The city "Hornmack" is also the most vibrant in this Turkulm territory and has a lord's mansion.

On a sloppy hill, the streets, spreading like loose streams, are dim when it comes to midday.

Because of the dark clouds, like cotton dust, dripping heavily overhead.

There was a group marching down the depressed, cold cobbled boulevard as high as military shoes.

...... Zah! Zah! Zah! Zah!

But I'm not a military man. Everyone was a 'general citizen' in its heap.

...... Zah! Zah! Zah! Zah!

But they float more intimidating, ghostly shapes than military men.

...... Zah! Zah! Zah! Zah!

But the expression was on the back, the figure was painful... everyone was bandaged all over their body.

...... Zah! Zah! Zah! Zah!

To that unusual group like the line of Reapers, every man who goes his way opens his way.

...... Zah! Zah! Zah! Zah!

And he said, "What the hell!? What's about to start!?" Everyone followed.

...... Zah!! Zah!! Zah!! Zah!!

People gather more and more like rolling snowmen.

...... Zah!! Zah!! Zah!! Zah!!

Eventually, the footsteps swelled to the point of rocking the ground.

...... Zah!! Zah!! Zah!! Zah!!

Those who live in the streets open windows and ride themselves out, and even the inhabitants of the alley pop up wondering what was going on.

...... Zah!! Zah!! Zah!! Zah!!

And at last its foothold stopped in front of... a certain store.

...... ZANG!!!

A large crossroads, in the middle of a hill.

And those who stopped to block it, they turned to the corner, toward a certain store, and curled to the right.

The look on the bandage army's face in the show window makes it all the more rugged.

The tension, reminiscent of the intrusion, wrapped around the area.

One Osama, who was in the store, noticed that gaze earlier than anyone else.

Rather than gaze, he perceived upfront the evil signs that were coming up the boulevard.

We've already hit the lead, and the customers and clerks who were in the store have already been evacuated.

But only the Virgin, his secretary, is by his side because she did not listen hard.

The Saint Girl, wearing an apron from the top of her usual pure white robe, had her eyes rounded to the sudden appearance of a group, and floated with a color of commonplace and anxiety.

As my uncle said, I was surprised that a group of people came... but I was afraid of their murderous glances.

"Um, uncle... what the hell are they...?

This anomaly doesn't disturb Osama either.

But I know they're not guests, so the expression is harsh.

"You have nothing to be afraid of, Mr. Primla. I'll take care of him, Mr. Primura, so stay in the store."

But the girl shook her face with her lid tightly closed, as she shook away her fright, and her determination to dwell.

"Yes...... no! I'll go, too! You can't just put your uncle in danger!

"It's okay. They never wield violence. That's what they're ordering."

"Orders...? By whose order did those people come to this store?

"Yes. I'll explain around that later. If you're going with me, just in case, hold onto my arm. Never let them go until they leave."

Oh my...!

You can touch your uncle's arm, which the girl admired like a geranium and felt far away again...!

"Huh... Huh!?

On the sudden arrival of bonus time, the two sentences stop telling the Primla.

It is flashy, as if it attracted Three Seven with the last coin.

"Come on, go ahead"

Your uncle gives you an arm to escort.

Primla had his arm roughly accompanied by a finger to give him a scroll from Buddha.

No longer for a girl, even Osama's arm hairs are as honorable as unicorn tendencies.

She's not a big fan of beauty, but she said, "I won't wash my hands for the rest of my life...!" So much to make you think inside.

Feeling trembling from her thin fingertips, the unicorn (Osama) smiled gently to reassure the rabbit.

"It's okay, leave it to me"

But Osama like the Holy Beast didn't know.

Primla's tremor was not the dawn of fear, but that it had already turned into the arrival of the Seven Fukushi God......!

Of course, she is the benefactor, but all the other Osama had become that (●) Osama...!

Of the girl's delusions, Osama doesn't even know she's being multiplied by six.

I even care about her.

Yes... Osama hasn't even noticed how the girl feels.

In this sense, it can also be said to be a bad natural.

He said he felt the Holy Beast unicorn even from afar against the 'intention to kill' that approached this store...

A blunt beast level reaction to the 'favor' that approached me......!

Incidentally, Luc, the white dress girl on Osama's left shoulder, has known the favors of the women for a long time.

It is her role, if always, to convey the emotions of others transmitted through Osama's body….

I'm a rival on this matter, so I was piercing my acquaintance.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Osama and the girl who went out of the store.

The bandage regiment I've been waiting for is bissi with all the moves! and point to the store's show window.

There was a line of colorful bottles like rainbows floating.

"Hey, hey, hey! What are you going to do with me?!?!?

The snowstormy rage begins to blow away, skinning the golden cuts of an Obasan-like woman, who was royal in the front row.

"This store potion! Slumdog Mart potion! I drank 'bespoke potion' and this is what happened to me. Ooooooooooooooooooooo!!

"Me too! I just drank one, my body itched and I couldn't wait, I had a fever, my stomach ached and I was nauseous, I couldn't stop coughing and I was eye-catching and I fell down. Yikes!!

"Drink and not get better, but vice versa. How dare you!! Terrible, terrible! Too bad!! Slumdog Mart potion is too much of a douche!!

A whirlpool of sniffles from the corner of the street runs through a crossroads boulevard and spreads across the city.

Yes......! They are the 'Kramer Legion'......!

Besides, the target of that attack is not the equipment or tools we have had so far...!

I'm here to snipe the 'bespoke potion' that has become the main product of Slumdog Mart...!

Primla remained clinging to Goldwolf's arms, desperately trying to tame them, but was passive to many.

Before the crow-like dummies, such as one girl's canary-like voice, she is utterly dismissed.

Osama at heart was silent for a while and listened to them.

Eventually, though, I wondered if I'd swelled my chest wide enough.

"... deceive me!!!!!

I let go of the hymn that would stop me to my heart.

Then all the creatures that were within a hundred meters perimeter, bicum! and tremble.

The moment, the sound disappeared from the city.


When he stepped forward, people lagged behind as the tide drew.

"Do this and you guys are awesome because you are not ashamed!!!!"

One word that continued to be unleashed was:


And those who thought...... namely, those who covered their faces with bandages and concealed them, struck down all their hearts......!