Here recently, all the women from "Slumdog Mart" wore Cairo.

Goldwolf's example of a "I like warmth" statement kicks ass.

Miss Mistress told her daughter, Maseria, and quickly spread the word.

Just around that time, the store launched a new product for winter, "Gold-kun Cairo".

The fashion of lowering that stuffed Cairo from the neck and warming the chest is endemic locally.

The girls were appealing to Osama for the adequacy of the reception system so that everyone could compete.

But if it's this hand competition, the Great Virgin of the Example still pulls out one head.

Pinch 'Gold-kun Cairo' in a white giant tower, showcasing a bold and novel style that only gives a glimpse of his face from the valley.

Besides, he even created the original song, and tried to put in the power of singing it like a love song with "♪ muddy and cheeky".

But Goldwolf of the day only thinks the girls ran out of the blue and bizarre.

I didn't even realize that my bomb statement was due to it.

"... it's good to warm up now that it's going to get cold"

And, with mild confusion, it was every day that I gave untouched answers per.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Before winter, 'Slumdog Mart' was a hocahoka.

More than that, however, was the "Gorgeous Smart Headquarters" on Torqualm territory.

Men in a large conference room with desks and chairs removed, aligned in a sloppy fashion.

At the deepest part of the room, a stand that looks down from the horse.

There was an ill-galled young general there, bewildered by the bandits, and he was flying his swordsman to the ministers.

"... okay, Temehe et al! The wild dogs who ate Rutan Vesta are sure to push over to this torque next time! Those meat Dharmas were kept by the pigs, so they ate them up lightly...! What are you guys!? A pig!? Or is it Kintama's Unknown Octopus!? Golllllllllllllllllll!!"

Its well-traveled voice dominated the indoors with a gentle heavy bass.

Every time his spit bursts and he lands at his feet, the floorboards tremble to make sure the ripples spread.

"If you don't want to be either of those, be a hyena! Think of your guests as pigs and eat them up first! That's not all! Eat up on the wild dog's throat, too! Let them know whose stuff this Nawabari is! The people who stepped on this land throw up are not full geps......! It's a bloody revulsion of regret! Golllllllllllllllllll!!"

The general was the heat source, and the room was already hot and humid.

There is also a ball of sweat on the foreheads of the ministers. But that also makes their hearts hot.

"Look, from now on, I don't need good manners! I'm standing right next to him, ass-faced, butching him in the ass! Soitz is not one of us anymore, he's an enemy! And the guests are not gods! It's a little pig less than a human! I love you guys who became hyenas! Hyena would be rich, but poor, but sick, dead bodies, but she doesn't care! Eat up to the hairs of your ass!... you guys are hyenas from today ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Golhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

The exploding roar finally triggers a chain reaction.

Genocide fangs finally set their men's hearts on fire.

"We are hyenas aahhhhhh!!

Instead of indoors, the building itself is so supremely vibrating.

"Nice, you bastards!! Go back to Temehe's store (Nawabari) now and kick your guys ass up!! Until you finish the pig, tell him to pull out the mesh!! If anyone wants to pull it out, tie it to a pillar and turn it into a doll for the weapon's trial!! Ah, it's hunting time!! Go!! Golluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!

The storekeepers (hyenas) jump out of the conference room with the momentum blowing out of their hearts.

He broke the door, including a lot of beatings to excite him, and finally showed up from the window to those who dive.

It was a horrible sight like the riot, but Teng himself who burned it laughed high.

"Gwahhhhhhhhh!! That's good! That's good!! Fight! Get out! Throw it down!! That's the hyena!! That's my hand and foot, the king of the hundred beasts. Uh-huh! Gwahhhhhhhhhh!!

Voice volume of father concessions...... and discourse.

The second son, Genocide Fang, had unfortunately demonstrated those abilities.

He used the authority of the department manager on the other hand to hold the "Plenary Meeting of Store Managers" as a matter of urgency.

He had gathered the branch managers and store managers of the distribution and was inspired in his own words.


He was preparing for a wild dog invasion and was in the process of putting in place a complete system......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Even so, without a specific plan, it's no different than the three men who lost.

Just because 'violence' has become 'rambling' won't end up stopping that wild dog or anything.

But the second son was a lot smarter than the third.

Or it was too bad before. It was at the beast level that it finally became the human level.

It was only one countermeasure that the second son was exciting his men in words.

Like the violence of the three men, that wasn't everything.

Only in case you've been 'invaded'.

Genocide fangs didn't even intend to let wild dogs step on the land in the first place.

He gave money to all the realtors in Torqualm territory and instructed them to get rid of the 'Slumdog Mart' people if they came......!

This operation would greatly frustrate Goldwolf's nostrils, who had been working out a store-opening strategy.

Even if you find a good property at all, I just mentioned the store's street number in my contract.

"... Oh, speaking of which, this property was already decided. Excuse me."

And it's broken......!

"Really? I'm sorry. So, are there any other good properties?

Even if the accompanying primula asks,

"Come on, there are a lot of them if you live there, but when it comes to stores...... Oh, another customer's coming, so can you leave?

My attitude changed dramatically until just now.

I got caught up in the situation of leaving the realtor behind so that I could be kicked out.

Osama, too, thought the first house was just a coincidence, but he realized it when the second one turned him down.

"Mr. Primla, let's go back today. As it is, it makes no sense to look for as many properties as you want"

"What? Why not? I'm only turning two houses. Both coincidentally, there seemed to be a borrower...... But hang in there and you'll find an empty place."

Primla was surprised that Osama gave up early.

She doesn't know to doubt people.

"No matter how many houses you go around, it won't be worth it. Looks like realtors are forbidden to rent properties to 'Slumdog Mart'. When I found out about the roommate, I could tell by their reaction."

"What? I'm forbidden to lend it to 'Slumdog Mart'...? What does that mean?

He was satirical about everything, but blunt about people's malice.

But you won't have to either. Before she became a secretary, she grew up surrounded by good intentions.

"'Gorgeous Smart' … perhaps Genocide Fang, the head of the department on the side, is working for the realtor not to rent us the property. We need a new operation, so let's go back today."

With Osama's explanation, the Holy Girl finally understands what depends.

I was so shocked that I could hear Gunn and the noise.

"Damn, I can't believe you're doing such a terrible thing...! I could not imagine......! But so how do I rent a store......!? Ah, what shall we do......!? I'm sure my prayer for Master Lunarillis is because I didn't get enough......! Go home now and join your sister in prayer......!

Primla restrains her mouth with both hands for too much and rocks her forehead like a child who doesn't like it.

She was adorable and elegant to wander around.

The man who sees this troubled face is driven by the urge to regain his smile as soon as possible and tries to throw all his wealth to life instead.

That rampage upsets her so much that things go into a vicious circle...... only Osama was the same as usual.

"Please calm down. It's okay, I have an idea. To do that, we need to do a little research. Mr. Primla, can you do me a favor?

Only a calm, low tone voice blows the girl's dark clouds away in an instant.

When I wondered if her water-mirror-like eyes blinked, her anxiety-covered expression brightened up as the sun did pah......

"Ha...... yes! Yes, I did! If that's what I can do, then what! Besides, I'm good at research!

Gatspaws small with thin arms, motivating primula.

"I'm counting on you," snorts Osama back.

... and the two of you, temporarily withdraw from the Turkrum territory.

But the next day he shall bring his companions, and shall return again to his land.

Fulfilling, what is the new operation of the wild dogs......!?