Goldwolf, owner of 'Slumdog Mart's'.

He got his hands on the store money.

The reason for this is that I bought too many antique weapons.

While I don't think I should, he said the collector's heart was tickled by the weapon that Lion would bring to me, and he couldn't stand it.

But 'Slumdog Mart' says a big payment is waiting for him in the near future, and if he can't pay it, he'll be out of bounds.

In that case, the store is at the end of a roll......!

"... then why don't we sell the antique weapons we have here at Slumdog Mart"

In the middle of the conversation, Genocide Fang tried to subtly direct him to his morsels.


"No......! Never, I don't want to break up......! I've already been fascinated by the weapons here......! I can no longer say part of my body......! Even if I let go of one of these, it's hard enough for me to get my bones out......!

Osama spread his hands and shouted like a stage actor.

But you're getting slapped in the throat, your voice is ragged.

Besides, he was getting hit in the lungs, and he was pulling hard after it was over.

"Ho ho ho! Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Ho ho! Of course, I did the golden measure...... that's what spares me while I sleep...... But I couldn't... My body and mind are cornered because of this seemingly...... HAKU!

Genocide fangs couldn't stop distorting their mouths as they ripped.

- GOOF! GOOF! This is a masterpiece!

That's karma, like the old story!

That's what's gonna happen, I guess, because the wild dog flair makes it look good!

Then crawl to the ground and let me do you a favor in an obedience pose. Ya, gorghhh!!

It feels good, of course I won't lend it to you!

This is exactly what I'm going to do... Wild dogs!

Keep walking out and crush the store!

And with my favorite antique weapon, make it hungry!

No, die already! Let the process slip away and die now!


... but wait...

No matter how dumb this wild dog was to starve to death after his own tail......

I don't think I'd trade my hobbies and crush the store......

Now that the Wild Dog (Koitz) store is in excellent condition, the lack of funds is only temporary......

I wouldn't do that with my mouth, but if I had to, I could put an antique weapon in collateral and get through it...

If so, should I take them as collateral instead of lending them money and collect these weapons...?

Plamai is zero, but it's about to get huge. I can get the damage back to normal...

"... I see Mr. Goldwolf's 'Please'. So you want me to use the weapons we have here as collateral to defuse the money, right?

Genocide Fang tried to agree with him with such a calculus, but Osama has unexpectedly shook his neck straight back to the side.

"No, hon.! Then I apologize for whatever it takes, so I'd like you to use the paintings that are over there as collateral. Damn!"

Osama's blue-white face and hands indicated ahead was the gallery behind the room.

"... that painting belongs not to my collection, but to Mother Reincarnation, the lord of this mansion. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

"What, Mother's!?

Genocide fangs who raise their voices like they've been poked in the void.

I accidentally got a vegan voice.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa...!?

This dying, zombie dog bastard...!

Are you trying to collateralize someone else's...!?

Because I don't want to let go of my collection......!?

Besides, the property of the Grand Virgin......!?

Koitsu......! You're a dead dump dog...!

Damn it, dude!

But... hey, that's getting interesting...!

His heart (heart) begins to roar like the king of a hundred beasts who found a herd of deer.

But he put his hand on his chest so that he could push it in, and disguised himself as a worried voice.

"... but are you okay with doing that? Does Mother Reincarnation know about this?

"Oh ho! Oh, hey! No. Secure it in confidence. After the payment, big money will be in soon...... hehe! So I'm going to buy it back in the short term. I'm in charge of managing this room and Mother seldom goes in. So... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! … you won't find out"

"I see, is that what happened"

Genocide fangs carefully observe Osama sniffing with tired faces.

At the same time I was convinced of the explanation, I had in mind an idea.

- You bastard...!

What a dog to let someone else wipe Temei's ass...!

But if that's the case... I'd rather lend him the other way around, funny stuff like that...!


For example, if I drown with the painting of the Grand Virgin as collateral...?

That would already be a big deal......!

It's like the cold gets worse to pneumonia...!

Here, I see Osama breathing painfully with Hihihi.

But I felt uncomfortable there.

- No, wait...! Wait a minute.........!

This Osama... why did you catch a cold?!?

WHY... WHY is the Virgin by my side...!?

Why hasn't it been cured?

Lincolnation, which appeared in the city of Hornmack, had sparingly given the rats the prayers of 'healing' and 'cleansing'......!

The Grand Virgin (he) prayed for a strange rat, but why not pray for a familiar wild dog cold......!?

... Basically all the Virgin's 'prayers' are given only to the brave and their companions.

When an ordinary person is injured or ill, he or she pays a healing magician (healer) to perform healing magic, or he or she takes care of the doctor for days.

In this world, the kind of Virgin who occupies a large proportion......

That's the one commonly referred to as the 'Occupational Virgin', but even if someone was dying in front of them, they wouldn't do anything if it was a poor person.

That's enough to make a sorry face and put in words of encouragement.

But the girls of the Holly Doll family, the biological Virgin, are different.

Just as Primla helped the homeless alike Goldwolf, she won't leave anyone in need alone.

As part of her daily sacramental service, Mother gives' healing 'for the seriously ill but underprivileged who cannot afford treatment.

Nonetheless, the Holy Dolls are too special.

It is also natural for genocide fangs to catch on.

Why is this Osama still having a cold when he's by those 'special' girls...?

Whether you had it cured first or not, it shouldn't be weird...?

I don't know how much I think about that reason.

However, when I almost replied dangerously, I put self-control (braking) on him just before.

- Wait, wait...! Don't panic!

Until this discomfort disappears, it is quick to reply......!

You said that too, didn't you...!

The guy who knocks on the stone bridge and crosses, is a third-rate......!

It was only by blowing up the stone bridge and stepping across the water dead bodies floating in the river that he said it was top notch...!

Before I lend my money, I need to figure out how much that painting is worth......!

Genocide fangs tightened loose cheeks and returned to Lion.

I declare to Osama, who looked like he was awaiting judgment, with a Buddhist face.

"Okay. So, would you mind if I showed you the painting nearby because I would like to consider the loan positively?

"Oh......! Oh, hey! Thank you, of course! Go ahead, take a look!

Osama goes to the back of the room first.

That it was a call from the abyss... that Lion hadn't noticed yet.