That night, the city was surrounded by the brightness of an out-of-season carnival and the hustle and bustle.

Because at any rate ten buildings were under fire at the same time.

They all became an indispensable store for this city-based adventurer, 'Slumdog Mart'......!

All the stores gave up their hands on fire at the same time as we showed them...!

Kulalalaka, the branch manager, was rushing the maids to a nearby store, as instructed by Goldwolf.

But there, we see a startling new fact.

Only wild horses are on site that are already becoming like campfires......!

If it's meant to be, I can't even hear the bell that should ring first if there's a fire...!

"Ku......!? What about the guards? What the hell are the guards doing!?

Kulalalaka splits the maids and brings back the clerks who came home for fire suppression activities.

Still, I wasn't staffed enough, so I dragged the store's regulars out of the tavern to help.

But the flames, which have already gained enough momentum to scorch the sky, cannot be stopped......!

The wizard, who brought him here as a help line, is drunk and begins and ends punching water sperm magic against the spectator......!

Kulalalaka, who has become a jerk, tries to extinguish the fire by breaking the water tower.

But late they were found by the guards who showed up, and they were seized.

"Damn......! What are you guys doing out here? Get off me! Get off me! Get off me!

"On instructions from the minister, I was in urgent night training! Even now, I'm back in a hurry! I'll extinguish the fire immediately, calm down! Calm down! If they break the water tower, I don't know!?

"Damn. Whoa! Why are you training at a time like this? Please! Go to Store 1, go to Store 1! Over there, Master Primla is still left out!!

"No more shop number one! It's already collapsed! We are now engaged in fire extinguishing activities to prevent the extension of burning to surrounding buildings!

"What the fuck!?... What...! What are you doing...! I can't believe I couldn't help but look so good...! He said, he... what are you doing?!?!?

Crying strikes heaven.

When she collapsed, she barked at the moon, even more like a wolf.


... she didn't notice.

Straight up...!

Far above, but at a clear and visible height......!

Seriously, there's a wolf...!

To that fact, the people of this city didn't realize who they were.

Coming from outside the city, except for one man......!

"... is he finally out, all the time...!

He was on the roof of the spire, the tallest clock tower in the city.

A big man riding himself out a window just below turns with a torso voice.

"Superior Gunhound! thats...... what is that!?!?

"Deke, don't make a sound, Sauccan. I'm in the middle of a break-in."

"And I'm sorry! Who is he that floats in the sky!? You're in the shape of a person, but you have wings! Are you kidding me," Demon King Believers "…?"

"Half clams, half hassles, all the time.... That's 'Devil Possessed (Delibish)'...!

… "The Devil Possessed (Delibish)".

It is about a man who has made a covenant with the devil, and who has gained the power of no man.

"Demon King Believer (Sanitast)" is just an idea, but "Demon Possessor (Delibish)" is actually the one who sold his soul...!

In this world, we are no longer human beings... but beings who are treated synonymously with monsters...!

When asked "Devil Possessed (Delibish)," Sauccan didn't say two words, just puckering his mouth.

So far, so evil...!

No, if you are extremely evil, you will be caught and sentenced to extreme punishment, but you don't even need that......!

Absolute evil that did not await the judgment of the law and was allowed to take immediate action......!

That's 'Devil Possessed (Delibish)' …!!

"... I thought it might be a big case (Yama)... but I didn't know 'Devil Possessed (Delibish)' was involved, ever."

"Ha!? Oh, yeah! We can't help ourselves with The Devil Possessed (Delibish)! Shh, soon...! Immediately request a soldier...!

"Don't panic, Sauccan. I don't even have to rest on the soldiers' bean cannons. Even your sweat is still better."

"What!? So, how do I...!?

"Well, shut up and watch, all the time."

That's all Gunhound says, pulling his pants out of his jacket holster.

That was much bigger than a large pistol and looked like a stuffed shotgun.

A piano-like black body with singing angel silverwork.

From a muzzle like an angel's blowing trumpet, the gunfire emitted must be a march of justice......

So majestic as to make you think so, the name of that gun full of inspiration...!

"Angel Hylow"......!

Ten (Ten) silver bullets are demon guns for demons that can shoot as many large-calibre bullets as golf balls...!

Compared to this, bean cannons, such as long guns used in the military, are indeed...!

"This Kawaiko loves demons, doesn't she? Besides, he's a gastronomer. No matter what powerful 'devil possessor (delibish)' you're bound to drill a hole in the dotted belly and eat the chateaubrian, hey, all the time."

Gunhound lipped at her with a mouthful that introduced her to her lover.

Kiss the greedy muzzle (lip) and transfer the shikemoku you were wearing.

One of his trademarks, this is not a cigarette, but a piece of paper wrapped in gunpowder.

Continuously, when I took out one of the bullets that was caught in my hips belt... I sank it in the barrel as a decoy... to make it hole-in-one.

"Well, even today, I guess."

Keep your body in the lightning rod behind you.

Then I put my hands on the grip and set it straight.

Even he, who has been dating for years, has so much recoil in this gun that he can't easily shoot.

In a coarse person, the back of the head and buttocks would stick together.

A peek at the iron site comes time for just the two of us.

Beyond the cutting edge, there are those who still look down on the city and float, receiving different wings.

This mysterious figure suddenly flew out of the city and appeared in the night sky.

No one noticed, but the hounds (gunhounds) were not missed.

As it reacts to wild ducks flying out of the swamp, though.

And... the hound followed his prey and used the fire to climb onto the roof of the watch stand.

If he is the Devil Possessed, then all the misery that spreads at his feet can also be explained.

Because if there is the power of the devil, there is no creation, such as setting fire to ten places at the same time.

With that in mind, Gunhound put his finger on his gun nail (hiccups), but was interrupted by a wild voice from his feet.

"but Superior Gunhound! Are you going to shoot me!? He's got something! Besides, it would be better if we at least checked his face to see who he is...! If I take it off, they'll get away with it!

"It was a good place for you, but don't interrupt me, not at all... It's like a woman holding you, but you're already dead anyway. Besides, I don't see your face, but you don't need to check... 'Cause even from here, I get pumped. He's in the alley, he smells like a dog..."

After crushing back unwillingly, Gunhound focuses his consciousness again.

Reclaim just the two of you time again.

An invisible angel came down gently and leaned against him.

"... Goodbye, Wild Dog (Slumdog)...!"

...... Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

A hound-like roar struck by prey shook the sky.