Thanks to fire insurance, which was generously put on by Goldwolf, the wild dog shop had gone through a tent from a wooden doghouse and was now reborn into a splendid three-story stone building.

Humans and stores alike, when it grows suddenly, are hard to get close and buy objections, but the adventurers rather go through even more prosperously.

Kindness, like turning an unsold underground idol into a top star in their own hands, began to budge in them.

Until recently, the king's shop, which was one of the strongest, already has no idle birds.

Quiet enough to think the alley is still busier.

... and the headquarters in a city had already repeatedly disintegrated, and the digging cabins were alike.

What you hear from inside, Gaon! Gaon! and the sound of pounding steel;

"Ugh! Lululululululu!!

It is no longer a man's word, a roar of the beast.

That place is not even close to customers or clerks already.

A gentleman was about to pull open the door to the entrance where the hinge was removed and tilted.

Dark glowing hair caressed neatly, a look that makes you feel old but sharp.

Eyes that make you feel warm, beyond the squared glasses that look like a few pennies.

Middle-aged men such as skilled businessmen.

What the hell can I do for you in this place that I can't possibly even talk to you about?

As soon as he touched the handle, it came off with Gatan, so he held the door with both hands and stood against the wall.

"Come on...... dude.... Um, sorry"

Even inside, it wasn't much different from outside.

Because the floor is soil, and from the gaps in the walls like the missing teeth, the wild wind and the sunlight were all you could get in.

But originally, it was just headquarters with a large crowd of people, just wide inside.

But almost nothing.

At his feet, he rolls a torn up stuffed animal, a broken dek doll, and a bent armor armor.

Floors filled with debris of destructive impulses, like a battle race baby room.

In the center of it, a small room like a cage, made with steel protruding.

bed worthy of a ferocious baby, but the sign standing in front of the

"Aspects Manager's Office"

and I have guidance.

the shadow, as huge as a calf, that was in the bed,


When one cried like a gulp, he was showering a giant hammer-like punch in steel.

...... GAANG!! Goon!! Gain!!

It was ringing in the mess like a sounding toy, but when I felt signs of people behind my back,

... Guillotine...!

and looked back with a gaze full of killing instincts.

Genocide knuckles that were no longer passing the beast and transforming into killer-like winds.

He was so intimidating that his body would dull if he were a concurrent human being, but the gentleman did not care like a breeze and said to him as he proceeded to walk.

"Nice to meet you, General Manager for Genocide Knuckles"


The payback from the general manager was a rhinoceros kind of rush.

When my body is inhibited by steel, I stick my neck in the gap, reach to the limit, and bark at all the food I eat.

"Ugh! Guru! There is!"

He's not locked up otherwise.

There were as many gaps behind me as I could get in and out of, but it didn't seem like I already had that much wisdom.

The gentleman spreads his hands and appeals to the absence of hostility.

"Please calm down, Director Aspect. I'm on the side of the head of the department."

"Guru ah! Bullshit! Now you're here to dust your ass off!? Don't give me the rice noodles! Whoa! I'm gonna bust you! Fuhhhhh!

"Terrible. Instead of embezzling the money, I came to offer it to you."

"FUCK!? Like what? Are you going to give me the pleasure? Then just give it to me!

"Fair enough, calm down first. And look here."

The gentleman removed a cloth about the size of a bath towel from a leather handheld bag and handed it to a genocide knuckle.

"What, this...? Oh, I don't need this! This is why you deceived me, and I don't think so! Where did you go?

"No, that's the magic cloth that brings a lot of money to the head of the department."

"Mahou's, no...!? Oh, Mahosuki!

"That's good. To tell you the truth, it's the cloth that Slumdog Mart also recommended."

Heard of 'Slumdog Mart', Genocide Knuckles are as fierce as Mad Warriors.

"It's Slumdog Mart. Whoa!?!? Grrrrrrrrrr!! Don't loosen up, don't loosen up, don't loosen up! Don't loose it!!!!

It was as powerful as a volcano erupted in front of us.

The air trembles billibly and the steel resonates with One One.

Instead of cracking the wall plates on all sides with bisili, the sound of an explosion is enough for someone who was walking outside to turn upside down.

But the gentleman didn't move.

Even a shockwave-like rage flushed as lightly as a toddler's eclampsia.

And keep talking, shuddering like a veteran childcare worker.

If you are a concurrent person, you should have noticed scared and lost your hips or you should have already been caught and squeezed like a rag......

This Osama...!

It's a lot of balls......!

... Here's what he explained.

Even though Slumdog Mart caught fire, sales increased because they were protecting goods in the store with this cloth.

If you wrap the product in this magic cloth, it will remain burnt even in a fire.

And they added value and sold it.

It was actually a more chewy explanation, but Genocide Knuckles found out about the slam dog mart leap karaki.

The reaction punches your eyes like a toddler who mouthed a carbonated drink for the first time in his life.

"Right......! Were you...! I made the clerk shine and light a fire...! The store was supposed to be full, but that's what didn't happen anymore...!

Gentleman's eyes gleam with glasses.

"... after all, that fire was ordered by the department manager on the side"

"Shit!" With the expression, a toddler blocking his mouth.

"Chi, no! Not you! I didn't do it! It was the jerks who told me, and the clerks who did it! That's why it's so lame! It's not terrible!

"Please calm down. I won't say anything. Instead, it's easier to recommend. Because in order to make money, you need to cover your store's items with this cloth and set them on fire......!

Behind the gentleman whispering so much, there was a long stretch of demonic shadow...

The toddler, who had been taken in by skillful discourse like a kidnapper, had not noticed.