Formerly a Genocide Fang subordinate, Kramer Corps.

After they sold their boss to the newspaper, they went into further action.

Holy heart wiped clean by the Virgins and reborn......

And now based on evil know-how beaten in by the abominable Lord...

Gather those who have received false sales and form what will be the 'Gorgeous Smart Victims Association'......!

As a self-proclaimed "legion of righteous Kramers," I started working...!

They put up a placard and raised the roar of the barrage in front of the gorgeous smart.

Of course, the store side had decided to ignore it, but it didn't just happen to be screamed out in front of me.

The day I don't do business continues......!

It was a grassroots activity, but it gathered the empathy of those who had accumulated depression in the stores of the brave.

And... between them, a certain thought begins to breed.

"Gorgeous Smart" has the horrible idea that you can do anything.

Finally, he started to show up at the store to throw in stones and flame bottles...!

The majority of the gorgeous smarts in Torqualm territory are driven to an unserviceable state.

Of course, anything that went into exercising his powers was arrested.

But that will further spark the grievances of the common people.

While keeping them under arrest, Genocide Fang is greatly dissatisfied with why they are not arrested......!

This became the sword of the blades for Genocide Fang.

I hid myself to avoid being investigated, but I didn't know that would cause a riot......!

In order to quell this, Genocide Fang himself should appear.

You just have to cut Syrah through, because no brave man will be arrested more than there is definitive evidence.

That way I could have sunny and pleaded not guilty and looked at the common people......

Heck, he didn't.

It's a top secret mountain house my father prepared for me, and it's a creepy day......

I don't even realize that's the worst choice for the gorgeous smart guy in Torqualm territory he leads...

Because of his cuteness, he exposed the clerks who were still in the store to the danger of rioting.

In the mountain villa, he glanced at a report from the branch chiefs received via the Message Bird (Tegamidri).

He was gripping the bird that brought it to me to hit eight.

"Chickshaw......! The number of clerks (rats) is diminishing day by day...! It's a hundred years early to abandon me and run away!"

I should have been betrayed by the clerks (rats) before and realized how important it was...

Even through this period, he was a victim gut rounder......!

The anti-gorgeous smart movement will accelerate even further, with the result that it will lift its rival store, Slumdog Mart.

The share of wild dogs reached up to 60% at once and quickly rose to hegemony......!

"Mount Goldwolf" was no match for the unruly attack of a steel duvet, and the audience cheered for it, stopping by the "Genocide Fang Sea"...!

... Now, congratulations...!





Still a party, Genocide Fang remains......!

He hadn't given up yet......!

Take the time to get your wounds and hearts back on track......!

Pull up a new 'Secret of Ramblings'......!

It's like stabbing you in the back where you're wiping sweat in a post effort support room......!

I was sneaking up on Mount Goldwolf trying to get the worst of my hands...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Goldwolf at "Holy Day" was tough.

For the analogy, the tourists who wore pancakes braided clothes and strayed into Nara Park as well......

Not so long ago, it was a day when 'deer' messed me up.

And like a mirror reflecting the owner's hottie, 'Slumdog Mart' Momocha hottie......!

At New Year's Eve, every store had a huge crowd of inago, and every product kept selling out......!

Gorgeous Smart is devastating as it enters a period of commercial war with a slight negative reputation......!

Aside from the guests jumping in, it was like throwing stones...!

Share of Slam Dog Mart on Torqualm territory, reaches 80%......!

Its speed is phenomenal.

I gently repainted my momentum when I once dominated the territory of Lutanvesta.

This is largely due to the overlapping period of commercial warfare and the power of the mass media.

The introduction of the complaint disturbance at Hornmack as a major promotion became a chase.

As a further scandal, Genocide Fang, the enemy general, was featured.

That took the form of containment of the command tower, and Gorgeous Smart was in a state of blight.

The obvious coincidence and the inevitability of being intimate......

Various elements are intertwined, and they become one and the same, a great boost.

The status of 'Slumdog Mart' was no longer unwavering even in Torqualm.

And some time after the New Year, when Goldwolf's businessness also came to a paragraph......

One middle-aged man visits the Torqualm headquarters of Slumdog Mart.

Little fat, dressed, like a person who combines good physical appearance with good people.

He named himself "Lion," and when he was put through the reception room, he placed a large leather suitcase that seemed to be in the instrument, somewhat on the table.


When the lid opens, it floods with silver light.

Goldwolf and Primla's face, sitting across the street, became illuminated by mirror reflections.

Primla with eyelids and puffing eyelids.

But Osama never narrowed his eyes.

"This is the silver sword used by the Knights of Ancient Hurlbury."

One eye was discerning its origin.

Lion nods back like "Again".

"Exactly. I'm a merchant who deals mainly in antique weapons, but I didn't expect you to know just by looking at them. That's the owner of the chain named Torqualm."

"I'm here to sell this, so..."

"Yeah. Until now, I've mainly been dealing with Dear Gorgeous Smart, but you don't seem to be able to afford to deal with antiquities anymore."

... Basically, the adventurer's shop sells new weapons and tools.

But some stores deal with second-hand swords and antique-worthy swords.

Used is an obsolete fruit product, but when it is also an antique sword, it also falls into the art category, so the buying price is also more than a hundred times different.

That could be fake, and the stumbling store would be devastated.

Finally, it's a risky product, but Goldwolf seemed a little attracted to me.

But try to shake it off and peel your gaze off the silver sword.

And I opened my mouth as if to tell myself.

"There was some hope from our customers, and even Slam Dogmart was just considering handling second-hand items. However, there are no plans to deal with antiques. Because it's difficult to appraise."

But Lion didn't give up.

Because the words said no, but the attitude was the opposite.

"Don't worry about that. All the weapons I deal with come with an appraisal by a first-degree appraiser"

'Appraiser' … is a profession that identifies equipment of unknown name.

A so-called national qualification that can be named if you pass an exam at the 'House of Kingdom Appraisals' in each country.

The act of 'appraisal' itself is possible even if it is not qualified, but issuing the appraisal becomes illegal when it is carried out by an unqualified person.

By the way, in order to avoid being misunderstood by customers at Slumdog Mart, all purchases of materials are uniform under the designation 'assessment'.

Goldwolf revamps the 'appraisal' presented by Lyon.

The paperwork was officially marked with the Devil's Wax Mark (Talp).

This silver sword is definitely what the Knights of Ancient Hurlbury really used.

Or Osama already had a verdict on authenticity.

At the current purchase price, it would be 3 million yen (ender).

Lion hits even harder.

"With this in mind, why don't you start handling antiques, even Dear Slumdog Mart? A store that can handle antiques can only lead to trust. And you'll be delighted, especially by the nobles and the higher echelons."

I think Primla was listening to the interaction between the two of them in silence.

- Your uncle is not going to be liked by the aristocrats or the higher echelons.

Unless you have the idea of improving the range of products in the store, I don't think you would show interest......

But the answer your uncle gave was unexpected enough for a girl to want to doubt my ears.