I was sold the silver sword of antiques, and Goldwolf gave me the answer, which is….

"Um, to tell you the truth, I was just hoping for more aristocrats to come to the store. If we do start dealing with antiques, we might be able to get richer people to come too."

Primla, who was listening next door to this, also accidentally shouted "eh".

Lion that nicks a round face.

"You will. You will. Just sell this silver sword and you can quickly become a one-ranked store. So to speak, a gold ticket to a chocolate factory......! If you can stay with us further, we will serve you specially for a million ¥(ender) this time!

If there was a guest seat here and Obasan was sitting there......

They're all like, "Huh!?" He must have raised a surprise.

So much so that it was a brilliant sales talk.

The purchase price of 3 million yuan (ender) is 1 million yuan (ender) ……!?

That's just Goldwolf for this, too, I have to make an instant decision......!

"Thank you for that, I will buy it right away. And please, keep it up."

When you cross a firm handshake with Lion and Gassili, you pay instantly with a bundle of bills (cash) removed from the safe…!

"What...? Uncle...?

While Primla was making her eyes black and white, the deal was over.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Lyon after Shitha and HQ.

He was grunting and throating in the wind, which began to include signs of spring.

...... Grrrrrrrrrrrr......!

He was wearing a saint monarch mask in front of the Virgin...

Was the tsura behind it still the impotent wild dog with the sticking skin of greed......!

Instead of noticing my disguise, I ate it lightly on the sprinkled bait...!

That silver sword is a sprinkler to fool wild dogs......!

Even so, it's real, so it's a big loss this way...

As Oyaji taught me, to gain temporary trust, I can't help it......!

Wild dogs aren't poisoned by feed, they're always on guard......!

But feeding from trusted humans can be eaten inadvertently...!

I'm going to feed you now...!

And... decadent, lead the wild dogs...!

I don't think they've ever seen it before...

So, it's J End......!

At the end of the day, I'm in...!

The wild dogs blew awa and wandered around......

Scratching each other, dying in agony, fierce poison......!

And it's only then that the wild dog's borough shack, the filthy shop, will be completely crushed...!

And that's when I became deputy director of this country...!

To the right arm of a jerk, you can be...!

Now it's time, now it's time...!

Get ready to do it!!


Genocide Fang has formed an army of Kramers to devastate Slumdog Mart.

Decided on a massive electric shock operation.

But that was in return by Goldwolf's thrown final weapon.

The price is enormous, and gorgeous smarts are made scorched earth alike by the hands of the mob.

Only he, the commander, tried to escape, but the suspicion of being the mastermind of the claims operation was reported by the newspaper and is now in a state of nomination arrangements.

... but he didn't just hide himself like a wreck.

He disguised himself and embarked on a single enemy land, striking a further ban to assassinate the enemy general.

Disguised as an antique dealer who lost his business partner under the pseudonym Lyon, he brings an antiques deal to Goldwolf.

And sell the right swords, armor, etc. at a great price.

Those, of course, are all real things.

Of course you can make a big deal out of it if you put it on the market, and those stunning gear will further enhance the look of the store.

And Slumdog Mart is not only an adventurer......

It will be upgraded (ranked up) from artists and collectors to famous stores at a glance...!

By then, Goldwolf would have already trusted Rion and worshipped him like a god of bliss.

So...... take the biggest deal.

Mythical Holy Sword......!

Bring in the Godsmile Blade 11!

Smile is normal for 0 $(ender), but this smile is not.

Anyway, of the 108 swords that Godsmile, the god-class brave man, used to crusade the Demon King, the sword supposedly used for the eleventh time, its price, what...

... 110 billion yuan (ender) Huh...!!

This delicacy is rarely seen in one of the world's leading art museums.

It would be a hell of a deal if a chain store handled it.


Only this one at the end is the bright red varnish thing......!


This is what Genocide Fang is trying to set up, the final weapon for the annihilation of wild dogs (Liesal Weapon) ……!

Only this sword uses a Gorgeous Smart appraiser to issue false appraisals.

The sword is a fake thing, but the appraisal is a real thing.

But now that it's all been a real thing, Goldwolf will jump without a doubt.

I didn't even know it was poisoned......!

Wild dog, not at all......!

And... I put this up for sale but at the end of the day.

If you accuse the public of being a bright red and red maggy thing......

Wild Dog, Dj End......!

It cannot be tolerated, such as a supermassive fraud of as much as 110 billion yuan (ender).

Even more serious, selling Godsmile's sacred sword niceties is also tantamount to blasphemy against God.

I turned everything in this world to my enemies as well...!

A beating from the braves and nobles of the upper class......!

I get a thrust from the common people who are the general class...!

Wild dogs, bumpy......!

Waterborne corpse that is trotted like a borough rag and floats in a river full of sewage.

Just imagine that miserable look, Genocide fans, the setup, couldn't stop laughing.

"Saaah...! I was invited by the smell of honey, no dog......! Crawl, rinse the sweet juice, move on, move on, move on...! And when I realized and looked up, it was too late...! That will be the first of hell for Temei...! Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Gwwwwwwwwwww!!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

After conceding the first silver sword to Goldwolf, a few days later.

Genocide Fang was checking the newspaper to see if it was time to be put up for sale in the store.

Slumdog Mart became the number one store in this Torqualm.

Because if such a store handled an antique sword, it was definitely news.

But...... then no matter how many days I waited, I never got the paper busy.

The suspicious Genocide Fang again disguises itself as a Lion and visits the Torqualm headquarters with Goldwolf.


"Mr. Lion, there you are. What, is this your silver sword? That was so brilliant that I didn't put it in the store and added it to my personal collection"

That Osama, he said he should.

"To tell you the truth, I'm also an antique collector."

And I cummed out an unexpected hobby...!