Goldwolf moved the base of the activity from Lutanvesta to Torqurum.

Here was his schedule for the day.

In the morning, Luke and Pull wake me up, get fit and then head to the dining room.

Today, 'Gol gave me a voucher to eat' was exercised, so I hold a lincolnation on my knees and a pine pack on my arms for a more relaxed breakfast than usual.

Attendance after that.

Spanning the 'rusty wind' of his beloved horse, he leaves to hold and escort the laterally ridden primula firmly to his chest.

That's a small distance for horses running through the underworld.

But it's also Princess Time (Princess Time) for Primla to monopolize her uncle.

The princess shrugs reluctantly, but with courage, to bury her face on the breastplate of the only prince.

The aging smell, which was usually secretly intaked, is also all you can smell at this time.

'Oh the smell of your uncle...... I want to do this all the time......!'.

Grab the collar of your jacket cuddly so you can think of that.

Natural and rampant heartbeats were transmitted to Osama through a teasing and quantitative chest.

"Are you scared, Mr. Primla? Shall we slow down more?

"Oh, no... I'm fine. More than that, you know... My sister helped me make lunch today."

"Really? That's exciting"

"In your uncle's mouth, I hope so... Does your uncle have any bad food or anything?

"No, there isn't. Because I used to eat dirt to survive. Compared to that, everything looks good."

"Well, get the dirt......!?

Dream time ends as we interact with each other and beyond.

Arrive to glide to 'Slumdog Mart Torqualm territorial headquarters'.

It is about the time of Fushi Station by commuter train.

By the way, it takes more than twice as long on a coarse horse, and it's much less comfortable to ride.

As soon as he creeps through the entrance to the headquarters, Osama becomes the face of the wolf that unites the wolf herd (Wolf Pack).

The look on Primla's face, the secretary, is also tight with nature.

My first job since I arrived was to confirm the franchise application review, which had been delivered using the distribution route.

In the event of an application for franchise membership from a personal store, the primary screening shall be carried out by the "Franchise Management Office" located at each headquarters.

Goldwolf checks the documents that came through that review and gives final approval.

By the way, I recruited a franchise in Lutanvesta territory as well, and the application arrived.

Its share in Rutan Vesta used to be 99%, but no more than 99.9%...... it had reached a good area called almost 100%.

After that, check the progress report from the Store Strategies Room.

This is the department that manages the opening of the direct store, but it is also Goldwolf's job to instruct the location of the new store so as not to compete with the franchise.

While doing those jobs with Primla, "Rusty Wind," which became carriage specifications, comes back to HQ.

On the carrier, a lincolnation and pine pack complete with holy service, and a packed lunch box.

It's lunch here, but Osama doesn't eat at headquarters.

Stay in the carriage with Primla and head to one of the slum dog marts in Torqurum.

There's always an inedible amount to be transported around the store, so I'm having lunch with the clerks.

Here, Osama observes whether the clerks are working or dissatisfied.

The system of eating this lunch together would have been unpopular if Osama had just come, but it is highly appreciated that the Virgin will come.

In this world where only the brave can speak of the Virgin's cuisine, their lunches are more admirable than the full course of fine restaurants.

After finishing lunch and returning to headquarters, a new strategy will be drawn up.

The morning job was a lateral spread, so to speak, incorporated within the routine.

But the afternoon job is to figure out how to stretch vertically to make Slumdog Mart even more attractive.

This time, Goldwolf was exploring… an 'exclusive contract with the workshop'.

Until now he was making direct purchases from the workshop without going through the inquirer, but now the operation is to make the workshop part of the wild dog as well.

If you say it in a modern way, 'own production'......!

This has the advantage of being able to adjust production.

Just as fashion is fashionable, so are the weapons used by adventurers.

We will be able to respond quickly to the current situation.

Let's say, for example, a bird-shaped monster that harms the field appeared in large numbers in an area.

Then the quest to crusade the monster becomes more ordered than the farmer.

The opponent is a bird-shaped monster, so he can sell bows and arrows.

Bows and arrows are out of stock from the store and orders are placed in the workshop.

With that in mind, the workshop finally leads to an increase in bow and arrow production.

By the time the bow and arrow are satisfactorily supplied, a time lag occurs… which leads to a loss of opportunity.

Goldwolf wanted to solve the stock shortage problem caused by this epidemic.

The main points of this problem are two.

"Stores request manufacturing for the first time due to reduced inventory"

"Workshop starts first production increase after receiving orders from store"

End in point.

At last, stores and workshops are not their sights while keeping the adventurer in business.

If there is one person who is savvy about adventurer trends,

"When the damage to the bird-shaped monster is confirmed, instruct the workshop to increase the production of bows and arrows" ….

You can continue to supply Gold Rush and Boiling Miners with Tsuruhashi and Scoops without interruption...!

However, in order to make it possible, the system of our own workshop is mandatory.

In workshops dealing with multiple stores, the drawdown of manufacturing resources occurs every step of the way.

Osama was reminded of his own production, which could not yet exist in this world, because he was a merchant himself, but also an adventurer.

This would have been unexpected for the braves.


Neither the brave man who sells the weapon, nor the brave man who creates the weapon, has ever been on an adventure...!

Believe me and I don't doubt that what we sell is just what we create...!

The concept of demand was decisively lacking…!

Incidentally, the warriors (Seiyusha) are also in business, so it is not how many common people have learned to suffer from bird harm.

You don't look any further than a quest that deserves your noble skill, full of honor and rewards.

Osama was about to challenge the absolute value of the name 'brave man' head-on.

Its brand power was powerful, but it was finding a winning chance in Torqualm against the way they did with their agua.

Like expanding Nawabari, the wolf proceeded to negotiate an exclusive contract with the local workshop, while at the same time establishing the 'Quest Trend Room'.

This starts with scouting and joining the Spirit Soldier (Point Man) Adventurer.

They were then dispatched to various parts of Torqualm to investigate the quest boards in the liquor store and the monster damage in the neighborhood and, if possible, get them on the ground.

If you receive the results by express delivery by the Bird of Message (Tegamidri) and perform trend analysis at HQ….

Be able to perceive the needs of adventurers everywhere as soon as possible.

That would also allow for rapid production instructions to the workshop….

Before the fashion comes, we will be able to deliver luxurious inventory everywhere......!

This was an authentic operation, like a jab, if you compare it in boxing.

But it succeeds in steadily rooting the Slam Dogmart brand in Torqualm.

Needless to say why.

When it's time to make money and say you really have the weapons you need, it's out of stock at Gorgeous Smart......

Slumdog Mart, who couldn't help stopping by, always has plenty of them...

If this is just once, it's still there, if you keep going twice and three times......

The adventurers' priority is to beware….

From kings to wild dogs, we move...!


The jab the wild dog kept releasing just swollen the king's face......!