"Gorgeous Smart Turkmen Headquarters" in a city with Turkmen territory.

On the top floor of the building, in the "Aspect Manager's Office," every strong-language was popping out one after the other, like a thorn of a palm seal.

"Whoa!? The realtor! What's this all about!? I told you to chase them back without letting them sign a contract when they got here!? Why did they open their shop? See, that soaring pile of shit!! Golllllllllllllllllll!!"

Out of the open window, Bishi! and pointed to the cityscape under his eyes.

One of the things that stood out in it was the smile of a wild dog he hated like a snake scorpion.

It was a shiny sign thumbed up by "Gold Kun," the image character of "Slumdog Mart".

"Can you see it!? I can see it!? Or are you saying my eyes have gone crazy!? No, it's rather odd, maybe Temei and the others' eyes!? If so, why don't I pull my eyeballs out right now and throw them on that sign like tomatoes!? Golllllllllllllllllll!!"

It was the owners of the realtors throughout this territory who were being cursed in the department manager's office.

Genocide Fang thinks someone in here betrayed him and loaned the property to Slumdog Mart.

The realtors' masters were all older than Genocide Fangs, but were frightened as children by cursing rumors.

If the other person is just the manager on the other hand, you can't be so told to keep quiet...

There's an even scarier Daddy on top of him, so I can't say anything back.

Everyone kept their mouths shut like shellfish, but eventually one of them raised his rough hand to break the situation.

"Oh, um... Dear Genocide Fang. In my words, we did exactly as Genocide Fang instructed. No one is renting with Slumdog Mart."

Then Genocide Fang watched him quack.

With sharp spear tips like spear tips, a man can't move like he's been pierced.

"Hmmm, gorghhhhhhhhh!!!!

Like spitting a flame! and a big mouth opens.

It is powerful enough to seem to swallow whole bodies, coupled with tattoos like ripped mouths carved on cheeks.

The man shrugged up like a frog swallowed by a snake, but said it like a scream.

"Hiya!? Oh, forgive me, Master Genocide Fang! And I've looked into it, and all of the Slumdog Mart properties in this area were originally personal stores! Probably, but I think he negotiated with the owner of the personal store and let Slumdog Mart replace him with a saddle. Huh!

"What no...!?

It was the kind of shock that the tsunami pushed against my sleeping ear, taking Genocide Fang.

"...... your a fucking idiot cocksucker uhhhhh!?!? It's not a realtor to open a store, it's a personal store!? I suck all over my ass hairy chick dogs...... I'm busy!!! So you were going to beat me, gorghhhhhhhhh!!!

Anger enough to eat through the tympanic membrane bursts from the entire body of Genocide Fang.

... Pavan! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pahhhh!!

The windows in the room, one after the other, bounce and fly to detonate.

The collected realtors couldn't help but hold their heads and fall asleep.


"Don't roll! Temee lah! The only time you can sleep in front of me is when you die. Uh-huh!! Get the fuck up! I can't even do a wooden puppet!?

If you think you've been threatened, you're forced to stand... the realtors were totally freaked out.

It is no longer a relationship between a recruit and a ghost sergeant.

"Wow...! Now it's our turn...! More than the wild dogs have attacked me in ways I never imagined, this is the way those fucking idiots leaked Shomben and I can't think of one, let's intercept him......!! This is my...!! Slow down will be the head of this country my......!! It's an operation to keep!!! Golhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Soon afterwards, the realtors' masters headed to Goldwolf for sales.

"I'm sorry for the meantime, I have a good vacant property, how about as a store?".

Genocide fans stopped the pressure on Slumdog Mart and instead ordered them to welcome him.

Probably switched to an operation that would have caused damage by letting them open stores......

and Goldwolf anticipates.

But even as Osama, I couldn't change my belly on my back.

Because it would be easier to control and manage franchises if direct stores were opened.

And above all, we must also have an operational headquarters on Turkmen territory.

If you and the head of the department can be registered there, you will be able to give more rapid instructions in the territory.

Goldwolf intended to jump into the tiger hole, signing a lease with the realtor and renting several properties.

Now another big concern for him will have been cleared up.

But...... the challenges are still piling up.

Osama had one 'trivial concern' and one 'major major problem' when opening the 'Slumdog Mart' store to Torqualm.

'Minor Worries' is about the future of the franchise roll-out, which was the world's first attempt.

First, Goldwolf thoroughly manualized the franchise as well.

But the franchise has another president named 'Owner'.

Though they accepted to be under the umbrella of Slumdog Mart, they were once the lords of every castle in every country.

I was expecting that some of them would ignore the manual and swerve unsolicited extraction into proprietary management.

In response to this problem, Goldwolf set up a new department called the 'Franchise Management Office'.

Located in a position between the Branch Manager and the Store Manager, they are bound to visit franchise stores in their districts every day to provide guidance and advice.

Finally, I sent an auditor to see if I was following the manual properly.

But he is an incompetent manager just to tighten it.

At the same time, Goldwolf created a system of recognition for owners complying with the manual and even gave them a side award for reducing loyalty.

Slumdog Mart's loyalty wasn't high, but when he kept the manual open, most of them made money on the owner's side.

This system was greatly accepted and also led to improved services.

However, this system has the disadvantage of making the owner make more money than necessary.

Not only will headquarter revenues decrease, but there is a chance that the empowered owner will slip through the franchise and give it a name as a competitor.

On these points, however, Osama did not see any problem.

In the first place, Osama's aim was to eradicate the "Bad Brave Shop," not to become a big rich man.

If the clerks at Slumdog Mart were paid enough to live happily ever after, it wouldn't have mattered what money would have gone into their nostalgia.

Besides, even if other companies in the industry have risen that have diverted Slumdog Mart's know-how, Osama is most welcome.

I even thought the appearance of another chain store that inherited the wild dog gene would be a reliable ally in defeating the brave man's shop.

... and all that remained of Osama was' a big big, big problem '.

It was… to move the place of activity to the headquarters in Turkm during the full roll-out of the slum dog mart on the territory of Turkm.

What does this mean......

It meant I had to leave the Holly Doll family mansion in Luntavesta......!