Hornmack, the busiest city in Torqualm.

The Grand Virgin suddenly appeared at the crossroads where there are supposedly the most crowds......

Mother Reincarnation Holly Doll......!

This is, to put it this way, like the National Idol set up guerrilla live at the Scramble Junction in Shibuya.

"Ugh, surprised?

Dressed as a deer, she laughs mischievously at all the dodgy success.

He then invited her to call for a carriage with Holy Day specifications.

"But Awathenbo's Shanta is still in town!"

She wasn't a combo with her sister.

Exactly like the idle unit, there were a lot of people there...!

The chosen deer (Newcomber) descend from the carriage.

It was a troika of elementary school students, Charles Lunlot, Midnight Sugar and Glass Paleen, which is no longer becoming a specialty in Antrea.

I'm not technically just one elementary school student, but I only look the same age in this outfit.

"... Awesome Shanta... Holy Day (Holy Day) is two months away, so it must be too much. And reincarnation, what you're wearing isn't Shanta's outfit, it's not Caribou's outfit that Shanta pulls the sled on."

"... Technically, the design of this outfit is not Caribou. Odilogica. Even more strictly, it's a type of caribou called Porcupine that pulls Shanta's soli"

"Um, and why is everyone caribou... dressed like a deer? One or so, even with Shanta..."

The Grand Virgin backed the crowd, which remained solidified like a soldier horse figurine, and let it go around only once with the kurlin...... Tehepero and tongue out.

"I saw Pine's" Grapeless Kan "and made it, I think it might have been a little different. And I was going to make Shanta's costume, but Caribou was cuter, so I made too much... and when I realized I was out of cloth."

"What kind of brain do you have that you won't notice until you've made it for 48 people? Besides, you can't be a deer just because you're wearing it. A cow. A cow. What kind of body is it that looks more prominent in the chest when wearing it?"

The penetration of the hanging girl is unforgiving even if the other is the Grand Virgin.

But as for the second half of her words, even the petrified ones who were listening around were snorting ununung in their hearts.

… 'Holy Day' is a major event at the end of the year in this world.

What happens is the presence of the Angel 'Shanta' who cannot be shone.

She served Meltarion, a goddess of abundance and harmony, but even in the angelic world, she was bequeathed because she had no wings.

The humans who felt sorry for it gave her a sled.

Delighted, she let Caribou pull the sleigh.

Then, strangely, Soli flew through the sky.

As a token of her gratitude, she began to distribute gifts in return to humans using flying soli... is based on the myth.

It spread and became a day for humans to make gifts at all costs.

Naturally, this will be a major period of commercial war for every store.

Kaku's "Slam Dog Mart" also planned to sell a variety of products, including bespoke potion fillings and a dedicated pouch for Gordon dressed as Shanta.

But that, from the middle of next month….

It is also after next month that the city will be engulfed in the 'Holy Day' mood...

But Shanta was quick and came to this horn mac.

Technically, Shanta wasn't anywhere, but that's trivial.

Because I instantly quelled this boulevard, which was engulfed with fear and hatred...!

Its leader stature is Deer Girl, who specializes in breasts bigger than his head.

She looked around like a sister who would host an outdoor stage.

"Oh? Guys, dude, duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh!?"

It's 'Mr. Shanta' to be exact, but the way my tongueless sister calls me has shifted.

I finally realize the facial heterogeneity of the Kramers, who are also kyotones.

"Fair enough, what's wrong with that face?!? Pomp Itai Itai's!? Oh, my God! Let my mom do it!... I want to be there, dude!

Mom, when the deer dance with one hand up, the Kramers' rotten skin is enveloped in light.

Here they were finally returning to me, giving a voice of surprise to their own bodies that were glowing.

It is the activation of the 'healing' of the Grand Virgin.

It's easy to do, but it's not a lot of power to treat a hundred people in any way.

The amount of light was also considerable, and the area was full of brilliant brilliance, like an ocean reflecting on the sunlight.

Eventually its pure white tide is sucked into the bodies of the surgeons.

Now, any injury or illness is healed by one shot.

... should be, but their skin still remained patterned.

"Is that it? I can't believe my mom's prayers didn't work... crazy ~?"

Keep your eyes open, my Grand Virgin.

I can see the lion mask. Not really, he was driven aside at some point.

But here I finally remember where I stand.

When I took a hack of breath, I screamed as if to regain the pace that had been taken away.

"... oh... whoa!! Did you guys see that? The healing didn't work!! I can't believe you can't even heal Mother's prayers, this is pretty serious!! I knew if I drank Slam Dogmart potion, I'd be dead!!

I made a scene trying to plunge the corner into chaos again...

But the flames of confusion that have disappeared once are hard to rekindle.

Because they are too bad......

The opponent is "Mother Reincarnation," which can also be called "Natural and Healing Rights," the person......!

If this is analogous to sumo wrestling, it is like a cat-type robot getting into the middle of a verbal push.

How much I hunted down on the mound with ramblings, the opponent is constantly floating a few millimeters above the ground, so I can never soil or anything else......!

If this had been a primal, the prayer would have wandered a lot at the time it had been found ineffective, and it would have taken away the pace.

But where does this cat-type robot (reincarnation) blow the wind...!

"Well, let's try 'fuzzy'!"

She sways her white toes loosely, approaching the woman she was nearest to.

towards its face, like a moldy moth,

"Ha ha, fukifuki ~!"

With the white towel I removed, I began to gently wipe my face.

Then... as if it were a detergent commercial, it fell off...!

From beyond the purple discolored skin, a firm, shiny skin appeared...!

"Ha, I'm so pretty ~! Look, look!

Mother pointed to the Slumdog Mart show window.

The woman sees her face pictured there and accidentally leaks the truth.

"Ko...... this is my skin......!? I've been so busy working, no hippos to skincare, and I've always been so crappy......!? I almost got laid and painted my face......! So pretty......!?

But on the way, I said, "Shit!" and hold his mouth.

But the Virgin can't stop doing that. I held her shoulder and smiled nicely.

"The girl's skin is the most beautiful and beautiful? Hey!"

It can't be anyone who can resist that nostalgic smile.

"Ha... ha...! Thank you, Mother!

That was such an honest reply that she was surprised by the confidence she had issued.


...... pakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

The sound of something cracking, which was stubborn, was really sounding.