Some time after Slumdog Mart made full progress on Torqualm territory.

Genocide fangs, who heard sales reports for each region at the monthly branch heads' meeting, were spraying hot air out of their tense hair.

His face began to swell and he finally realized it.

that sales are starting to get damaged by wild dog strategies (jabs).

"... whoa!? What do you mean, gorghhhhhh!? Why is it that everywhere there is a slum dog mart, house sales are down!? In the last emergency call, I made a breakthrough to the store manager. What were those fucking Zaccos doing!? Or was I not the manager, but the field kakashi was getting lost!? If so, what about the temei and the others I brought!? What a big monster, a peasant!? Then just grab it in the back of the mountain and play with the mud and fuck off, GORAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

To a hiatus falling kaminari, the branch chiefs were turning bright blue and shrinking themselves, like peasants who had touched the wrath of the mountain gods.

The share of slum dog mart in the Torqualm territory is now 5%.

For a newly expanded chain store, it is a slip that can be described as excellent.

Besides, it's just some areas yet.

If this extends to everything in the realm...... the sharp decline in the king's share would be more obvious than seeing fire.

"Whoa! Mud dolls! What the hell did the wild dogs do!? What the hell did the dog do to keep our sales in front of the door?

The branch managers then shake their heads left and right in a bewildered manner, "We don't even know," he said.

The mature men continued to be cursed by one and more younger young men around and still looked like they were going to cry.

Skin goes through blue, already earthy.

Being the direct reports of Genocide Fang, they have been at the forefront of his intimidation from day to day.

My father's second son, with his "rambling", never raised his hand, but cursing was a daily tea meal.

Inner violence damage does not follow, such as those who continue to be yelled at in their ears and become deaf, or those who are given too much stomach damage from stress.

But...... they still followed this young man, the son of the 'Legendary Salesman'.

Spitting up blood reflexes does not take a doctor, it is deceptive with stomach medication......

The result is a skin like that of the dead now.

Even if it is a living corpse, it should be noted that Genocide Fang's corpse kicking will not stop.

"You don't know!? Golluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!? You were a doll crawling out of fat! I thought you'd get shitty skin on the street! Whoa! Fucking dolls! If you don't give me the answer right now, I'm not going to change Temei and the others' position from 'Branch Manager' to 'Fucking Doll'!?... Oh, this whole thing with me was seriously far-fetched! At the point of my mouth, I should have realized that I was a fucking doll born of my fucking parents! You fucking clerks are pathetic!?

Then, finally, the branch chiefs cry out.

A large adult… and a person in the department manager's class began to cry in the company conference room.

"Ugh... Ugh! Excuse me, excuse me...! But... but, hey, really... I really don't know what it is! At first, I wondered if they were even doing a long opening sale, but the price wasn't even particularly cheap...!

"Gu...! But it just doesn't seem to run out of stock for some reason...! A customer who came to us said it! Slumdog Mart says it's not out of stock...!

"Ahhh...! thats saddled to slam dog mart, the owner i know also said......! From the delivery carriage at HQ, he said he would receive a product that could be sold as if it were magic...! I thought it was a push on bad stock, wondering if it would sell to fly...! Hiku......!

"Ugh......! I'm sure... I'm sure...! Slumdog Mart has a genius purchasing rep......! I can predict the future, people like God......! Wow!"

Like the end of a self-development seminar, the indoors were wrapped in whimpers.

Actually, it's not magic or anything, it's just Goldwolf at headquarters giving delivery instructions based on trend information collected everywhere...

That method did not exist in this world, so everyone was under the illusion that it was God's hand.

But here was one man who blasphemed God.

Genocide fangs, who were rubbing one cassava's cheek, spit toward heaven.

Flying to the ceiling sleigh, Sole landed a bechatted bullet in the head of a certain branch manager.

Standing up blind to it, Dan slaps his father's big fist against the table.

"... Hang on! You mean that! I don't know what kind of filthy hands those wild dogs are using... If you run out of stock, you'll have to do it this way! How dare you, Mertalion, the goddess of commerce, also breaks her knees, taught by The Legendary Salesman, because she has a secret...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Then Genocide Fang reconvened the gorgeous smart storekeepers in their own territory without one left.

And teach them the art of customer service, which is the 'secret'.

Here's how to do it.

First, when you find a guest who seems to have money, speak up.

"Ah, customer. Do you want a strike weapon? What is the use?

"Oh, I'm looking forward to exploring the kingdom of the Immortal King."

"You're looking for a weapon for the anti-undead. Then I recommend this Holy Sword."

"What, sword? Isn't that a blow weapon for the undead?

"Oh, you don't know? The Land of the Immortal King has many undead resistant weapons."

"What, really?

"It's the left. With this holy sword, you can handle any immortal."

"Really... but two million yen (ender). That's a hundred times more than a strike weapon. It's over-budgeted, so I'm gonna stop."

"Um, customer, I'm just talking about here...... They recently witnessed that rare monster, the Jewelry Zombie, in The Land of the Immortal King."

"What!? Really!?

"Yes, it's classified information we got on Gorgeous Smart's own information network. For special customers only, we are specially taught."

"Jewelry zombie, I thought I'd like to see it once..."

"What do you say, I was intuitive at first glance. If you're a customer, you can crusade."

"What, crusade......!?

"Yes, with this holy sword, it's not a dream story. Imagine that. Guests crusade jewellery zombies and take a shower of gems......!

"Of gems, shower......!?

"Yes, jewellery zombies spit out jewellery like a fountain in their bodies at the time of death. The adventurer who accomplished this said he could have enough wealth to play and live all his life...... no until his grandchildren's generation. And fame......!


"I feel a great destiny now! Come to our guests who are the brave men of the future and that we are thus able to recommend the Holy Sword! This is such an honor to me...! I can't believe I can help you in this way with the moment when the brave man is born...!

"Oh, okay......! Get it! Give me that holy sword! What's wrong with you?

"... Yes, of course you are! Oh, and they also have giant poisonous spiders in The Land of the Immortal King. They have instant venom, so if there is anything, the future of the brave might be closed. So how about this poison resistant magic armor too?

"Uhm... so poisonous... That's uneasy...... then I'll have that one too!

"Ha ha!

... It was the devil's sweet words in the name of customer service that the Gorgeous Smart store managers were planted by Genocide Fangs.

All this, lying......!

There's no such thing as jewelry zombies in the kingdom of immortality, let alone giant poisonous spiders...!


Against the fact that Goldwolf was selling honestly, in the light of real demand….

Genocide Fang created a demand for the phantoms and ordered them to sell defective inventory......!

"Look, you guys! The customers don't know anything! I don't even know if my body's a pork chop! And silly and greedy! Give him a break and he'll eat Temei's shit! So when I tell you, you climb right up the tree! You stir up anxiety, you jump ahead of me! So it doesn't matter what inventory... sell something! I guess that's why Temei and the others have mouths! Even pubic hair, if you tell them it was growing on the goddess's cock, they'll be happy!

"It's not a scam..." he didn't even give the objection a skip, and the "secret" was engraved into the store managers' brains.

"God, there's nothing in the sky! He's here! Yes, we are God!! Go if you find out!! Distract yourself with sweet dreams and let the pigs carry their debts!! Make me anxious, make me buy more!! They were born for us to eat!! Blood out!! Soup him to the bone marrow!! That's our right!! Golhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!

And finally it begins, the total war between 'Slumdog Mart' and 'Gorgeous Smart'.

A clean, right wild dog and a dirty, warped king are here now...!

Disappointed and combined in four......!

This, the bump of power and power......!

It's a mound first. Which one of you falls all the way down...!?

But... but it is.

The second son was not exposed, such as his willingness to combine properly.

In the midst of his efforts, he's like letting a wild dog throw a steel duvet from a guest seat...

I was secretly planting an unruly forbidden hand...!