Goldwolf had seen through, who this bandage group was.

They were formed by Genocide Fang's Life (Mei), Kramer Corps.

Those who had appeared in the 'Slumdock Mart' stores more than once before and were complaining… that's what we met together.

The person Goldwolf responded to can also be seen.

No matter how many times they are repelled, they appear again without sexual punishment.

Besides, now we're not alone, we're forming a party to raid...!

That, too, is a large army of hundreds......!

Bandaged young and old, everyone unleashed an aura of resentment, already trying to leave the human domain.

Yes......! This is exactly, monster!

It was the raid of the Monster Kramer Corps...!

Primla was clinging to Goldwolf's arm, as if surrounded by herds of oak.

She was not afraid. Because I have a beloved uncle.

But they were cornered. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to protect my dear uncle.

Goldwolf, when he scolded the clerk, had made him stick up a tough face he wouldn't even show.

And my eyes, they're always worried about me.

The wolf was angry.

But more than that, I was grieving.

… Goldwolf never forgets the face of the guest who responded.

Even more so if the opponent is also a Kramer.

And I don't forget the business pattern, the face of the clerk who served me the most.

Everyone remembers the faces of the 'Gorgeous Smart' clerks who also visited after a hostile inspection.

They match...!

The Kramers' bandaged ladder eyes and the clerks' eyes...!

The wolf knew that this army of Kramers was formed by the clerks of 'Gorgeous Smart'.

That is why I grieved.

That's why I scolded him.

The wolf barked like a shout of love in the heart of a quiet city.

"Your mouths...! The voice...! And those eyes...! It's awesome because it's to line things up that don't even exist!?

One Shizuku (Word), thrown by the silence like a lake surface with no wind…….

... Pichon...!

It became a small ripple and spread to the hearts of those who were once clerks.

"Pick a better product, choose it, buy it… Sometimes think…. And not to recommend them to customers, so it's awesome!? If there is an excellent product in other stores, in order to be the first to research it, its hands and feet are not there, so it is awesome!? Take a trip to a rival store, actually take it and see what's good......! Never meant to discredit that product!!

Shizuku drips like rain, one after the other.

But their minds, already solidified in the Kramer guts, were strong.

But Goldwolf doesn't give up. He's about to sue.

of a fellow who has fallen back on evil, to regain his sanity.

The heroine beside Osama also adds to it.

"Oh... yes! Remember! Your, what you really should do! Uncle...... a clerk said it! He said we shouldn't do business that fuels customer anxiety! Whatever we do, we have to think of our customers as smiling the most! So... on the flameproof cover at Slam Dogmart, he said he was going to paint Gold! When you find out it's a flameproof cover, it makes the customer anxious...... so you said!!

The screaming contents of the girl were abrupt and ruptured... but passed on to the Kramers.

Because they were 'gorgeous smart clerks'.

One incident involving a flameproof cover that once occurred in the territory of Lutanvesta was engraved in their minds at a traumatic level.

... Piscilli...!

A crack struck his heart, which was as stubborn as a rock mass, like a glimmer of light.

"Customer's... smile..."

A twinkle from nobody spreads...

...... pissi! Pissy! Pissy......!

Cracks like lightning strikes, like trees that eventually root on the earth, spread out......

A little more, a little more... in two, crack...!

...... Pisces, Pisces, Pisces, Pisces...!

Break the evil outer shell that was applied to the complaint of lies and was imprisoned in it, they make me regain my pure heart as a clerk......!

But just a few more millimeters.

...... DOGAGA!! Doggggggggggggggggggggggggg!! Dogga!!

By the sound of hooves that broke the earth, they were interrupted.

"Whoa! To the fucking barking of wild dogs, you freak me out!! Golhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Anger following the crushing sound.

Its source is further ahead of the ramp where Kramer Corps has come up.

It was due to someone, coming down on horseback from the top of the hill.

The man in the lion's mask splashes all over the boulevard.

... Danger, Danger...!

If I had been a little late to rush, my army of tiger clamers would have been ruined by wild dog flair...!

Last night, it was exactly what Oyaji told me...!

'... you thought of it as a mass claims operation! But watch out, the wild dogs are oh I see them and their mouths are masterful! Not as good as me, of course! Even though it's a collective complaint, a gathering of clerks (rats) could be a payback! Right there! You go, too, and join the rats! Of course, it's like finding out who you are!

Genocide Fang honestly adhered to his father's teachings and dressed as a lion mask.

And the next morning I fly a horse.

He left from Gorgeous Smart HQ on Halbury territory and continued to run without rest.

And now, at noon, he came to the battlefield of the Legion of Complaints, crushing Slumdog Mart.

He screams his horse high like a painting Napoleon as he breaks the waves and slips into the crossroads.

"Whoa! You wild dog bastard there!! You can't fool me!! All of us here are in big trouble for drinking the potion we bought at 'Slumdog Mart'!!

A lion mask that calls wild dogs the wolf who ruled the field until then.

He begins to fight back with a roar like a king of beasts, worthy of its sight.

First, just to say hello, I bished the shop sign.

"That 'Slumdog Mart' was recently made into this territory in the first place!? I'm sure he was going to do whatever he wanted and fold right up and run away!! Look at that in evidence. Yikes! Drawn on that sign, you filthy, wild dog! Making an unclean wild dog an image character. I doubt your sanity!! I'm seriously going to do business...... I'm sure he thinks even wild dogs are fooling stupid guys!!

"Oh no...! No, it's not!," argues the originator Primla.

but it doesn't arrive.

The finger that was holding the sign next set its aim for the show window.

"I bet you made that potion ingredient out of what you picked up, too, by lighting up the trash can in the alley like a wild dog! I can't believe I'm selling such dirty stuff, anything but crime!! Everyone would think so too!? What!?

The Bandage Corps said it was getting the clerks' minds back, but with this call, it regained the will of even harder Kramers.

One after the other emerges what responds.

"Oh... yes!

"Yes, they do! It's a crime!"

"It's a crime! It's crime! It's crime!! 'Slumdog Mart' is a crime. Uh-huh!!

"The clerks who work, they're all criminals! That shop is a criminal's nest!

"Be careful, everyone. Ooooooooooooooo!! I need to get close to Slam Dogmart. Uh-huh!! It's gonna be like us. Whoa, whoa!

Once again, Angry Tao's complaint offense swept through the city.

Mask The cleft mouth of the ladder is crooked, lion mask......!

"Yes! That's good! Try to rebuff the evil that's here! Let him know exactly how bad they are! You guys, show him!! If you drink a rotten potion of wild dogs, tell me what happens!! Oh, do it!! Golhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

... bah!

Along with the signals, bandages removed simultaneously......!

Exposed during the day was a face with a pattern of matara, like mold growth......!


A shout exploded from the crowd filling the boulevard.

It's like a zombie showed up all over the city, in a big panic.

"Saah! Everybody, run! Run! It's contagious! It's contagious! If you didn't want this to happen, get closer to Slumdog Mart!! Instead of shopping, just go through the front and you're fucked!! Gwahhhhhhhhhhh!!

Flying screams, roaring laughter.

In a series of too many events, Primla finally cried out.

That's right, Osama, too, is biting his back teeth off because he can't think of a way to break this predicament.

"Slumdog Mart"......!

Genocide Fang's Dirty Attack is on the verge of destruction......!!

What to do, what will happen, goldwolf......!?