"Angel Hylow"......!

Fluffy in the name of its demon gun, the ripple of the light wheel spreads like a singing voice from the lips of an angel (muzzle).

Platinum snow (platinum snow) brilliant light bullets are a hymn of sickness…!

A silver flash stretching in a straight line is a holy sword that also cleaves the darkness......!

"Here you go, all the time...!

Gunhound was sure.

The devil who receives heaven is pointing this way, but he hasn't made it slight even when the gunfire is heard.

I've already flipped my wings, and it's impossible to escape.

The bullet emitted by this gun, while inductive against the target, is a shockwave, even if plundered, that sweeps through the meat.

If you want to take that with your stomach properly, it sucks......!

"Give your own ass a goodbye kiss, all the time......!

But here, the alien silhouette goes into incredible behavior.

The princess held some body away from the ballistics by lifting it up...

In my defenseless abdomen, I took the bullet properly...!

...... Zubapahhhhhhhhhhh......!!

Sparks like fireworks coloured the sky.




But immovable......!

The Shadow of the Devil is flat......!

I saw it when I had a fever, it stayed the same as a bad dream... I was sitting there...!

Until now, a gunhound that has buried as many 'devil possessors (delibishes)' as it has done beards was the first sight to see.

"What... what!? I should have indeed butched into the dotted belly!?

That's right, too, he can't believe it and accidentally rubs his eyes in the sleeve of his jacket.

But still a nightmare, don't wake me......!

"It's not working. So, all the time!? I can't believe you're treating him like a bean cannon! I can't wait to see him like that.

... but it was technically an error.

'You've been shooting ten (ten) silver bullets. It looks like a different bullet than the one my (My Road) sold the other day. There's another Virgin's family baptized.'

"Uh-huh! Silver bullets are cold, I thought it was water!

I didn't know that conversations such as these were being exchanged at the Lord of Nightmares right now... he had no reason to know.


Instead of bean cannons, water cannons......!

The prey he aimed for is not where he kisses his ass......!

I didn't even feel itchy (but boiled) like a worm bite and it was intact...!

"Ugh... you're lying..."

I never let go of any predicament, I can't afford to float anymore.

When this is a mistake of some kind, he starts shooting a second shot at the love gun that remains of nitrous smoke.

On trembling hands, pounding and sweating.

Shizukuru dripped more and more, and wet his hands, his gunpowder (higuri), softly.

And I finally realize.

Ha!? to the fact that the sky I said is covered in dark clouds like a dark screen.

"Become...!? Well, until just now, it should have been sunny, ooh!? Why all of a sudden?

The clouds begin to glow violently as if to speak for the wrath of the devil in front of them.

"Ya... still... duh! This is a dream......! It was just a bad dream...! Ever!"

The moment I was so sure, a big rain grain stretched his cheek, like scolding him that this was real.

...... Bisha!

And instantaneous rotation,



Heavy rainfall, like the floods were falling, hit the entire city.

But this is not a disaster.

It was a rain of grace for the city, which was hit by the damage of the fire.

Quickly extinguish the flames so that you can drink the fire extinguishing work that was slow.

"Yay! Yay, yay, yay! We did it. Whoa, whoa! It's a miracle! A miracle has been done! The goddess Lunarillis has helped us. Uh-huh!

Kulalalaka was ecstatic as she got bisho wet to be hit by the waterfall.

She wasn't the only one who was welcoming this unusual weather.

The rain was strange and warm, so the vagabonds crawled out of their broken boardhouse and rejoiced that it was a long shower.

The gunhound on the roof was stunned with his partner in his hand, who could no longer sing.

I don't even notice the devil flying away so I can be surrounded by the sky surrounded by gray vales......

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The mysterious fire was not the only slum dog mart in the city of Antrea, it was happening in all the slum dog marts in the territory of Lutanvesta.

And just like that, it had all been wiped out by heavy rains that had suddenly fallen all over the territory of Lutanvesta.

It has been a series of disasters rarely seen in recent years, but miraculously zero deaths.

Rapidly organized around the Mother of the Holly Doll family, thanks to the Virgin Ambulance Corps for its work everywhere, only the wounded could do it.

Rescued by Goldwolf's hand, Primla woke up on the mansion's bed.

My uncle on a white horse and I flew through the sky... and dreamed of going to a seawater bath...

I can't believe I'm wearing my first swimsuit... and that's so bold...

And because of that, I can't believe your uncle changed like that...

Wake up and scorch the tip of your hair, and nibble alone.

We were all worried that you hit it in the head with that reaction...

Knowing it depended on her, she reflected violently on the momentum of judging her belly.

"Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! Uncle! Sister! And all of you......! I caused you inconvenience because I took the liberty of working overtime...! I am so, so sorry!!

"No, I'm glad Mr. Primla is safe. But from now on, never work overtime at your discretion. Is that good?

Moisturize the girl's eyes against the holy water in the harsh and warm words.

"Ha... Ha, sorry! I'm sorry, uncle! Uncle, come on!

The girl tried to jump into the chest plate of her dreams,

"Primlah! I was really, really worried about you. Ahhhhhhhh!!

Boyne Express, which burst in from the side like a runaway train, was exposed to every body.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Though there were no casualties and damage to the neighborhood, 'Slumdog Mart' was physically wiped out of Lutanvesta territory overnight.

The share, which was as much as 60%, also turned ashy, with 0 (zero) % …….

If you liken it around, it's too unreasonable a trick to be put back to the mundane, rest ten times after confiscation of possession, and be tailed by everyone else.

Its masterminds, Genocide Daddy and Genocide Knuckles, had a very similar lion face down like a full beast.

"You're right, I lit the clerks on fire! Now, the customers of the store at… again, as they used to be, it's going to be full!

"That's right! Well done, my son! If it doesn't rain, it will be burned elsewhere (approx.), and I'm glad... OK! The wild dogs, they burned it all the time! I'm so hot docked, I shouldn't be able to do a big slag anymore! On the contrary, it would have been irreversible! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!"

... Indeed, with all the stores out of charcoal, rebuilding takes time.

Instead of 'temporarily withdrawing' if you are a concurrent manager, it is not strange to make a 'complete closure' decision......

They think they've done so much damage to the wild dogs.

In fact, it is......

But I want you to think about it.

Will a wild dog die of wild drowning, as much as they took the cabin...?

Not to mention "Wild Dog in Hell" resurrected from "Purgatory"......

Is it possible, for example, to wrap your tail around it and escape...?

The answer is… no!

Parents and children (Yatsura) were just floating and hadn't noticed...!


That (●) wild dog has already taken steps to turn this desperate war situation upside down......!

If you're analogy, if you're playing chess, it's like the board's spinning 180 degrees at some point...!

I should have hunted him down with my bare hands, but he seems to be hunted down the other way......!

In the arrogant King of the Hundred Beasts, quicker than anyone else the odd moves that don't even climb into the corner of your head......!

As for the whirlwind, I was moving it to execution...!