with a gust of wind......!

"Ha ha!?

Surprised by the flames looming with his fangs peeled, Primla closed the door with a scream.

But here, she makes a serious miscalculation.

If I had jumped into the emergency exit that was in front of me across the hallway, I would have saved you......!

And when one gear of thought goes crazy, man goes into outrageous behavior.

"Ha, very different......! I can't believe the store is on fire......! So, but don't panic! This is the time to calm down......!

The girl puts her hands on her chest as she tells herself.

I took a deep breath and coughed hard.

As she returned to the table, she dropped the Devil's Wax Mark (Talp) into the pocket of her robe, equal to an engagement ring for her.

It is a good way to grow up to the point where you can stick something in your pocket while you strip it and treat it properly in a box.

Furthermore, the girl's rampage will not stop, the opposite of escaping from the fire......!

Oh, my God, I started packing the paperwork in the office from the important stuff in the box...!

Of course, she had regular disaster prevention training held in stores.

Priorities for disaster response, taught by Goldwolf, are first and foremost the safety of the customer and the clerk.

Next, what I think is very important.

If they had brought together memorabilia, etc., they would have allowed them to be taken out only for small items that were not dangerous to pick up and that would not interfere with their escape.

Store money, merchandise, and paperwork are the lowest priorities.

"If you are not also a fire scene thief, rather throw it away," Osama had instructed.

But it is...!

Devotionally, she didn't put her life in that account......!

Even though the flames were imminent now, they were trying to help the store's pieces of paper more than their own lives...!

The girl, who had finished packing the documents into the box, opened the skylight and unleashed the box, high on the wall of the room.

Dosari, hear the sound of falling outside the store and pray that someone outside will miss the paperwork.

The smoke around the girl had already changed from gray to black.

If you notice, the robe is covered in coal.

My throat hurts so much that I just breathe, I can't stop crying.

"Duh, duh! Duh, what shall we do...! Duh, someone! Is anybody here?

And now, SOS...!

But you replied,

...... GOOOOOOOO!!

Coming in like a sudden breeze, only flames......!

Orange light is licking the floor of the office and eroding it to melt.

The girl was now more aware of death with the kind of fever that crawled up.

I remember the existence of an emergency exit and tried to rush to the door again,

...... Pareen!!

The glass that was stuck in the door plays, and flames like dragon braces blow in.


Licked on the cheek, the girl doesn't feel alive. He fell as-is.

"Ha, help me! Hey, hey, hey! No, no, no, no!

Even if I scream to blow off the heat that grows stronger, I get swept away by a roaring sound that scorches my eardrums.

The smoke stained my eyes, I couldn't stop being scared, and my tears spilled out.

The tears of the Virgin, who should be beautiful, also turn to filth with her coaled cheeks.

The girl remembered her true share and knelt in the fire.

And he begins to shrink and pray devout and diligent.

... Please, please, help...!

Uncle, Uncle...!

It wasn't Lunarillis, the goddess who had been preaching like fate ever since she was born, who was ready to die.

Yes, Osama......!

Save her pinch more than once, and how long will it hold your heart......!

Finally, I started to think, it was that (●) Osama...!

The Savior in the girl was no longer a goddess or anything else......!

I also put marriage in perspective, it was that (●) Osama...!

But it won't be impossible either......!

The girl was once about to be assaulted in a branch of 'Get Set Bat' in the city of Halstoy.

In the lowest level of "Ant Tsuka", "Between Kings", he was made an immortal.

Both are desperate conditions.

But both of them were on the brink, magnificently rescued.

It was that (●) Osama who accomplished it...!

Ah, goddess...!

And so on, I didn't say no......!

"Ah, my uncle...!

The girl was loud, along with a whole body of spiritual prayer.

Even with your eyes closed, you can't wipe the fear of burning to death.

I feel the chills on the back of my eyelids and the marks of tears drying up.

Like a faraway lightning bolt, the sound of crap and collapse looms.

Perhaps the source of the fire is the store.

Gold-kun's cover on the shelf must also be on fire now, poor thing......

So heartbroken, Primla was hacked.

... It was...! That cloth...!

As she opened her eyes cuttingly, the walls of the room were already licked up by the flames, roaming through the ceilings and floors, wandering around.

But now that I've found a way to live, it's not if I'm frightened.

Rewear the hood of the robe even deeper and cover your mouth with sleeves.

Stand up and flame your hem so that it doesn't ignite.

And lowering his posture, he jerks off wild, lizard-like flames at will.

The locker of purpose was right around the corner, but there was a huge salamander lying in front of him, and he had to go far.

The metal locker was already like burnt iron.

I grabbed the handle with a rushing, very bare hand, and suffered a light burn, but managed to open it by mittening the sleeve of the robe.

And inside, she found "Gold Kun Cover," which she herself kept properly folded in.

When you take it out quickly, spread it out and cover it from your head.

Twirl into the cover to dive into the winter night futon and cover your entire body without gaps.

The girl was remembering Osama's words in a space of soothing heat and burning odors.

'This cloth is made of refractory material. It can also be used as a smoke mask, so use it when extinguishing fire or directing evacuation.'

Yes, it is...!

Osama used to be set ablaze the 'Yardhock End Branch'......!

From that experience, we have prepared measures for each store as we battle Genocide Daddy...!

That's this' Gold Kun Cover '......!

Considering the possibility that if it is an obvious fire protection measure, it may be removed before setting off the fire, disguised as character goods......!

While wearing this will get you out of the flames, the cloth will filter around so you can breathe some.

But due to smoking too much so far, Primla's body had come to its limits.

"Uncle... Sa... ma..."

He falls as-is, and the girl is invited to a new dream.

Osama on the white horse shows up and holds her up in a flicker.

For some reason Osama had angel wings growing on his back, and with her grumpy, rising high in the sky...... it was such absurd content.