A steel duvet named Group Claim, which threatened Slumdog Mart.

That was a dangerous defiant move that, if taken, would not spare him serious injuries and, if done poorly, could push him to retire to active duty.

But at dawn of the night, it wasn't the complaint commotion that was dancing to the headlines of the paper.

"Holy deer, show up at Hornmack!

It was more of a major event, set up by the Grand Virgin of the Example...!

"Master Liincarnation, mother of the Holly Doll family, appeared in the city of Hornmack dressed as a deer. And he sent the hordes of zombies gathered before the Slam Dogmart back to their original human beings with the power of the Virgin. '

… There is a demonic crystal of a special nature in this world called 'Record Ball'.

It can be transcribed on paper by recording what is reflected and reflected inside the crystal.

Cutting the world with "record balls," and a series of things to be transcribed on paper are collectively called "true photos."

This' true photography 'technique is also used in newspapers to help them communicate articles visually......

On the first side of each piece of paper today were the girls dressed as deer and those who were once zombies.

It was something everyone was smiling and lining up in front of 'Slumdog Mart' and shooting commemoratively.

Luc and Pull, as well as "Rusty Wind" horned as Holy Day (Holy Day) specifications, and even "Skeleton of the Clouds (Murray)", which also utilized this shape to connect to Shanta's hat......

And of course, the center has that (●) Osama......!

"The city of Hornmack was temporarily a havoc in a zombie commotion. There were no injuries, etc., but the Guard's Bureau, which determined this to be a slam dog mart propaganda act, cautioned Mr. Goldwolf, the owner. But the publicity was very echoive, and Slumdog Mart became a popular store on Hornmack '


That complaint disturbance set up by Genocide Fang also flipped, a huge dock set up by Slumdog Mart......!

The last time this year, it was the biggest promotion...!

I can't help it. Give the zombies a lion and the Shanta girls and it's a complete cosplay tournament.

Coincidentally, coincidences overlapped, and it was the winning factor that presented the appearance of the event.

One of its schemers, the Great Virgin of Disturbance of the Examples.

She was shown a newspaper by Goldwolf at the breakfast table and found out about this fact as late as possible.

"Oh, well. I can't believe my mom's in the paper... As I delivered my usual lunch, I just tried to surprise everyone in the city because of it."

Yesterday, Goldwolf felt the Kramer Corps murderous in the city of Hornmack, evacuating customers and clerks first.

In addition, he entrusted a message to his beloved bird, Sky Wreck, to send him to Reincarnation.

'Me and Mr. Primla are at the Hornmack branch today, not at Torqualm headquarters. Can you bring me over to Hornmack for lunch?

Osama had predictions that the Kramers were targeting potions, the main commodity.

He was secretly calling that great Virgin as a trump card to see through their lies......!

The complaining ill health of the Kramers must be 800 lies.

The 'healing' of the Grand Virgin didn't work, so she was about to use it as a thread to fight back.

But I didn't expect you to come cosplay.

Only there, the only one out of the math.

Seems to have been delayed more than usual because of that, and Goldwolf will be cold sweated.

It seemed like it was originally from a nasty flirtatious heart, but in any case because of her, Osama honestly expressed his gratitude.

"Thanks to Mother's coming to Hornmack, I was able to give you that commotion. Thank you so much."

Then the smile of Mother, who was languid, was joined by a look of bliss.

"Fair enough......! I can't believe Gol is' thank you '......!

Cover your reddish cheeks with your hands, and begin to creep into joy.

"My mom is Gol's mom, so if it's for Gol, it's anywhere... even on the back of the moon. I fly away! But I'm so happy! And my mom, too, because I was able to 'fumble' a lot then, so much so. Wow! I can't believe I'm having fun and happy... Mom, I'm so happy! So will Pine, Primla!? Hey!"

The pine pack I was' fumbling 'with was my first experience of getting out in front of so many people, albeit by chance.

You're ashamed to just remember, mumble silently, and cling to your mother.

Primla, when it came to it, was seriously looking back at that time.

"Yes, it was a very good experience because I had never 'fumbled' so many people, too. Besides, I have been reminded, as the Virgin, that I have not yet done so. Because your sister instantly calmed the anger of those who did not listen to me so much..."

And with sincere eyes, he leans on his sister.

"I want to be like your sister, too! Anger, sorrow, hatred... to the merciful Virgin who envelops it all! But what can I do to do that......!?

My sister's doubts were true.

But my sister has already tangled her fingers together in front of her abundant breasts.

She even brightened her 100-watt voice in a pose when she came up with a name proposal.

"Oh well...! Primla wants to be like her mom......!? Then from today on, you just have to manage what your mom does! The way you talk, that... Just do it! Hey!?"

"What!? Oh, how do you talk to your sister...!?

Though I said I wanted to be, that's not what I meant... and Primla cruising.

But he said, "Unh!," he nodded back with an innocent smile, and the girl decides to be ready.

"Ma... mama's... uh... dinner is... the... hey, come on, baby ~"

From cherry shellfish granny lips, whenever baby words are spun out......

The girl's face went from cherry blossom color to red-hot like lava.

Naturally, you can't possibly see your admiring uncle's face or anything, and his gaze is fixed on his sister.

"Then try and manipulate what your mom does.... Gol is a really good kid! Gol, the good boy, is full of moms, good boy. Good boy, good boy, good boy!... Muggy-ooh!

My sister was frightened and jumped at Osama.

The two are over thirty centimeters tall, so I usually can't reach them at all by stretching them out...... Osama is sitting right now.

Therefore, he was wrapped in a molo in a soft spot, and Osama's face was like he had received an airback.

"... Um, Mother?" The will of the person is not respected.

...... Gattang!!

The girl stood up.

Determination and action, in two ways.

At mealtime she usually gets up with Osama or a maid pulling her chair.

Whether you do it yourself, stand solemnly, without making a sound, with a beauty like medicine.

But the girl, only now, was different.

'Are you here...!' Just so to speak......!

With all the momentum of kicking the chair, he stood up majestically...!

"... Oops...! Welcome......! Rurururururururururururururu...!

Roaring like a volcano on the verge of explosion as you eject hot air from your head......!

Fluffy, and the girl's hair floated, as if she had been electrostatic.

Move your body loosely and set your aim on the right side of the gala-empty Osama.

On the left side of Osama sitting in the chair like a driver, the safety device had already been activated.

Like a collision safety body, there's a gnarly deformed 'soft engine'......!

Primla's sight was already on, Moya.


Will my breasts be like that too......!?

But I can't believe I'm hugging my uncle...!

On top of that, if I did that, it might bother your uncle......!

But...! You need this......!?

Is that what you have to do to be a fine Virgin like your sister......!?




Yes, no......!

Faking yourself is so not good......!

The fruit... To tell you the truth...!

Me, always...! I was always, always envious......!

I'm hugging my uncle, about your sister...!

One day I too dreamed of how happy I would be if I could hug you like a sister......!

So so......! I want you to let me do what I want...!

Not as a Virgin, but as one girl......!

No, I have to......!

Uncle, to make you understand this thought...!

I wish I hadn't hugged you on that lovely face so sooo...!

...... Psshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Like a steam engine, the Holy Girl lets the hot air erupt from her head.

She has been disciplining herself for a long time, a 'limiter that can't be...'

Finally, release (limit break) ……!

"Oops......! Ogol is a good, good boy...! Good boy, good boy, good boy, good boy, good boy...! That's right... so...! Muggyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

And kick the carpet out to the point of feathering it.

For the first time in my life, I dared to dash so hard that I forgot...!