"Gorgeous Smart" was making customers buy more expensive things by providing truthful customer service… In an operation to raise the unit price of customers, they were recovering their lost share.

But Goldwolf didn't fight in that direction.

Rather, the opposite is true... he kept saying this to the clerks in his division from day to day.

Customers are not gods.

What is before you is not so perfect, and not so vague.

He's a weak being who loses his life just because he was slashed with a blade, and he only feels a lot of pain.

Yes, the same as us, 'man'......

Think of the customer as your family.

What would you do as a clerk if your precious family were to go on a dangerous adventure?

If you try to buy something that doesn't fit your height, you should stop it.

If you've been trying to get your excess gear in line until you owe it, you should recommend the best within your budget.

Much more than a weapon that can accomplish the death of honor….

You should personally choose the protective gear for that person to go home alive.

And...... once again the person smiles and should hope to come to this store.

Do that kind of customer service.

Welcome the returning adventurers, like home.

That should make them care about us, too.

I wish to give you an immutable bond, like family, between you and them...... I hope.

... Wild dogs have been abandoned dogs since birth.

When I was a jean, his stronghold was... the first 'brave man' to pick him up.

Then, no matter how many times he was dumped, he devoted himself to his owner, the 'brave man'.

Wild dogs wanted my mother's plush on a woman's chest… they wanted 'family' plush.

Then I set myself apart from 'The Brave'.

But he continues to seek 'it', whether it be a wolf called the Demon Wolf or the Lord of every castle in every country.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Goldwolf stepped into the launch of a certain new product as a counterattack to 'Gorgeous Smart'.

It's 'bespoke potion'.

It was a prototype, but thanks to the exclusive agreement with the workshop, we finally made it through to the mass production system.

This was groundbreaking enough in this world to bring about a great revolution in the long-standing stagnant drug (potion) situation.

Previously the potion was nothing but a mess like "healing wounds," "healing magic," "enhancing muscle strength"...

There, potions by profession such as "Original Blend for Swordsmen" and "Original Blend for Wizards".

Regional potions such as "Original Blend to Fight in a Hot Volcano" and "Original Blend to Fight in a Cold Cave".

Potions by monsters such as "Potions to beat Goblins" and "Potions to beat Minotaurs".

Finally, they offered a wide variety of potions more tailored to the needs of the adventurer's position and usage…!

This had a huge impact on consumers.

Now, I want you to think about it in the light of modern times.

"Can Coffee"

"Can Coffee to Wake Up Clearly in the Morning"

... Which would you take for someone looking for 'it'?

"Medicines for Abdominal Pain"

"Sudden attack on commuter train, medicine to stop sudden diarrhea"

... Would people who don't usually even look to abdominal pain pills not want to take them if they look at the latter?

Let's apply this to the potion.

"Muscle Strength Medicine"

"Medicines That Will Make You Fight Minotaurs"

Adventurers on their way to the Minotaur crusade will not hesitate to choose the latter.

And even adventurers who don't normally prepare for potions, when crusading Minotaurs, they accidentally want to take it in their hands...!


Goldwolf makes the potion feel closer by daring to narrow down the market......!

Finally, I let him dig up even the potential demand...!

The day of the launch of this' bespoke potion 'was welcomed by the adventurers with surprise.

Anyway, the show windows of the entire "Slumdog Mart" store were colored by a wide variety of potion bottles, shining on an overwhelming scale like a rainbow.

"Whoa!? Wow! You can beat a goblin if you drink this! I was just about to go exorcise the goblins that ravage my crops! Let's have a drink with the whole party!

"I'm going on a cold area quest, so I'm here to buy some cold gear... I have this! Let's try it!

"I usually bought two potions to give you muscle strength and agility...... do you have both potions in there for this swordsman! Isn't that exactly a potion for swordsmen! Let me buy them in bulk!

Customers who normally use potions buy explosives…!

Plus I usually buy customers who don't buy potions or anything......!

When I realized that all the adventurers who visited the store were going to buy any potion, it caused what could be considered a major sensational event…!

This boom goes right into Genocide Fang's ear as well.

My men also said, "Let's do it in our store right away!" And a prophecy was made, but he overthrew it.

"You fucking idiot! Temei and the others ate too much hot dogs and even got mustard to their brains!? Where's the hyena that flirts with pigs! Everything we gorgeous smarts deal with is superb! Don't forget the pride that I'm selling it to you! Skillfully manipulate the word candy and munchies and rewind the pigs! Give them customer service (appeal) that they will happily stick inside the bonfire!! Golllllllllllllllllllllll!!"

... The way Goldwolf and Genocide Fang fought was in contrast.

Genocide Fang 'sells something', whereas Goldwolf 'creates what you want'.

'We can be happy if we are absolute and incompetent customers buy what we recommend' stance and….

The stance of 'intimately leaning in on the guests, we ourselves think and offer what makes them happier' ….

Regardless of the short term, it would be obvious which would be acceptable in the long term.

But where Genocide Fang realizes the mistake, he won't change the way he does it.

Because he is also one of those danced to the fantasy of 'Legendary Salesman'......

I didn't doubt it was' absolutely 'to put the' Ole Stream 'inherited from the successful father on the tip of his tongue, which was born with this.

"... well, suppose it's time for me to get serious too...! If you put it on this mouth I got for a jerk, those wild dogs are desperate to pile up stuff, just like a hog shack made of straw......! Just one blow and it would collapse without a trace......! Prepare yourselves, gorghhhhhhhhhh!!!