When it comes to confronting the brave tuners in Slam Dogmart, we really need to expand the world just like Gorgeous Smart.

Like Lutanvesta, you can leave it to your men if it's an area that's already on track.

But like Torqualm, in an area like this one that opens for the first time, Goldwolf needs to take the lead until he gets on the track.

That makes it clear, so it would be more efficient to move your home from Lutanvesta to Torqurum as well.

Then... I have to leave the Holly Doll family mansion where I've been taking care of you.

Since Torqualm is an adjacent territory, it is a distance that can be traveled back and forth every day if crossed by the 'rusty wind', which is a beloved horse.

But... only territory in the same country can do that.

Sooner or later, the goodbye will come, as the wild dog store will slowly pop out to neighbouring countries.

... goldwolf bothered.

Tell everyone if they want to say a temporary goodbye.

In Purgatory, Osama experienced so many times so much fear and despair that he lost his sanity that he was melted his heart so many times.

It never came back to normal, but instead it was reborn with steely toughness and bamboo-like suppleness.

And I should have thrown away any strays.

Instantly execute and execute without hesitation the means to expel the brave men.

If he has done them, what would he hesitate to do?

But... I couldn't tell you.

"I've decided to live in Torqualm territory, so I'm getting out of here. Thank you for your time."

and there was nothing I could do but pray to the Virgin Sisters.

Goldwolf kept thinking as he lived his days.

The conclusion was supposed to be drawn, but he was overlapping his thoughts like excuses.

Often even at work it goes up in the sky.

But the day ended without conclusion, returning to the usual mansion...... it was such a daily repetition.

He was still the one who knocked through the front door of the Holly Doll family today, but he is greeted with a different look than usual.

Usually, a reincarnation with a pine pack runs over from the back of the big hall and gets an enthusiastic welcome from a big artist coming to Japan...... somehow it wasn't today.

"Oh, well! Busy, busy! Busy!"

The Grand Virgin of the Example dances through the hallway with a delightful screaming voice.

By the way, she can't run straight.

They snake as if they were a thousand bird's feet because they swung at their giant breasts like pumpkins.

Even now, I'm going to fall... or I'm falling all the time.

That frequency is a good battle with Pine Pack, a four-year-old, so it's more harassing to watch.

"... oh, man!?

I fall from the side I said.

Goldwolf, who had foreseen a stumbling block from his foot haul, took the Grand Virgin ahead like the wind.

I'm used to supporting her on the verge of falling over, so don't touch her chest, just hug her shoulders.

"Are you all right, Mother"

"Oh, well, thank you Gol! I can't believe you're helping my mom, she's a good girl! I'll giggle you!

But in the end, I'm forced to touch the pumpkin because I get a hug of gratitude.

Besides, isn't Mother tired of that enough, she started jumping a little tiny while pressing her chest like a balloon splitting game.

"No. No. Oh, it won't arrive. I was going to choo you on the cheek, specially today. So, Gol, kneel down more... hey?

"You can just feel that way. Looks busy, by the way, is something wrong?

"Oh, my mom wants to choo on Gol's cheek! Or don't you like your mom's choo? I don't know... dull, mom, I'm gonna cry..."

In Osama's arms, a breast girl who changes her look as corny as a cat's eye.

Having been through a lot of training grounds, Goldwolf should be good at negotiating too... but this reincarnation opponent had a bad minute.

The only time the Grand Virgin deposits her lips is on a brave man who has sworn to devote herself to it for the rest of her life...

That's common sense in this world, but it doesn't work for this ton of demo Virgins, such as such public rules.

Of course I could have told you, but the more serious this one gets, the more obviously it gets muddy.

Osama knew it would only fit her pace more and more, so he pierced my pace just like her.

"Keep Choo for someone more important. By the way, if you're busy, I can help. What should I do?

The light-through Grand Virgin swelled her cheeks "poo," but quickly regained her mind,

"Fair enough, thank you Gol. But I can help you. Gol, get ready for yourself, too, hey?

"Prepare yourself...? What is it, that?

"Gol, you're going to the Torqualm store soon, aren't you? So mommy, rush me...... So I talked to Primla and Pine, and we decided to move to Torqualm. That would keep Gol a lot longer, wouldn't it?


10 A shock not comparable to when you get a silver bullet in your belly, etc., strikes Osama.

I didn't give it to my expression, but this is exactly what I expected from eating bubbles.

"My mom's friend has a Grand Virgin in Torqualm, and I asked her to rent one of her mansions. They have all the household tools, so you just have to take what you wear."

... Goldwolf was completely oblivious.

That this Virgin family looks sober and has unusual behavior......!

Primla, I think, also rented an empty store from the thought of "I want Uncle to keep the store going," and even prepared an image character instead of a roommate.

But I didn't expect you to decide to move out of the family just because you 'want to be with me at all'......!

For Osama, this Grand Virgin is always unexpected (Irregular)......!

In the end, it was no longer a noise of leaving alone.

Anyway, one of the most prestigious Virgin families in this small Hurlberry country is moving to a different territory.

This is like, by analogy, the number one riches in tax payouts moving in.

For a territory that will be gone, great damage......!

For the territory to accept, you are most welcome......!

The rumored lords immediately flew in blue and red faces and fell at the feet of the whimsical Grand Virgin.

"Dear Mother Reincarnation! Was there anything in my Lutan Vesta territory you didn't like?!? We will rectify it immediately, so please stay in this land...!

"Dear Mother Reincarnation! With the greatest welcome, my Turkmen realm would like to welcome you! As well as helping you move, we will pay the rent for the mansion here, and we will pay your hire's salary!

Rumors called for rumors, and newspapers wrote them all down.

By the residents who read it, it even begins a campaign to sign off.

It should have been Osama's single assignment... but it had developed into a major disturbance involving the entire territory.

Those were mundane elements for Osama to hold his head, but further headache seeds descend like a block of falling gays.

"Hey! GOLDWOLF! I will never forgive you for not saying no to my partner Atashi and moving. Yikes!? I've made up my mind! I'm moving to Torqualm, too!

"We're going to find an apartment in Torclum."

"Oh, if that's the case, why don't you both be boarding at the Torqualm mansion? I'm sure your sister will tell you."

"Ah! That's good! Good idea, Primla! If you're going to live in the Holly Doll family, I'm sure Dad won't disagree either! You might be more than thrilled!

"I'm not convinced."

"Yeah!? I don't know!? Me too, I'm gonna let you boarding. Come on! Ah... I can't pay you much rent..."

"Dr. Glasparine, the rent is fine. Even if I paid, I'm sure your sister won't take it. Instead, they might hug you all day..."


"More than that, Glass Palin, what about your school? Atashi and Midnight Sugar just need to be transferred, but you're not going to be the teacher."

"Ahhh!? Oh, yeah...!

"... but that's the same for us. If you transfer, you will no longer be eligible for the swordsmanship tournament you won."

"Ah, well...!

Among the "Slumdog Mart No. 1 shops," the girls who are troubled by being in circles.

Osama, who saw that, was completely lost.

I was surprised that the girls told me they wanted to follow me until I abandoned my current life, but that feeling was all I had.

All you have to do is live up to that thought...!

"Ladies and gentlemen, I've disturbed you. I… would like to live in this Lutanvesta for some time now"

Osama, will you move...!

In a dirt pit, like on the eve of a wedding, finally withdrawn......!

... This case was not masterminded by Osama, but he was to be blamed by the women for some time.