A lion mask that drives horses with the momentum to break cobblestones and runs ferociously through the city.

The shapes that followed the brave lions were still beasts that were not attacked by men.

People who scream and run away won't even think about it.

I would not have believed and suspected that what flows off that neck muscle is covetousness imagining the taste of prey.

But it was the opposite.

...... man crying......!

"Ugh......! Ugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg......! Chick, chick, chick...! They......! Rats suck......! You rat suck. Yikes!!

As the saying goes, he has treated his employees, the clerks, as rats have done so far.

Everything remained his will, and there was no one to turn against.

Like Lemming when he told me to die, even in the water in the fire... I thought that was natural.

But I should have instructed you to jump into the sea named Slumdog Mart, and the rats are back.

And like Boomerang, I stripped your husband of his fangs...!

"Ugh! Uh-huh! There are rats......! I can't believe you're turning your teeth on me, the king of beasts...! Morning......! Hundred Years Early Ooooooooooooooooooo!!

That wasn't a lot of damage to him, but the psychological shock was enormous.

"Guru! Chick! You betrayed me...! They......! Take care of me...! You betrayed me!

I thought so on my own, and my voice was loud.

... the more humans who abandon people in peace, the weaker they are when they are caught in the same eye.

If the understatement you've been underestimating as you've been exploiting like livestock and not even such intelligence is your opponent, all the more so......!

And it is convenient.

Until now, I've been treating you like a $1 (ender) coin that's not worth picking up after dropping...

Throw it away, and when you find out they dumped it the other way around, this sentimental......!

There will be no more worthy words for him now.

Anything that laughs at 1 $(ender) cries at 1 $(ender)......!

"Ugh......! Uggh......! Wow!!!

The tears of the beast, and the howl, disappear as they melt in the daylight.

Now cry, bark...!

I regret what I've done...!

Because only the number of tears a person can be strong...!

... but also between bundles.

He didn't even have time to count the sins he had committed, the tears he shed...

With the advent of Mother, the sky should have been perfectly clear.

The whole city is so blurry with halation, it's so bright...

Only around him, it was dark for some reason.

It's as if that's the only place it's been at night......

If you drop your gaze, there is a cobblestone that stands on your horseshoe.

Around it, as if there were pitfalls, it was covered in black shadows.

"Ugh...? Duh... what's going on, huh?

He turned his drowning eyes directly upwards,

... Gassssssss!


I didn't even have time to ask you what you saw, something different, and you took a blow...

"Ugh...... wow!?!?

I danced through the universe and was slapped to the ground......!

...... Dogaa!!


Instead of being spiritually dumped, he rolls by the roadside, like physically dumped trash......!


And as it were, it went into the shed of the garbage dump,

...... dogga, shahhhhhhhhh!

Buried in a pile of raw garbage.

ragged and scrap material descends from the top so as to strike a chase.

But there's no hippo to breathe in.

"Whew!? Ghhhhhhhhhh!?

The rat that was inside bites Gabriel in the nose and crawls out in response.

I no longer know where it hurts.

My body is sore from scratches and my guts are about to pop out of my mouth.

The tears that were pulling in with successive shocks overflow once again.

"Ugh... Ugh...! Chickshaw......! Chick, chick, chick, chick...! I can't believe I'm looking at you like this!

... "These eyes"?

That's what you say when it's all over.

crawl all over the leftovers, wet the cobblestone...... right next to him like that,

...... ZANG!!

A familiar footprint was struck down.

"Finally caught up!

"Only one of us got away with it, and that's not how it works!

To an impeachy voice, a lion mask that cuts out whimpers and gives you a face.

Beyond seeping vision, I was looking down at...

I once taught myself how to walk, Kramer Corps......!

"Ki, you... Ra...!... Ho ho! Guru! Ha...!

My lungs are crushed and I don't have as much voice as I think.

Until now, they had been taught the taste of munchies named 'rumbling' and atrophied with a single drink.

But the conditioning equipment is now worn out.

"Oluuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..." he just roared powerlessly, to the fullest.

"Whoa! Everybody in this city! Everyone would have seen it too!? He was just on the main street, and he's the one who made the scene!

"A mention of slam dog mart products that I yelled and disparaged for nothing......! I made up a lying sickness and I messed up this city!

"Sa 'ah, help us all! Let's all take out the bad guys who threatened this city!

"... ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

And it burns again, rebel flames......!

That wasn't once the Legion level, it became a city guru and hit one lion......!

Here, for him, the mask to hide his identity became a vendetta.

If he had known he was a Genocide fan, the people of the city would not have joined him.

Hurting the brave is a felony in this world.

But Genocide Fang couldn't take a mask from himself to get out of this predicament.

Because he is the head of the gorgeous smart side......!

If he finds out that a rival store has masterminded a false act of obstruction, which is the head of this Gorgeous Smart in Torqualm territory, it will be a fatal injury to the store...!

The King of the Handsome Beast had nothing else to accept...!

Sanctions from the rats...!

Countless throws of stone emanating from the windows pour down like hail…!

... Gassssssss! Gun! Gong!

"Ugh!? Grrr! Grrr!?

As attacked by a swarm of bees, the lion you can have.

Surrounded by folks with corners and drying rods in their hands, they will slap......!

... Dossssssss! Dogga! Gong!

"Guh! Guh! Iggy!?

I didn't know how much damage I was being done because of my face being covered, and that applauded the violence.

From the neck of the mask, from the sleeve of the shirt, from the hem of the trousers… rainy blood runs out.

I'm good at rambling, and I can't even give you that time to try to rebuild the situation.

"Gee!? Ugh!? Hii! Forgive me...! Forgive me. Yikes!!

Instead of being Savannah's champion, Genocide Fang shrinks like a tortoise bullied by the sea.

But he will not be forgiven......!

Unexpectedly on that mask, Gah! And my hand was put on it.

"Saah! Show me your face! Let the people of the city bear witness to the evil you've done!

"Hiya!? No, please don't! That's all! Forgive me for that. Yeahhhhhhhhh!

But no one forgives him......!

... No...!

Just a peek at one, it existed......!

I wasn't there for this occasion, but his' proxy '...!

... Zugwah...!!

There was a breeze.


It happened out of nowhere. It knocks the mobs down dominoes and makes them butt down.

And the clouds flew in.

I drove Genocide Fang down, and it came back and grabbed his shoulder with his toes.

And like a kamaitachi that cleaves everything, enough to even cleave the narrows of time, in an instant......

He took him away bloody quickly, beyond his intelligence as if he were a god hidden.