Just like splitting the half, the back of the gallery had become a painting exhibition space.

All paintings hung at equal intervals on walls and columns seem to be the same writer, all so called abstract paintings.

Genocide fangs stepped into a space of unintelligible meaning, turning from weapons that are easy to understand in purpose and value.

He had only a top gorgeous smart in Torqualm territory and was familiar with the equipment, but it was refreshing to be a work of art.

It was a completely different space, exactly as if to divide light and darkness, but I couldn't possibly be enlightened about it.

Because in the business world, 'people you don't know' is a great duck.

So to speak, 'The Naked King'......!

When they find out, at the end of the day, they pluck in the value of not having one, and they add that it's stupid not to know that again, and they do it like good.

He's been taught that by his father, and he's been ducking 'people he doesn't know'.

Genocide fangs were often facetious, bringing their faces closer to each painting.

- Shit! I just saw it by your side, and I totally don't know!

What is this, a paint trial drawing?!?

You just painted it so properly, you can even draw it on my left foot, gorgaah!!

Toxic in my mind, but I can swim my eyes in every corner pretending to set the rules.

I was diligently searching for information to help me determine my value.

Then I realize something unexpected.

- The framed wood with this graffiti in it is' Platinum Maple 'isn't it...!

Even the finest weapons are only used for a fraction of them, it's rare wood......!

Assuming this whole frame is...... pretty much worth it...!?

What contained the painting was a wood-carved frame with elaborate decorations.

Beautiful wood flowing like a maiden's hair and creamy white like a maiden's skin.

As he sees it, it was' Platinum Maple ', the finest wood.

Nevertheless, in the deepest part of the gallery, large paintings adorned with dons like Las Bosses, framed with gold leaves......!

The value of the painting was refreshing, but I said, "Oh......!," said Genocide Fang, who leaks his amazing voice.

"Ha... Damn!... That's Mr. Lion. Do you understand how much this painting is worth... Knock it off! Kushun!"

Osama, who is guiding us, is also happily carrying out a series of kushami.

"Yeah, it was also surprising to see all the great writer's delicacies so far, but I didn't know there was even a phantom masterpiece, Ntayurigo...!

Getting in tune, lion thing genocide fang.

I knew the name of the painting because I was stealing a small plate under the painting.

- What the hell is this?!?

Picture of a broken face monster!?

I refuse to draw on my left foot!

Didn't you mix and drink the paint and flick it out of your ass!?

And what, I don't know what that means. Title!?

Didn't the guy who yanked you leave it around the Lu Dynasty?!?

If you're about to write a title, write the name of that junkie. Yikes!

At least if you know the name, you know the value of the painting!

I mean, you fucking wild dog......! Just bark the author's name!

What do you want with me? Damn it...!

Hurry up, or I'm gonna gut your face in this painting, Gorgaah!!

I don't know if that thought finally made sense.

"Kushi! Khushun! How about that? This is my mother's collection here...... shock! It is, Heink...... Shon! painting, twenty points shocked as collateral! Could you please accommodate me? Shit, shit, shit!

Osama finally uttered the name of the waiter.

Can't you stop kushami, folding your body over and over like a water-drinking bird?

Osama is pitiful, a dying bird......

The sight of Lyon becomes sharp as if he had returned to the king of the hundred beasts.

- "Hein Hatter"......!?

I know, you're a super famous abstract painter...!

When I was a poor writer, there were pencil drawings I drew for rent......

It was in the paper that they won the auction for $100 million (ender)...!

What we have here is not a dicky pencil painting, but an oil painting......!

If that was a serious one point thing, it would be an immeasurable price...!

Then Osama rushed to fix it, mistaking his attention as a gaze of suspicion.

"Oh, you can't believe there are twenty pieces of that famous painter. But all this is real. There's also an appraisal."

That's what Goldwolf said, approaching the wall next to the painting.

Pressing everywhere, part of the marble slides and the vault appears.

He was teasing down and opening a number of dials and taking out a piece of paper.

As the document passes in front of the painting, the wax mark (tarp) being pressed glows dull.

Evidence to show that it is an appraisal issued for a painting in front of you.

Now it was shown that the painting and appraisal were pairs.

But where they made such a 'real appeal', Genocide Fang's suspicions don't clear up.

Because if an appraiser even cares about it, he can issue a false appraisal.

Of course, there is hardly anyone who intends to do it.

If it turns out that you deliberately issued a false appraisal, the appraiser will be disqualified.

Even if it was unintentional and a misappraisal......

Your position as an appraiser will drop dramatically.

No one does it where the money is piled, because the rank dropped by misappraisal is hard to rise.

... shake the big father-in-law name of crushing a rival store...!

Unless it's also pressure from tyrannical braves, like threatening to push you to your family if you say no......!

Genocide fangs were putting themselves up on the shelves and stretching their nets of suspicion.

- This filthy wild dog would have done anything to make money...!

I sold him an antique weapon for a cheap price. As much as I cheat my benefactor and pull money before breakfast......!

He's as fine as asking his fellow wild dog appraiser to issue a false appraisal as he is to exhale...!

But as soon as Osama handed me the appraisal, the net was lightly breached.

- Ko, is this...!?

This was issued by the "Halbury Small Country Appraisal House," Appraisal Certificate......!?

... There are two types of appraisals.

issued by the person who passed the national examination and became an appraiser.

And the other was issued by appraisers belonging to the "Appraisal House" in various countries.

"Appraisal House" is one of the organizations belonging to the Kingdom.

It is the same as the "Guard Bureau" and the "Gendarmerie Bureau", but the "Hospital" is regarded as superior to the "Bureau".

The appraisal issued there can be described as almost zero misappraisal.

And there can never be a false appraisal.

Because they have appraised works of art, etc. to be delivered to royal castles and so on, so to speak, this involves the selling of national vouchers.

For example, let's say you bought a painting to decorate the waiting room at the castle's sight.

It's natural that it's real, because if you know that you decorated a fake, etc., it becomes a good laugh.

In that case, appraisers will be sentenced to a maximum sentence, so they will be appraised for their lives, even though they are people in positions.

Conversely, they don't issue appraisals for anything slightly suspicious.

Therefore… the mere fact that 'an appraisal certificate was issued by the Kingdom Appraisal House' makes the appraisal subject considered authentic.

'Kingdom Appraisal House' with so much absolute trust, but there was another reason why what they appraised was considered 'authentic'.

If it turns out that the appraisal is' fake ', the appraiser will be executed......

The Kingdom will give its total strength to carry out the task of making the appraised subject 'real'.


If there is a 'real' elsewhere, bury it in the dark in secret......!

What they deem to be fake is forcefully made real...!

Therefore, those that have an appraisal issued by the Kingdom Appraisal House are traded with confidence.

Why is it that the rich people who search for works of art are not looking for 'beauty truthfulness' or 'respect for the author'...

Because it's only a 'guarantee of value'......!