The city "Hornmack" is also considered the most urban in the Torqualm and is deliberately visited by shoppers from elsewhere.

Some of them must have been trying to stop by 'Slumdog Mart'.

There must have been a lot of adventurers looking to buy more potions.

But that no longer comes true.

Because the city's most popular crossroads, with their stores, were in havoc.

It's like a planted bomb went off in a big panic......!


The scream twists and pokes up the top of the hill, and even beats it to the foot of the hill.

People jump out of all the buildings, and that increasingly doubles the hustle and bustle.

The mass claims operation set up by Genocide Fang no longer reached the point of shocking the entire city.

The wolf that was in the vortex is still immovable.

Just the same, with a harsh and pathetic look on his face... he looked to the lion to mock him like a trump joker.

"Gwahhhhhhh! Gwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Come on, run, run, run, run! And you tell them in other cities. Uh-huh!! When you get involved in a wild dog store, you're going to suffer and die!! They hit me in the eyeballs, blood bleeding out of my ears, my nose bending!! My stomach turned upside down, my intestines torn, my heart exploded. Uh-huh! Oh, go!! Of wild dog hunting, here we go!!! Golhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

... so far, it was a set trap.

The city of Hornmack has the most expensive land at the top of the hill where the Lords also live.

Next is this boulevard in the middle of the hill.

All the stores in line are top notch dealers dealing with jewelry stores and expensive dresses.

Goldwolf was able to rent the corner for a cheap price.

The real estate agent used to mean an apology for being rude, but it was easy for him to imagine what was behind this.

Usually, it was an Osama of doctrine that wouldn't go trampling a visible mine, but this time it was of great benefit.

This city... No, it can also be the heart of this Torqualm territory business, it can rent first-class land for cheap.

Of course, there's no way the enemy would imitate sending such salt.

Even if the white powder is delivered, it is not salt etc......


Cali Blue Acid......!?

... Osama took a dangerous bet (call) knowing that was the case.

And like this......!

Though he still keeps his poker face, he still didn't, in his head.

"Hey, my you! What are you going to do!? We're really going to lose people from the store!

"My Lord, why don't you make every city disappear? That way, there won't be any bad rumors coming to other cities'

"Ah, Luc! That might be good! Hey, my lord, let's do that! Let the pull do it! If you were a pull, just fan one to the burning field...... '

'No, it's times like this that I blame the water. I'll take care of this luke. Sink those who desecrated my store like ants and watch every one of them die of breath...'

'Both of you, please don't. You can't involve innocent people.'

"What, then what are we going to do!? My Lord!? '

"How the hell are you going to clean up, my lord?"

"'My You (My Lord) Huh!?!?

While Osama is frustrated by the rare pattern of being blamed by angels and demons... it happened.

... ♪ Pfft. ♪ Chanchamp ♪ Pfft. ♪ Chanchamp ♪ Pfft. Chanchamp

Skipping lightweight horseshoes and ringed bells.

... ♪ Pfft. ♪ Chanchamp ♪ Pfft. ♪ Chanchamp ♪ Pfft. Chanchamp

A clear tone overrides everything, like that which soothes all.

... ♪ Pfft. ♪ Chanchamp ♪ Pfft. ♪ Chanchamp ♪ Pfft. Chanchamp

"... Huh! Mommy's here! Gol, you're here!"

Somewhere idyllic, but full of love.

The voice was never loud, but wonderful and comfortable.

into the hearts and minds of those who were ruled by fear, as they did softly.

And everyone was stopping and blindfolded.


A special (special version) carriage of the Grand Virgin running down the hill...!

The dark cloud behind it began to crack, and the light was shining like an angel had descended from among the clouds.

The angels and demons beside Osama worked a little.

But thanks to that performance, the sense of miracle is doubled.

It seemed as though the Virgin was retreating from the dark clouds and proceeding slightly along the path (carpet) of the light that plugged in...!

"Oh... oh...! Grand Virgin...! Dear Mother Reincarnation......!

Like a matrix of great names, all men fall down on cobblestones.

Except for the lion mask and Osama and… and her sister, Primla.

... ♪ Psst, sht, sht, sht, sht, sht, sht...

The carriage stopped in the middle of the crossroads, with the spotlight of the sun pouring down.

Beyond the sail, which is as clear as a cripple paper, there stands a constant shadow.

Motherhood is already overflowing from the shadows, popping like a giant mirror cake.

Everyone imagined and breathed its, holy self.

But Bowen and Marubi came out of the

"... Huh! Chantas!


Not the usual light scale dress, wearing deer dressing, girl......!

And she was also a young girl wearing a mini-glug of deer (Bambi)...!

"Ugh, what do you say, Gol? I wanted to surprise Gol, and we've all been dressed as Shantas for lunch today! One quick Holy Day!

Shaggy, the girl who lets you go around with Kurlink Lulin on the spot.

The young girl now notices the eyes of the crowd and buries her face in the girl's chest all the time.

... the world was flashing.

The Grand Virgin, named after this country, appeared in a deer dress...!

Normally, if a person in a position participates in an event of this hand, he or she obnoxiously attaches himself or herself to the descendant and wears only a small ornament to the degree of apology.

In her case, however, the opposite was enough to pull around.

If I hadn't had a face, I wouldn't even know I was a Virgin, a serious dressing guru......!

It was a bee-wearing thing, like wearing a hobby...!