The selfishness of the selfish body can no longer be stopped by anyone.

Already, single-stage......!

He was totally blowing the dark clouds, as if he also had full control of the airspace.

Your smile sweeps down the boulevard like you have two days.

Plus, I'm trying to increase that...!

"Well, guys, let's look beautiful! But with all this, Mom, it's tough... Primla, help me out!"

Suddenly the shaken primula said, "Ha, ha!?" I reply upside down.

But soon he untied the stiffness and ran out with a towel.

"Wow... I'll help you too! Ladies and gentlemen, this is Slumdog Mart's" Fukifuki "service.

And it starts, fuzzy...!

I also help the pine pack held by my mother, and the faces of the crèmers like rotten corpses come back to their ester-like skin as I look......!

The deer trio came and went with new towels and helped as supply personnel.

In fact, this is also different from 'purification' and 'healing', the Virgin's ability….


The Virgin uses a white cloth as a catalyst and by wiping it with feelings, she can remove dirt without detergent.

On the contrary, you can revive what you wipe just like new......!

By the way, the Holly Doll family mansion is as beautiful as a new building inside, despite its history.

That is why, in addition to the usual cleaning of the maids, they 'clean' regularly.

"Ha, you've turned out beautiful!"

"Yes, good luck. You look beautiful."

"Clean... Let's..."

My oldest daughter smiled all the time, my second daughter smiled clearly, and my three daughters mowed...

That not only makes the Kramers superficial dirt, but even their hearts beautiful......!

And the Virgin and the Wolf.

The combination of beauty and beast has now come to fruition here.

Goldwolf's prior persuasion that their hearts, which were cracked,

... pakan! Pacan! Pacan! Pacan!


Everywhere I was, I started bouncing...!

And finally, show up......!

"Shh, I'm sorry! I was wrong!

"Oh, I'm sorry! I'm sorry. Come on!

Those who sit down in the ground......!

"Ugh... wow! Wow, whoa, whoa, whoa!

"Ugh! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Those who cry down......!

"I can't believe I got sick drinking Slumdog Mart potion, it was a lie! Yeah, on the contrary, the complaints I've made so far have been utterly lies!

"I was ordered to say that if you spread the worst rumors of the potion selling right now, it would hit Slumdog Mart hard...!

Those who confess......!

"We were gorgeous smart clerks! But Genocide Fang, the head of the department on the other hand, forced me to train Kramer!

"I really didn't like it! Even though it's a rival store, I can't believe you disparage it with rumors that you don't...! But do it, Lady Genocide Fang yelled at me...!

"If I don't do it, they threatened to push me to my family! Some clerks actually got cornered with it and killed themselves! I have a wife and children, so to protect my family, I have no choice...!

Who unfortunately demonstrates the victims taught......!

"... ah! There he is! There he is, masking the lion is Master Genocide Fang!

"No matter how many faces you hide, you can't deceive a dirty voice like that cow frog squeal......! It was that guy who was blackmailing us and forcing us to do such terrible things!

"You can also see how cowardly that guy is from the fact that he is the only one wearing a mask!? Oh, and sin against us, and you're the only one who's trying to escape!

"Nah... what a 'legendary salesman'! You're just seven lights...! You're just incompetent with a big voice!

"Yes, they do! I'm not scared anymore! I'm gonna quit being a gorgeous smart! And let you be judged by the law!

The killer gaze cultivated by Kramer is turned on, and the lion's mask just wanders.

"Ki......! You're going to betray me! If this goes against me, I don't know what will happen...... you know, GORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

A flock of hyenas barked with gow from the horse and inspired by planted fear.

Though they flinch for a moment, they are quickly neutralized by a swallowing voice that seems unrelated to such a secular thing.

"Oh well, cheerful lion ~! Mommy, cheerful child, love it! You 'fuzzy' him too, from town, over here...... Then let's take the lion's face!"

On the contrary, lead the hyenas......!

The King of the Hundred Beasts, who pointed so hard, begins and ends beating them......!


"Drag the Genocide Fang down!

"Thrust the enemies of Slumdog Mart out to the guards!

"And save the gorgeous smart clerks who are still suffering -!

"Ah!? We're gonna ram, this guy!

"I don't mind! Use a stone or whatever, knock it off your horse!

Genocide fangs fight against former men who have turned into thugs.

"Grr...... Grrrrrr!?!? Damn. Whoa!! Remember... Remember!! Golhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

That's right. Just leave the throwaway dialogue at its best.

He kicked his horse up abusively in Kakato and ran away tyrannically kicking the surrounding crowd.

"Oh, man! Let the lion fumble, too!"

Deer holding his chest like a bomb, bringing it and chasing it.

There is more and more laughter at the sight of the unlikely in Savannah that a deer chases after the king of a hundred beasts.

Until not long ago, before the slum dog mart, which had sprung up in the pandemic, was now full of righteous hearts.

Primla takes a whopping breath as she walks away with her tail wrapped around her and drops off the back of a lion mask.

This was true during the moving disturbances, but for her, this sister was always unexpected (irregular).

But all this time, I was helped by it.

I was taught that natural and innocent love was the best way to attack evil and atrocious claims.

He said that against reason is not to confront it with reason, but to smile gently so as to have mercy on my child.

Yes... if you're analogous, you don't respond with fists.

After gently wrapping your opponent's fist around with both hands...

...... no bravo line hit......!


A blow like his hand hits the cheeks of the Kramers beautifully...!

It was already cracked, toddled in their hearts......

I was able to get it back to sanity at once......!

Primla was feeling it again.

She falls all the time in nowhere, my dangerous sister.

But if you have to, be so great and dependable.

But even so, there were about two things she hadn't noticed.

All this, for 'Uncle' next to her... was in the calculation, although there was some discrepancy called cosplay.

And that "Uncle" did nothing to say that it was a great opportunity and was letting go of that lion mask.

I dare you...!

From "This Boulevard," what I was letting go......!