A gray osama and pure white girl walking among the streets scattered with fallen leaves.

Osama, coupled with its colour, no one cares about stopping by the stones on the side of the road.

But everyone was blinded by the beautiful blinking girl, who made her flowing hair look like the tail of a comet.

She is only a member of the 'Holly Doll family', known as the famous house of the Virgin, and has an aura that is out of step with the occupational Virgin in that corner.

Anyway, from a distance, it looks slightly glowing.

But she doesn't look like she's going to put it on her nose, and she passes by softly.

That creates another step, a height of conditioning.

People who had dropped that divine hindsight off everywhere, to worship, to be thankful.

I'm sure that's what everyone thinks.

... Um, for someone like the rebirth of the goddess, there must be the finest brave man who promised the future...

Osama next door is probably her squire...... and.

But none of the men of this territory knew yet.

That there is a dream store in the neighboring territory where that Holy Girl will serve you.

And following Osama a little back, that she is trying to lean away and away from Osama.

Like her sister, she wanted to walk with Betta... but secretly gritted with 'It could be an inconvenience for your uncle'.


Nobody knows yet......

That the girl is not a noble brave man, but is burned by this uncle...

"Sounds like it's here, Mr. Primla"

Osama accidentally stopped, so the girl took a distance, shaking her shoulders in a vicious manner.

"Ah... no. This is Rand, Dagger's Specialty."

Looking up at them both, they did have the same roof number that Primla had memorized.

Inside the old wooden shop structure, daggers emitting dull light are arranged as astonishingly as urchins.

"Dagger store" doesn't seem like a dat.

Osama proceeded to walk into the store with a dagger of sale items lowered at the end like a warm curtain (goodwill).

There are no customers.

In the back little rise, a young man was just grinding a knife that would be a sale.

Osama turns to him and meets gently.

"Nice to meet you, do you have a husband in this store?

"I am, but what are you? From what I've seen, it doesn't look like a guest..."

"I'm late, I'm from Slumdog Mart, my name is Goldwolf."

"'Slumdog Mart'......? Oh, I know! The best chain store in Lutanvesta!?

"Thank you"

"So, what can someone do for a small store like ours?

"Yes, we are going to start doing business here in Torqualm, to say hello."

"Heh, you're being disciplined on purpose. Do you want to open a shop in Koch? But these chain stores are the best in 'gorgeous smart'. Difficult to eat now, isn't it?

"Yes, I know. But I wanted to do something about it."

"It would help if you did. He and the other good products that came into the inquiry shop were the first to be put together. Thanks to you, this one's full of leftovers. I don't like it."

"Don't you want to do something about that dislike?

"Heh? If you can do something about it, I will, but you can't do that. They're world-wide chains, and by the way, it's Sama the Brave."

"Yes, they are really mighty, so it's hard on their own. So we have a 'suggestion' …"

Goldwolf came in from the greeting of the store opening, fluent as water flowed on the standing plate, and at some point led the shopkeeper to a business meeting.

Here was the content of the 'proposal':

"Slumdog Mart", the number one adventurer's shop in Lutanvesta territory….

Would you like to use that to do business with us, as we rent out elements such as its roommate, purchasing, attracting customers and selling as packages…?


Osama didn't exist in this world yet, he had a 'franchise contract'......!

Slumdog Mart in Lutanvesta is otherwise all directly managed by 'HQ'.

I was thinking of a similar development in Torqualm, but I was stuck with gorgeous smarts, which made me unable to open a store.

So Osama knitted a way to wild dog the 'personal store' in this realm.

Let them do business as a 'slam dog mart', albeit privately owned.

This had great advantages for both sides.

First, the Goldwolf side can slip through the obstruction of opening a store.

And the private store side can use the visibility and know-how of a chain store that is already a success story, so higher revenues can be expected.

This unprecedented system would have had many managers to butt in.

Goldwolf even anticipated that, firstly, he sniped a shop of young managers like he had inherited from his predecessors.

Because they had an ambition to make the store bigger than their predecessors, and many still had the rebellion of the brave to the store.

But you don't have to go around them all, as long as you can secure a few stores that kick ass.

If you find that the franchise store has made more money than ever before, the rumors will call for rumors, rather there will be a gathering of hopeful people from the other side... that's what you were looking for.

… the scouting work had been done infrequently, but steadily became a reality.

The owners of the personal store signed a franchise agreement with a sense of no originality by saying that they would cover the cost of renovating the store and, if not well, even the cost of undoing it......

Everyone wrapped their tongues around its immense effect.

Items sent daily from the 'Slam Dog Mart' warehouse in Lutan Vesta are of high quality and low price......!

And not that of an amateur, but a display guided by know-how, catches the eye...!

"That, this dog painting, somewhere...? Oh, you're a slum dog mart! I'm always this store in Lutanvesta!

"Wow, you're new to this store! This dog is cute! Let's just drop by!

Already polished as the brand's 'face', 'Gold-kun' attracts both regular and seemingly...!

"I knew you were a slum dog mart! It kind of calms you down like you're home! In other stores, this is not how it works!

"This store used to be dark and the clerk was scared... but it got new and brighter and it got so much better! I like it! It was usually gorgeous smart, but from now on, slam dog mart it!

Fully manualized customer service is well received in every store......!

And it immediately appears in the numbers.

The owners of all the franchised stores achieved sales that could not have been endless in their personal shopping days, so much so that they mislooked at the digits...!

When that happens, all you have to do is poppy on your wet hand.

Even if Goldwolf doesn't bother to go out, the owners who want to franchise are killed......!

"Slumdog Mart HQ" in Lutamvesta now has a row of long serpents day after day, even though it is not a store.

Gorgeous Smart...... No, Genocide Fang has set it up, obstructing the opening of the store.

Officials, including Primla, who took it seriously, like a steel fort that stood in the way of going.

But only one of them, that (●) Osama...

I only thought of the obstruction of the enemy's entire body as a sand fortress built by a child on the beach.

And that wasn't haphazard or anything.

As if it were a wave to return, quietly, and plain as a natural dish......!

I really made it through the fort lightly and tried to fulfill my invasion of Torqurum...!