River plains with soft afternoon sunshine.

The gentle stream of the river gently reaches his ears, and the wind blowing across him caresses his skin.

On such a riverside, Osama stands.

There was a woman next door, but she turned to me with her hair up.

It was a casual trick, but from its bright collar and feet on the clap, a bright white noose appears chilling.

Osama goes thru unnoticed, even in scenarios where he would undoubtedly be stripped of his eyeballs if he were a man.

For her, who has been exposed to many gazes, such a natural and gentlemanly behavior was fresh and pleasant again.

"Um... excuse me, President Goldwolf. You're being selfish."

"The president please don't, Ms. Miss. Plus, sometimes it's nice to stop by like this."

Goldwolf smiling at Miss, who seems sorry.

That's all her insides, cum, and roar.

Ms. used to work for Gorgeous Smart, but she was mostly discouraged from working as a customer.

But overwork hits me, and I fall in front of a slum dog mart.

That's where Goldwolf got me on the brink, and now I work for Slumdog Mart.

When I was in Gorgeous Smart, I was old for my hair and skin, still like an old woman, because of the harsh work and the violence from the department manager.

It was a double punch of hard work and overwork, but after working at Slumdog Mart, I regain my original beauty while I look around.

And now it was so much the Madonna presence of the store that it rivaled the Virgins.

Skin that smells like black balls on your hair......

And a curve of a body as rounded as a vase.

The troubled voice spills from the puffy lips is colourful......

He used to invite adventurers to the store to sing with mermaids.

Moreover, she is not only an appearance, but also a talented woman who performs her job in a buried manner.

She said she was only allowed to do the customer service because she was a woman in a former store, but Goldwolf quickly spotted her brilliance.

She stands for Glimmer and Head Angle and is quickly promoted to Branch Manager status.

And today, the two of us were greeting each other to inform the counterparty's workshop of the branch manager's promotion.

On her way home after that too, Ms. Stopped by.

Osama was happy to agree to the treat, and he was chatting with her in the suburbs by the long idle river.

The city's river plains make it a habitat for Gorotsuki, but they're not around here.

It's a great place to change your mood because it's safe and the water is beautiful.

"Speaking of which, does Mr. Maselia seem used to Slumdog School already?

Maseria means one daughter of Miss.

"Eh, yes. Maseria's looking to be an archer, and she's going to say that Slam Dog School is better than her old school."

The way she talks is unique, and the tail sounds like she's leaking a hot exhale.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm going to be serious about it, but it seems to bother me a lot to mislead men.

"Really, that's good"

"Oh, speaking of which... Masseria said. At Slam Dog School, Gold Wolf Co.… I'm talking about Mr. Gold Wolf, and he's carrying it."

…… About me? How so?

"Yes, Mr. Goldwolf said that you prefer a woman with big breasts or a little..."

Osama's doubts quickly turned into bitter laughter.

"Are you talking about that? Charlotte cared."

Miss Miss is around her chest, in front of a rich curve like Pheromone's shipping device, holding her hand softly.

"Um... Mr. Goldwolf?

And with a slightly more reminiscent look, after just a moment of nagging... I turned my tendency to moisturize my eyes to Osama.

"... which, what is it... Huh?

"Which, you say?

"The bigger one or the smaller one...... which one do you prefer, why is it so awesome...?

But the Kyoton reaction came back, so Miss suddenly embarrassed herself and distracted herself.

"Ah, ahem.... Shh, excuse me. If I did, my God... Forget about it now...!

"... I like to be warm"

"What?" Ms. turned her face again, Osama facing straight forward.

His gaze was thrown over the dirt across the river, but like a vision, it seemed to reflect a far away view.

"The baby held in your mother's chest is warm and peaceful, isn't it? I was an orphan, so I don't remember. Is that why you have a longing for 'warmth' in a woman's chest..."

But on the way, it gets hacked and corrected in advance.

"Oh, excuse me. It's disgusting when an uncle like me says that."

That's how I fixed it and turned around, there was a pink beauty who somehow wet her eyes and even her lips...!


Her heart had already been grabbed.

I can't help it.

He's sincere and strict against his men, like a great wolf who usually manages the herd...

But against the wolf he is calm and magnificent...

Always calm, sometimes passionate...... Sharpness and heat seem to live together, yet lonely......

He seems to forgive everything and not a heart to anyone......

One of the very rare expressions, I showed 'lonely side like a throwaway dog'......!

Make sure your golden ticket to the chocolate factory doesn't have any colorless children......

The gray ticket with Osama's Lonely Face catches the beauty gassilli and heart......!

Then I was digging up even motherhood and stimulating the bin......!!

Miss is filled with the desire to keep flying and hugging her if she is allowed to.

If there had been an example of the Grand Virgin on this occasion, there would have been no question.

"Hello baby! I'm your mom!

and must have teased the flying body press of the spinal cord reflex.

More than that, Miss Mistress, who is still a commonsense man, asks with a dull white throat.

"Um... if you don't mind, my..."

But the thought didn't reach Osama.

"Ohhhh!? Here, you're hot - eh!?

A wild, rough voice trampled me like a flower.

A dodgy, carefree footsteps surround the two, like vandalizing the flower beds with earthy feet.

Miss looking up anxiously.

Already around, big men like walls blocking the sun......!

"Ahem. Hey, why are you guys... Huh!?

"Whoa, did you hear that voice now!?

"Oh! Seriously, color hey!

"Usually and here, I'm sure your voice will be more awesome when you anoint!

"Such a good woman, I want it for Osama - hey!

"Hey, you better stick with us than this shitty Osama!

Her body was exposed before a gripping hand like a glove grabbed Miss.

I got my hips hugged by a gooey,

... bahhhh...!

and jumped in ahead......

It was in that Osama's arms that I dreamed of until now...!

"Mr. Miss. Just for a little while, could you hang out with the dance?

That's a gentile, sweet whisper that will make you forget all about exactly the impending crisis right now.

That's all I get anymore, and my invited partner gets his back smashed.

"Ha, ha... ha Phew..."

In Ms. 's eyes, only Goldwolf is shown anymore.

Over Osama's shoulder, there were strong faces like angry wild pigs that looked down...

She was so melted that she even had the illusion of being a hundred rounds of roses.