The next day, by the window of the gendarmerie station on the territory of Lutanvesta, a single owl clumped.

To the gray furrows, to the owl a large body, as if the clouds had strayed in.

He turns his golden eyes toward the gunhound he was throwing his feet at his desk and rattles his couch as he calls.

The case is obvious.

Because there was a leg ring on the toe (Ashiyubi) that grabbed the window frame with disappointment, like an iron claw.

But the hounds of disappointment are blind.

Instead, his subordinate Saucan receives it and glances at the letter.

"Net the gorgeous smart on the territory of Lutanvesta, the fish herd catches"

It was the one called 'Tale Comics'.

However, anonymous submissions of this hand are not uncommon in the Gendarmerie.

If it is always, it goes to the trash can at my feet with a smile...... only Sole was convincing enough not to ignore it.

... Kareen.

Metal pieces spilled from between letters, along with a clear sound.

Gunhound shot that night, it was a ten silver bullet fragment.

As soon as I see it, the light returns worthy of the hound's eyes.

"... are you talking from the devil, all the time"

"But Superior Gunhound, that cakera... is it really the same bullet you shot in the fire?

"Oh, baptized silver bullets have baptismal marks on them. That matches the Virgin family I love."

"What, it's not the same as the Holly Doll family ammo I bought at Slumdog Mart this other day?

"Baka, can you use a bullet you bought from a suspect? If he was a Demon King's Believer, he'd have a rejection for baptism, so I tried."

Once the gunhound separates the words there, he scratches the back of his head in a burr for the hat.

"Hold on, if he's a Demon King Believer (Sanitast) instead of a Demon Possessor (Delibish)... I don't even like to get close to a baptized silver bullet with a case in it... hey"

"After all, that man...... isn't Goldwolf different? I don't think he can do such a big thing..."

"Anyway, I got a new clue. It might be a trap, but let's not bet on him, all the time.... yes, that's why I brought him in, that bird was also soggy..."

The concave (decomposed) combo returns its gaze to the visitor's window in alignment.

But there, there's just gray feathers dancing.

Outside, already, grey wings were spreading like fissures in the blue sky.

... he shoots away like Sky Blue into a horizontal giraffe with a blade, his name is "The Skeleton of Clouds".

It has two names: "The Underbird Carrying Death (Mendori)," but is familiar to the Holly Doll family under the nickname "Muku."

He is the only one in the demon kingdom who can carry the soul of Satan.

But during the fire the other day, it worked great carrying letters for contact for humans.

It was full of nadenades by the Grand Virgin.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

A few days after the mysterious Talecomi, we took the city of Antrea... No, once again the Red Lotus demon attacked the territory of Lutanvesta.

The scale was roughly the same as the last fire, but there were two things that were very different.

First, that there was no abnormal weather.

And that in a system of 100 guards, a big catch was taking place...!

Since the day he received the telecom, Gunhound had used the authority of the gendarmerie to order the city and village guards of Luntavesta Ju.

Keep an eye on 'Gorgeous Smart' in a 24-hour system, and...!

There was a considerable risk in moving that many humans just because of the information of unknown origin.

It was a big bet (gambling) for the hounds, but he believed in Kang as his own gendarmerie.

The life-giving guards were dressed in private clothes and had stakeouts throughout the night.

It's already sundown and Gorgeous Smart has closed, but their watch is now the real deal.

There was a shelf cover in the store that would have managed some store.

But the design of its surface is an illustration pieced by Genocide Knuckle, the director of the facet.

The beast was already famous, so the people crossing the city were walking down the street avoiding shops.

... I should have at least made it an illustration of the king...

and the guards peeking from the alley, everyone thought, then......!

Finally, witness......!

Only one of the clerks left in the store punched something like oil......!

Throw a fire match in the oil...!


In no time, the moment to turn it into a sea of fire......!!

"... Let's go!

It was almost at the same time that a shadow popped out of the back door of the store and a guard popped out of the alley.

"Hey! You there! Stay!"

The shadow of being called to a halt and realizing they were being chased turns into a detachment......!

"Ah!? Don't let him get away with it! Chase him!

And it starts, big chase......!

... all over the city stained with blowing flames.

The silhouettes lit up in red copper before them, making a big noise to the right and to the left.

A sight like the outbreak of such a massive coup was seen in Rutan Vesta Ju.

Although the fire was discovered early, the guards are delayed in extinguishing the fire because they were all mobilized to arrest the killer.

As a result, the damage situation became the same as last time.

Though it was the dead who didn't answer, the store burned all......!

To this news, Genocide Knuckle, the mastermind of a two-time fire, was happy to leap.

In the "Aspect Manager's Office" surrounded by steel, he floats like a gorilla in a zoo where he had an episode.

"Yay, yay! I did it! Now, if you sell what's left of the burn, oh well! Ten times what you normally do...... no. A hundred times more would be enough! Oh, good!!

But it ends up for the calculation of the indelible gorilla.

Because the boom of "Weapons Beloved by the Spirit of Fire" has left...?

Or because the value was too high...?

... No...!

The product didn't burn in the first place......!!


Previously, the cloth sold by that (●) gentleman was not a "fire resistant cloth" etc...!

It was a 'heated cloth' with the opposite effect......!!

Do you remember this interaction between Goldwolf and Primla, who choose a magical cloth?

"Heh... you have a lot going on. This is a heated cloth...?

"That's the opposite of fire resistance, a cloth of a nature that lets fire pass through. The fire through this cloth gets warmer."

"Oh, I know. My sister used it to cook last night."

"Right, it's famous as a cloth for cooking. If you wrap ingredients with this cloth, you can wrap and bake them with even a little heat."

... yes... yes...

If you give the cloth a fire like fire that even a little heat will be high...

What you can do is instead of "a weapon loved by the Spirit of Fire"......

... "Gorgeous Smart's Weapon Wrapping Grill" eh...!!

From the pile of debris at the fire scene, what was dug up, it......

It melted into a drool and stuck with it... it was once a commodity that made it look like avant-garde art.

That price......!

per gram, 0.1 ¥(ender) ……!

It's just iron scum at last......!!

Moreover, Genocide Knuckles had the same cloth hung and set on fire not only in all the Gorgeous Smart stores in Lutanvesta, but also in large warehouses, inquirers, etc. in the suburbs.

Of course, at the recommendation of that gentleman.

Instead of inventories that are no longer in stores, even in logistics hubs, they are wiped out......!

What you sell disappears, including into the future......!

All stores, not metaphorically, closed crap......!

That (●) Osama succeeds in flipping the black-dyed plate surface, with just one hand, all white.

Besides, that's not all I allowed.

He just sold the cloth and lost (irace) all of 'Gorgeous Smart'......!

In one shot (one shot), everything is destroyed Destroy Zem All...... Huh!

This is what the legendary salesman meant.

This is nowhere near killing us all.

Ruin (Doom)............!!

Besides, it is...!

That even this' ruin 'is still just a' prelude '......!

I still won't allow their lives to go to zero, overkill......!

"No more!" and a merciless blow that didn't last long was about to hit the beasts even more...!