"Slam Dog Mart Bespoke Potion" sold as the main winter product.

I'm not technically made to order, but depending on the choice, I can make it into a configuration that I put together for myself.

Its' one-of-a-kind 'is highly acclaimed.

The adventurers have tried many combinations to create their own potion configurations.

With his eyes on it, Goldwolf puts in further new products.

Shaped like a test tube, the potion launches a belt pouch that allows you to put up to five original choices.

Keep the potion at your hips at all times and remove it sassy when needed.

Plus the lid allows you to take it off with one hand, so you can drink it right away even with your weapon in place.

Goldwolf offered a new style of potion usage and created a further boom.

The potion has become an auxiliary weapon!

"Quick Draw! You can drink in a second!

"One Rank Enemy, Winnable Style!

The poster posted along with this catch copy greatly stifled the hearts and minds of the visitors to the store.

And who on the adventurer can now carry a pouch with a wild dog mark so that he can lower his knife to his hips...!

It is important to say 'how consumers can sell and imagine specific use scenarios'.

The bespoke potion itself is that concept, but Goldwolf made a new proposal called Belt Pouch to make it even easier to imagine it.

And... finally Slumdog Mart's potion is promoted to 'Part of the Consumer's Life'...!

'Part of life' … it is an essential part of living a cultural life.

In the morning, if there is always a culture of brushing teeth, toothbrushes and toothpaste are consumed regularly.

If you drink your favorite brand of canned coffee after lunch, you can always sell that canned coffee.

At night, a woman returning home to take care of her skin can't let go of her favorite lotion......

The Wild Dog Potion has gained a position comparable to those...!

Let's just say there are some mental hurdles before a customer visits the store and buys something.

First, two things: 'Ask them to come to the store' and 'Look at the product and decide to buy it'.

If potion became a part of life, adventurers would visit Slumdog Mart as they did every day.

Potions would be the only thing I would come to the store and buy, but no longer at that point......

The hurdle of "getting people to come to the store" is the same when it's gone...!

This is a whimsical advantage.

Bad analogy, but butterflies jumped from me into the spider's nest as well......!

"Yes, I was just going to buy the potion... but the knife was getting a bad cut, so I'm going to buy it here at last" is inevitable...!

Had this been 'gorgeous smart' under the command of my second son, it would have been a big deal.

They would have sold the legendary Holy Sword even though they were just here to buy potions.

But Goldwolf was particularly careful not to overserve customers for potions, especially those who were not lost in choosing.

He was only instructing them to speak up when they stopped by the weapons shelf saying, "That's why I'm here."

Because of its lack of greed, the price per customer of the wild dog store was heavily watered down by the king's shop.

But the number of visitors had just increased, and he was hunting down the king on the mound.

Share of 'Slumdog Mart' on Torqualm territory, reaches 20%......!

A little more, a little more...!

If you push a little more, 50%......!

If we can push it back to the partition line, we can hunt it down to the mound all at once so that it flows intact......!

The audience was sweat-gripping everyone in their hands.

but somewhere in it...... someone in it finally stands up.

No, you might want to describe it as stood up

Besides, he threw a duvet even though he was still in the middle of an effort...!

Target the wild dogs from behind, get a steel duvet...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"... Whoa! What do you mean, here!!

The bustling store calmed down with a sudden outburst of anger.

"I bought this weapon at this store and it broke just wielding it!?

It was the man with the bandages all over his face who came yelling at me.

The facial mummy man tried to push the other guests away and headed to the counter with Zukazka, poking at the woman he was trying to account for,


and slammed the broken long sword.

"I'm so hurt because of you! What are you gonna do?!? Ahhh!?

"What, you mean the weapon I bought at this store broke!? All of our weapons have been tested for durability, so you can't possibly just swing them and break them..."

A clerk who, though wolfish, responds to the manual.

He tried to bow his head for a moment, but was stopped from behind.

"Ah, Mr. Goldwolf..."

"Can you leave this here to me?

"Huh!? Squeeze out of the side, what the fuck is Temee!?

"I'm Goldwolf, the owner of this store. Sir, may I see your sword for a moment?

"Right, Temei is the owner! Then talk fast! If I used the stuff I sold at Temei's, it would be this zama! How can you take this responsibility?

Once out of sight of the man who beats the counter to dundan and intimidates him, Goldwolf revealed the sword in question.

After checking about a few places, I turned around again,

"Customer, this is not the sword we sell"

"Huh!? You're such a wacko! I did buy it here! Sell the sword and run away from your responsibilities! If you insist no, prove it. Prove it!

If you can get it out, get it out...! and the man with the Doya face.

But that confidence was broken lightly.

"Yes, all our swords are carved with our roommate in small pieces at the patterned head. This sword doesn't have it."

In addition, even wild horses add up to their mouths.

"Oh, really! If you look closely at the sword I bought, it's called Slumdog Mart!

"You didn't even know that! I knew it all along!

"Hey brother, you're wrong about the store!? Slam Dog Mart gear wasn't ready to go, it was built in an exclusive workshop!

"Yes, they do! I've already bought dozens of swords in this store, but I just bought them and never broke them!

I didn't expect the customers to take the side of the store, and the guy creeps the bandage ladder face out.

But it didn't look bad.

"Huh!? I don't know. I don't know! It's a roommate on the pattern!? What a tiny carving like that, it'll scrape right off! Does that prove it's not what you bought in this store?

Then, as if he had even predicted that objection, Osama was using a special instrument to spotlessly pull the broken sword body out of the pattern.

"All of our swords are carved with the date of manufacture and the name of the workshop, the name of the manufacturer, in the part that fits into the pattern, the very roots of the sword body… This sword doesn't have that either. Is it still some kind of mistake?

"Ha... ha!? I don't know. Really! It would be Temei who sold this garbage scum! I won't even apologize for hurting you like this...! On the other hand, what is that attitude of doubting customers?!?

"If it's the sword you asked for in our store, of course, we apologize. But you can't keep your head down more than you can confirm that. You can't apologize for having nothing to do with this one. Because gratitude and apology are for the 'true customer' … we can't use them lightly just to give you this opportunity."

The bandage man has completely lost momentum.

I didn't expect them to be so forthcoming and so resolute.

"Ha...... hahhhhh!? I don't know what that means!? I'll never use a store like this again! You suck! You suck! A store like this!

Where did the momentum go when I came to the store, leaving to run away.

Behind that, Goldwolf was applauded by the clerks and customers.

But...... I don't even have Osama's expression.

Because he had already felt the shadow of a gorgeous smart behind the Kramer man.