Primla's decided special attack turned out to be well, but let's put that aside once and for all.

Around the same time Osama was turning into a moth tree.

'Halbury Small Country Headquarters', a gorgeous smart heart of the Halbury Small Country.

'infirmary' specially set there.

Only some executive officers are available and are well-equipped private rooms that can be considered VIP entitlements.

On a bed that the common people don't even see or realize, this again, the common people don't even know the scent, a treat......

a man with a whole body bandage pouring a liquid grated liquid meal into his face.

You're supposed to be eating a full course of luxury, but because of the different shapes, the breakfast landscape is not at all flattering.

A grumpy rage shoved in there and kicked through the hospital room door.


It was a man like the head of a barbarian who ran in out of breath.

I was a celebrity, but I can't hide the roughness of my face, covered in wild fur.

That's what he's been poking at the bandaged man like a barbaric knife... was the morning paper that just arrived today.

The bandaged man screams to refrain as soon as he sees the letter he sees a chill.


And with a voice that looked just like a parent and child, I even hammered it.

"" WHAT, GORUAH!?!?!?!?!? "

Genocide parents and children scatter death voices that beat apart the window of the room and even the decorated vase.

"You're making a fucking wild dog fucking event about a claim op my pretty son set up for his life! What kind of eyes do newspaper shoppers have? Golhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

"Uhhhhhhhh!?!? You said you were running away because you didn't find out who you were, but then, you mean it!?!? Golhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Regardless of his intact father, this roar was cold water for his wounded second son.

The wound of the entire body opens and blood seeps into the bandage.

"Grr! Itetete......! CHICKLES! Ouch... Ouch, I regret it, dude...!

"My son! I know how you feel, but don't push me now! I'm glad Genocide Lower helped me, but you're seriously hurt right now!!

"Chi, no......! It wasn't my brother who helped me! My brother was doing his best in front of HQ. He just carried me inside! The rats were messing with me, and they helped me..."

My brother is desperate to tell me if I should score for him.

But I was blocked from being picky.

"I don't care about that now! I'm excited too, but there's a bigger problem than that! Look at this. Ya, gorghh!!

Ba! and newspapers to be opened.

The first side with the happy faces of Slumdog Mart, and the second side with a further turn.

There, along with a true photograph of the mosaic population.

"Former Gorgeous Smart clerks accuse! Storm of Untold Claims by Slumdog Mart!

There was a sensational headline called Big Fat.

Genocide fangs who work all over their bodies despite blood erupting and bite their teeth critically.

"Chickshaw......! The clerks I took care of...! Not only did he make me bumpy, but he sold me to the paper...!

In the text of the article:

"The former clerks have made Gorgeous Smart's head of Torqualm territory, citing Genocide Fang Gorgeous, the brave one, as their mastermind."

and written in the name of clarity.

"Duh... what do I do, dude!? As it is, Torqualm's reputation as a Gorgeous Smart is in jeopardy!!

"Don't panic, Gorgaaa!! Must be pushing us over to this HQ from now on for the reporters to confirm the charges!! That's why you hide until you're almost gone!!

"What... how could you!?

"You know brave people don't get caught unless they have solid evidence or a confession, Gorgaah!! You have a master mouth but when you are blamed you have a weakness......!! If you go missing, you won't accidentally let your mouth slip!!

Genocide Fang tried to put it back, but said, "Damn......! ♪ And I just end up groaning ♪

Because my father was indeed right.

If you have been questioned by a large number of reporters, you may testify against them.

And if that passes to the gendarmerie, they will be investigated even though they are brave...

Being a tofu-like mental was betrayed by the clerks and I already thought I didn't like it.

I wasn't sure I could stand the pursuit of the gendarmerie.

But there's one thing I'm uncomfortable with.

"Wow, okay......! But when I'm gone, the store...!? What happens to the store?!?

"Don't worry there! Why don't you use the bibliographic bird (Tegamidri) to give instructions to the Kossoli Branch Manager! So first, just think about healing that wound! And when it's all happening, then... do what you can because you're the one who's hiding you!

"What can you do because you are the one hiding you......!?

"Yes! Remember my 'Secret of Ramblings'......!! I'm gonna beat the crap out of that biggest guy to a wild dog!! Remind me that if I give in, I can bust them all by myself!!... you see, golllllllllllllllllllllll!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Slumdog Mart's "A Big Promotion".

"A Big Scandal" by Gorgeous Smart.

... these two scoops happened to run around the Torqualm territory.

Full coverage by newspapers was also launched, with numerous testimonies from former Kramers.

But already the figure of Genocide Fang is nowhere......!

Then the interviewers pushed over to Daddy's, but Oyaji bounced them all off with a previous' rambling '......!

Where the testimony of how many common people have gathered, as long as there is no confession of the brave, it will be white no matter how much black......!

The absolute and immutable code of this world connected all the killer fathers and sons with a piece of neck skin...!

But only the decline of the gorgeous smart in the Torqualm realm cannot be stopped......!

This one even flies into a false sales activity that the clerks were doing on a daily basis...!

"I was sold a holy sword worth two million yen (ender) just to buy a strike weapon!

"If you hunt rare monsters, you can get them back soon or something...! But even going where you taught me, that monster had no shadow or shape! The clerk tricked me into selling expensive weapons!

"Thanks to you, it's debt hell......! I just went shopping gorgeously smart and I can't believe they mess with my life......!

"If this is the case, I should have gone to Slumdog Mart without being danced to by weird rumors!

"If you ask me, I hear Kramer was pretty much a gorgeous smart paycheck too! How dirty they are...!

Gorgeous Smart repeated false sales, and just mass-produced false Kramer......

As soon as I found out that, I was going to suffer more than double the damage......!

And you'll know.

Of those who disguised themselves as victims, the skin peels off...

In fact, if you find out you were the perpetrator......

That my painful tail is waiting for me...!