Lion was about to quickly turn into a genocide.

Hold on to the feeling that it's going to explode and scream inside.

- Whoa!?

I'm not making it my thing. Shh, gorghhhhhh!

Sell it! Put it up for sale, gorghhhhh!!

So, that's what we're talking about!!

I just gave it a little reputation that way and dropped it all at once......!!

I saved it without eating poison bait for it, it doesn't mean anything, golllllllllllllll!!

I forgot my tongue. I'm such an idiot, and I'm an antique collector!!

Collect even trashy bones, not antiques, Golllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!

But such abusive murmurs don't even go out on the yawn, only lion with a good smile on people's faces.

"Really? It was worth recommending, even for me, that the Slumdog Mart owners could collect it. So for the store, would you like another bottle?

Recommend further silver swords, brought out of Gorgeous Smart's antique warehouse.

Of course, this is also a genuine real thing.

But it's the same type as the one I sold earlier, so I shouldn't be able to add it to my collection anymore...

And he was treading.

Did he already believe that Osama gave Locke a bunch of pong and bills without even checking his appraisal?

"Thank you for this. Actually, I was just wondering if I should put it in the store. But this way, if you get another bottle, you can make each one for collection and sale. Mr. Lyon, you're a really good man."

"No. Even for me, I was just looking for an antique buyer. If you can buy this generously, I'll have as many as you want."

"Really? So, can I have another of the same swords? Ancient Hurlbury knights, he said, were duplicitous. I think if you let the armor reproduce the time hold it in a two-blade set, it would be a display."

"I see, that's interesting. Then let's go back now and bring another silver sword of the same."

... In the end, I sold two silver swords that day. at a much lower price than the purchase price.

Genocide Fang, back in his face, did another newspaper check from the next day......

But yet, they don't sell (no-future) ……!

Antiquities merchant Lion......!

Three times (every time), go to the wild dogs......!

And you will know the facts of the shock.

"Mr. Lion, there you are. Is that the silver sword before this? It was great there too, so I made it my collection, one for preservation and the other for preaching"

Osama no way, buy geeks......!?

… the merchant cannot decide on the use of the goods he has sold.

Even if he loved it like my child, he was free to use it.

Even if the sword I sold wanted the monster slashed down with Bassa Bassa was decorated between the floors......

On the contrary, a great axe that has fulfilled a dragon crusade, to be decorated in a museum, can be used to break firewood….

Merchants have no right to say it anyway.

Silver sword of provenance, used by the Knights of the ancient Hurlbury small country......

I let go of three bottles of that for cheap, Lion dressed as a genocide fang, and of course I wasn't going to put things on.

But that's in the case of 'in the hands of the customer'......

No way, I never dreamed that the owner of the store I sold would be a serious antique weapon geek and get into things that would make a lot of money if I sold them...!

"Hey, Mr. Lion's silver sword you brought me is really great. I didn't mean to waste it selling it."

and Osama the Hokhok face.

Lion is uninhabited, too gushy......! and was biting his back teeth off.

- This...! Fuck you, you wild dog!

Wild dogs suck, silver swords don't give a shit!

What suits Temei is a fucking hole medal!

Let's do the first medal to remember, directly from my ass to Temei's neck, gorgaah!!

No, I'd rather... stuffed him in Temei's mouth with geese!

That way... I should have to release any of them even if I don't like them...!

That's when the end of Temei begins, golllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!

"... well, the owners will love it and the silver swords will be happy. And I also brought you a secret dish today. This is Windforest Fire Mountain, a wooden knife used by the legendary swordsman Six Handlets Thirty Four as a child."

"Ooh......!? That's the wooden knife that the swordsman used...!?

"Yes, and this time I'll give you a special first edition of Lord of the Five Rings, which he allegedly wrote over his lifetime."

"What!? Until the first edition of that famous swordsmanship guide......!? With that, 'Slumdog School' will also have a foil on it and more children will visit to learn the sword! Please! I'll give you as much money as I can!

"'Windforest Fire Mountain' is a wooden sword that is supposedly particularly prolific, but of course this has been appraised. If you look at this appraisal..."

"No, I already believe in Mr. Lion, so that heck is fine! Sell faster and faster than that!

Goldwolf taking out a bunch of bills in a way he can't wait.

Lion's remorse was also much soothed by reactions like that of an addicted patient.

- Grrrrrrrrrr......!

After all, he's an idiot dog...!

I just sold him three silver swords and he totally misses me...!

I can't believe I don't have an appraisal or confirmation anymore...!

Well, he's a sprinkler, so he's real...!

Ok, at this rate......!

At this rate, let him buy it...!

Just drag him into Ant Hell!