I have a bad feeling about Goldwolf.

From that day on, a carpet bombing of unspoken claims took place at the Slumdog Mart in Torqualm territory...!

"Whoa! The axe I bought here, I didn't do anything, but I bent over!

"I just bought this shield and I could shake your hand! And in battle! Thanks to you my arm is such a jerk! I can't fight anymore! What are you gonna do to me!

"The magic stone I bought here didn't work! If I get an appraisal, it's a free stone... you sell stone to customers!?

Against them, of course, the clerk adhered to the teachings of the Slumdog Mart manual and persevered with perseverance.

But when you become an even more vicious opponent,

"Hey! The herbs I bought here were rotten! Oh, in kind!? You've decided to throw that away!

"I've been ruining this store for a long time! I wonder if you've spent a million yen (ender) so far!? You're calling such a clientele a liar!

The end of saying etc......!

If they insist on "dumping" the consumables, they can't pursue it any further.

And when they hear you're a good customer, you shrivel and there's also a clerk out there who flat-apologizes.

Even more unbearably, they showed up at different slum dog marts every day as they rotated, twitching virtually rootless......!

"Ahhh! I heard rumors that Slumdog Mart's axe was fine, so I bought it! They almost grabbed me!

"You can't trust a store that sells a shield that breaks so quickly! Oh, my good reputation must be demanding anyway! You fooled me! Ahhh!"

"Guys, listen up! I was sold stone in this store!? Besides, even if I complain, the clerk is knowledgeable... I don't think it's terrible!?

"You better not buy the herbs here! Because it was rotten! They must be selling expired stuff!

"Whoa, you! Time to stop buying so much! I dropped a million yen (ender) in this store, and they're calling me a liar! It's an ungrateful shop! You're being cheated on right now, too, but if you complain at all like me, you'll be called a thief just passing in front of the store this time!

Whether they are debated or repelled by regular customers, there is no stopping......!

Because their purpose was to wield the 'bad reviews of lies'......!


With Genocide Fang's money......!

"Temei and the rest of their job is not to hunt pigs! It's about getting bitten by a wild dog! Even so, you don't actually need to be bitten...... just pretending! Hit the wild dog store and make a claim against the product! The victim blew it and twitched it!

He's a merchant. Seriously... No, he was ordering his men to be serious as people...!

"At last they might say it's a lie, but keep lying regardless! Do you know what that would do...? Lies are gonna be 'true' one day. Yikes! The wild dogs were wild dogs after all......! Oh, go! In front of the wild dogs, scream! Cry around! Golhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Gorgeous smart clerks have even been stripped of their pride as merchants.

And he was re-educated as a malicious Kramer and made to play the wild dog victim with all his might......!

This new operation, thrown by Genocide Fang, was effective for the shallow slam dog mart who came to Torqualm territory.

We're going to be regular customers, because we've drastically reduced the number of new customers.

I want you to think about it.

If you witness the sight of a customer screaming at the clerk in the first store you visit......

No, even if you haven't actually seen it, if you've heard the rumors from people...

It would be a human being whose legs would be distant from nature.

Besides, the Kramers are getting worse and worse, and they're stumbling on the store. No.

"Gahhhhhh!?!? They'll kill me! They'll kill me! I almost got killed with the sword I bought at this store!! Besides, when I complained to the clerk, they wielded violence. Uh-huh!?!? This store is a murderer! Murder, Murder, Murder No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!

Sprinkling the blood paste I had planted, I began to fall seven times in front of the store...!

If they showed me something like this, all the customers who were just about to enter the store would turn back......!

Operation Complete, Business Disruption (Foul Charge)......!

... 'It is only by successfully disguising the victim that we can be the biggest perpetrator'.

This is what Genocide Daddy used to teach when he was younger, given to him by some brave man.

The teacher found light in his disciple's "rambling" and taught him other uses than intimidation.

This gives Daddy a great deal of influence and new power at the time, when he was just a single spear to curse his opponent with his voice.

And when he became a father (Daddy), both in fame, he also told his sons of it as "the secret of rumbling."

... Good, sons, listen carefully!

The perpetrator is sympathetic only from those who know the circumstances in depth......!

But the victim is vice versa......!

It is those who do not know the circumstances in depth who are sympathetic......!

Which attracts a lot of sympathy doesn't have to be compared......!

And much sympathy transcends truth too......!

Keep screaming I'm not bad......! Keep complaining it's them that's bad......!

Get those idiots on your side who truly took it, who know nothing, and come together and yell out loud......!

That way, the lies will eventually become true and spread......!

My sons......!

Let me give you one sentence that engraves this lesson...!

"Pretend they've all been killed, kill them all"......!

Knock it firmly into your heart. Get out of the way!

You got it! Golluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

... By the way, Genocide Daddy had sidelined the status of 'Legendary Salesman' from Goldwolf.

And just like that, even the teacher's teaching was totally his own thing.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Since Genocide Fang launched the false claim attack, the Torqualm Gorgeous Smart has recovered significantly.

Genocide Daddy is also reassured by this.

There was a threesome about him, so he was just as concerned that he might be deprived of his cheat and share.

My father calls his second son to the small country headquarters of Gorgeous Smart.

And in the department manager's office surrounded by the stripping of the lion, he was gawking and laughing like a parent and child.

"Gwahhhhhh! That's my son, Genocide Fang!

"Gwahhhhhhhh! I just did what you taught me! I didn't have the brains like my brother or the power like my brother, so I've lived my whole life following the teachings of a jerk since I was a kid!

"That's right! You have that fine mouth you inherited from me! Big mouth is good! Whether you bark the same or cry the same, the power is different! If we can use it well, we can paint the truth to lie and consolidate it!

"Oh, I know! You know, when I was a kid, I would've pulled 10,000 bucks, right? But Oyaji didn't blame me! On the contrary, he gathered the sympathy around him and drove them to the heart of the family! So I found out! Give me the strength of your dick's mouth! And I appreciate it! You gave me that strong mouth!

"Grrrrrrrrrr......! You'd be happy to say something! The store clerk's suicide rate is now at the top of your range!

"That's also this mouth I got from a jerk. That's easy! I'm a clerk, I'm just gonna say 'die' and you're gonna jabjab me to death like too many wild rats! I told him before because my family was dying and there was a clerk trying to get paid! He said," What do you want me to do, if I want to see him so bad, I want you to die now, and I want you to see him in the afterlife? "

"Gwahhhhhh! That's right! He's the one who takes care of the dead, because he's better off dead!

"Oyaji! I'll do it! Not just the clerks, but the wild dogs! I've already thought of an operation for that!

"Oh......! That's my son......! Only you, instead of meeting my expectations, always show me more than that......! Then do the maneuver and do it in full! If you can get rid of wild dogs from Torqualm, you are definitely the deputy director of this country......! And this is my right arm!

"" Guffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff......! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Gwahhhhhhhhhh!!!

The night before the showdown, the lions' roar did not stop in that room.

As time went by, some of the towns in the Turkmen realm were gathering the Hyenas, their subordinates.

In this territory, it is the city with the largest 'Slumdog Mart'.


The Fear Hyenas to stab the wild dogs in the face......!

Instead of the clerks already, people with veteran Kramer styles were gathering...!