The tranquillity of the river plains was completely broken by the mysterious men's intrusion.

Standing on a cliff-like riverside, Goldwolf and Miss.

Men and women pose like before the start of a pair of dances and are totally in the world of just the two of them.

Around it, men with inferior faces, like the one who left his lower heart and intent to kill in a funny half.

Armored muscles and blood vessels run on a giant body like a standing and intimidating bear.

Stand up, nigga and moving hands are big enough to easily grip Osama's face.

In contrast to the elegance of Osama's pair, they tend to be like fighters waiting for the gong to start.

The strangest Fae fight in the world was about to begin.

The audience forests on the dirt, the shrubs and the bushes.

They wondered if there was anyone there, but one of them rocks even though there is no wind.

And my voice stuck out in a state of flux.

"How about it, Superior Gunhound!! They are the ones who were in their own time in the military!!

"So shut up, Sauccan. He's hiding, so don't make a big noise."

"And excuse me! In addition to army martial arts, they are familiar with boxing, wrestling, etc... and even bare hands can kill a hundred people!

"Ugh...... well, is that okay with you, all the time? If they just attacked me, I don't care how many guys (they are), but they'll be serious..."

"But what if it was different again!? I took him forcefully before, but he didn't have anything! If you get any more protests from the Holly Doll family, you can't just pay attention anymore......!?

In fact, the other day, Gunhound was conducting a forceful investigation.

There's no way there's an intact human being with an 'Angel Hylow' bullet.

Even if he made a covenant with the finest demon, the Devil Possessor (Delibish) must have a big scratch...!

Believe it or not, he boarded Slumdog Mart No. 1 and restrained Goldwolf.

And I naked it in the interview room and checked my body to the point of blur......

Only countless ancient wounds were found in Osama's body......!

Lynn Carnation, who later learned of it, fiercely protested to the Gendarmerie Bureau.

"I can't believe you just naked Gol!? Damn it, don't! Because even my mom rarely shows it to me!

The content was a bit odd, but due to the complaint of the Grand Virgin of the famous family, the great gentleman of the Gendarmerie Bureau apologized peacefully.

Gunhound had just been stabbed with a nail from the top, telling him not to make a strong investigation.

The suspect he's after (Hoshi), Goldwolf still has no conclusive evidence.

But he believed in his own idea, and thus set it up in an unpopular place.

If he was attacked by all that skill, he would have to represent the nature of the 'Devil Possessed (Delibish)'...!

"Come on, it's time for boobs, like, all the time"

The hound had already set his partner's demon gun and set his aim on the head of the wild dog.

The body flutters and swings like a fairy.

Shall we dance? and ask the men around us.

And that signaled the opening of the war.

"You just ignored us, you cancer! Are you nagging me, you Osama!

"It doesn't matter, bump him up, tap him into the river!

And a flying fistbone and an anger.

"You're freaking me out, you're not disappointed! Osama!"

"Crush your jaw so you can't eat the mesh for a while!

"With belly bread, drain the blood shomben. Oh!

The cursing that pushes from all directions is so horrible that it's going to bite your ears off.


The roaring blow from the roaring arm is as intense as a bell-ringing tree......!

But Osama, as if he didn't see them, as if he didn't hear them, completely ignored them.

I thought Miss Mistress would be scared if I showed a reaction here.

The beauty, who had her hips held and fingers tangled together, dances as she is led.

She was nailed to the gentle, somewhere pitiful eyes of Osama, among the worlds around her.

My heart flutters and I dream as if I were on Mary Goland.

The blurring punch shines like a light-up light, and the yelling echoes in fun like a child's cheer.

The only audience is suddenly...!

Even the guns I had erected were so removed...!

"Hey, what, are you... duh!?

"Gu, even in the Military Fighting Games, they are the ones at the top......!? Besides, they say it's while protecting the woman...! I haven't hit the punch as if......!? Oh no... is that the Devil Possessor (Delibish) thing!? Superior Gunhound!?

"And I don't know...! Such a light-hearted demon!

"So what is it!? He doesn't think he's an angel...!?

Once Sauccan speaks that way, the men do see it.

There's pure white wings on Osama's back...!

"Become... what, no, no, no, no, no, no!?!?

But it disappeared in the blink of an eye.

And... they see, moreover, an incredible sight.

"... ahhh!?

Whoa, whoa!

One of the men who was attacking me broke my balance as soon as I was beaten up, relaxing and diving into the river.

... an accident that only seemed such a coincidence occurred in order to keep standing.

"Die!!... yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?


"Wow!...... ghhhhhhhhh!?!?


The men of the bush rub and blink my optic nerve suspiciously at the sight of a hallucination that suddenly began to roll.

The first thing I noticed was that Gunhound was better.

"... Ah, my legs...! Guy (Yippee), as he jumps at me, he hooks his leg like a counter... all the time!

"Yeah!? Oh, that's stupid! Ah...! And excuse me! Look... it's true! Instead of his impending punch, he hasn't even seen his feet......!?

"" Ah, finally, on the last one......!

The moment the concave (decomposed) combo aligns its voice, the battered man pulls his leg.

Try to step on the buckwheat and roll up to the riverside.

But he stood on the edge of the abyss, wielding his hands and barely balancing them.

"" Okay! Hang in there!!

A cheer that pops out with an accidental mouth.

But as Osama rotated on the quick steps, I thought he approached the man who stood still suddenly.

... Tong!

Roll out a covert back kick and plunge into the abyss of despair......!

"Ahhh!? Ahhh!? Ahhh!?... wowwwwwww!?!?

...... duh duh duh duh duh!!

A huge blister was raised, like fireworks decorating the fireworks festival's great tri.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

After cooling the heads of the raiders, Goldwolf snaps them out of the river and rescues them.

And a word, after speaking, he handed him something, and walked away from the river plain with Miss.

Where Osama is completely invisible, Gunhound and Sauccan exit the bush and head to the men.

Then they were nagging and leaking whimpers shaking their shoulders.

"Whoa, whoa, what's wrong with you guys? That Osama told me something I regret...? [incomprehensible]

Then the men, all aligned and looking up, wet their wet skin with even hotter tears and shouted.

"No......! The other way around......! That Osama......! No, that one put a drink in us...!

They freshly mumbled, as if they were overflowing with forgotten emotions.

"After we saved ourselves, that one said...! 'Isn't your fist to protect this country?' and......!

"That one knew ourselves to be soldiers because of our physical fitness and our appearance...!

"That one, because he knew it...! We defeated ourselves by making it look like a dance so as not to frighten your lady......!

"That's what we taught ourselves when we were recruits, the ideal defense......! Don't even let the people realize the threat is imminent and get rid of it quickly......!

"'Remember that beyond your fists is not the suffering of your enemies, but the smile of an unchanging citizen'...!

I don't know what kind of gunhound you're talking about. and soldiers standing at the same time.

In its hands, the 'Slumdog School' flyer, which Goldwolf would have handed to it, was gripped.

They have to! and reorient the body, saluting towards Osama, who left.

"Born Mr. Goldwolf! We were blinded! It's too much to learn more under your teacher! And one day, I want to be able to defend my country like a teacher! Wouldn't we all!? Ah!"


"Wow! Enough running to 'Slumdog Mart'!!

"♪ We're going to the wild dog store! ♪ The wild dog store is a good store! ♪ And the fathers have a great reputation too!

The swollen men leave zazzled as they blast the original song of the Charles Lunlot lyrics, which was written on the flyer.

Somehow I followed them to the sensed Sauccan, and Gunhound stood alone in the river plains, where no one was left.