Genocide Fang's mind jumped.

Because an appraisal issued by the 'Kingdom Appraisal House' of this Hurlberry small country came out.

Now that he doesn't know anything about painting, he doesn't have to struggle anymore.

Anyway, with this document, even if the paintings in front of you were almost fake, they would be upgraded to the real thing.

- Seriously!?

I didn't know you'd let the Kingdom Appraisal House appraise you......!

You're going to need huge amounts of money or connections to move them...!

No... if I were to be the Grand Virgin of the Holly Dolls, who doesn't even have strangers in her neighborhood... I would do that much...!

Instead, if a normal appraisal came out, maybe I should have suspected the other way around......!

At any rate, now I'm no longer anxious to be grabbed by the niceties......!

Again, this wanker trusts me......!?

Then... there is only one remaining element of anxiety...!

He saw that he wanted to rattle his throat and tried to bump that anxiety out of his mind.

"All the paintings here seem real. If that's the case, there's nothing wrong with it as collateral... Um... Is it really okay with you, Mother Reincarnation, the owner?

Then Osama answered me as I continued to cough dry.

"Kefufufufufufu!... Yes, that's okay. Because the Virgins of this House are obsessed with the store...... These paintings too...... ehmph! I'd be more than happy to help you for the store...... Kohonko hon!

The last question that Genocide Fang had icebreaks into that criticized nuance.

- Right... that's what happened...!

This wasting dog and the Virgin family......

Looks familiar on the surface, but you were actually chilling......!

I hear the Holly Dolls' Virgin is merciful, but that must also be superficial......

We're just selling charm to the brave to increase our own value......

I'm sure if a brave man as good as my jerk speaks up, he'll follow me whew...

For them, it's just a selling act to get a good brave guy to pick it up...

I guess that's why I'm actively helping out with the filthy wild dog shop...!

The Grand Virgin was giving 'healing' and 'cleansing' when the Kramer Corps pushed over......

I thought that was crazy too...!

Doesn't matter what you do to those rats in return...

But that Grand Virgin Sama found out she had a huge reward...

If it makes all that noise, it'll be in tomorrow's paper, and...!

In front of so many people, if you do such a purposeful good deed, the stupid newspaper writes this down...

I used it to make the 'Virgin who treats the underprivileged without separation' appeal...!

If so, give this wild dog a disgusting cough, worm spit running kushami......

I'm also convinced that the Virgins we live with are leaving us alone......!

Pretending to work cute in the store and obsessed with earning points......

I don't know what kind of hippo you're praying to a dog like this, hey!

And that builds up as his depression...

It's this wacko that exploded as a collection sale of the Great Virgin now......!

"The Virgins of this House are obsessed with the shop"......

'I'd be more than happy to help you for the store'......


The best sarcasm of being a wild dog...... and whispering vengeance is wacky!

If you just use it as collateral for that, then Grand Virgin Sama won't notice because it's temporary......

I guess I'm just fucking laughing at you for making such an important collection come to my attention......!

...... Grrrrrr......! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr......!

But here I am... if Lyon lent me money...

If I drown while holding the collateral I kept......

Grrrrrrrr......! I wonder what will happen......!?

I can avoid crossing the store, but the painting hasn't returned, so one day the Grand Virgin will find out......

And if that turns out to be a decisive crack......!

Wild dogs might get minced every store!

How dare they, Mother Reincarnation......!

There are countless brave men after that body...!

If Grand Virgin Sama makes you sad at all, leave the rest alone......

...... wild dog hunting begins......!!

A corpse that is trotted like a borough rag and dragged around the city by the horses of the brave men.

I imagined that pathetic end, and Genocide Fang stumbled out.

"... bufo! Guffoo! Buffoo! Gehonggehonggehong!"

Hurry and cough and deceive.

Osama was peeling the same way, so he didn't notice.

"Wow, I get it, Mr. Goldwolf! Bufo! Yes, let me lend you as much as I can! Guffoo! Boffoo! Gufo!"

Then instantly, blood returned to the face of the wild dog.

It's cash, and the cold seems to have blown somewhere.

"Ah...... thank you! Mr. Lion! I can't believe you not only gave me a great antique, you even gave me a loan...! You are...... you are a really good person!

Goldwolf grips both hands of Lion with a gasp.

But its joyous voice suddenly becomes toothless, as if it had found an oasis of the desert.

"But, um... It's very hard to say, but the amount you want me to finance is very expensive..."

"... Buffoo! Phew...! Well, how much is that?

"Five billion yen (ender)... What..."

Genocide fangs felt the laughter, which was desperate to reveal, squeezed once in a while.

- Five billion yen (ender)!?

What a silly amount!?

I see! Some of those wackos used the painting of the Grand Virgin as collateral!

The antique weapons we have here are not enough, but a Heinhatter painting would be worth five billion...!

But that's why you're crazy to borrow that amount of money!

Didn't he replace the contents of his brain and intestine?

When he confessed, he felt better, and Osama began to talk.

It is one of the bad characteristics of tachi, commonly found in debtors.

"Why do you need that kind of money, Slumdog Mart is going into Halberry next time, the king's capital?"

Osama finally began to confess his opening strategy to Genocide Fang as well.

What an outrage that breakdown was to simultaneously open 200 stores at once in order to take share number 1 even in Halbury territory.

And if that's the case, I can also say that there will be five billion payments.

"As you may know, the head of the Halberry Territory Department is Mr. Genocide Lower, the son of that 'legendary salesman', Mr. Genocide Daddy. He has a reputation for being so brilliant that I thought most of the time it would be payback."

My brother is named and my head gets hot as a instant boiler.

"Mr. Genocide Knuckle also gave me quite a struggle, who was the head of the department on the Lutanvesta territory, so when I became that brother... Oh, but on the other hand, Mr. Genocide Fang on Torqualm territory was an easy win. Anyway, he was just a little misinformed, and he ran away crying. The future of that family can be described as supported by the eldest and third sons."

He did listen.

...... Pussyyyyyyyy!!!!

Like a pudding, the sound of an emotional axis breaking a bee.

"Wow... wow, I get it. Ooh, five billion, let's get it ready. Yes... I can't right now, but if you'll just wait a few days"

There was no longer any reason left for him to ask Osama's expression.

"What, is that true!? Thanks! In the meantime, then, I'll take the picture and the appraisal more off my forehead and put it together. Oh, the frame I'm giving you will be something else, okay? Because I intend to put artifacts in the frames here and leave them decorated."

The forehead was also valuable, but it is a range of errors compared to these famous paintings.

But I didn't care about that anymore.

"Wow, I get it. Then I'll get ready for the money."

"Yes, please. If the repayment is delayed even for a day, you can cover it with a collateral painting. Of course not, I'll pay you back the money properly"

"Ha, ha, ha, ha. No. As far as I'm concerned, if you can get these paintings, you're more than welcome. Don't worry, you're late. Ha, ha, ha, ha."

and so on, and the negotiations were over while I floated blue muscles on my forehead (hives) and leaked a dry laugh.

And it wasn't long after that.

Genocide fans collect gold from the gorgeous smarts of Torqualm territory and borrow money from banks.

He even got his hands on forbidden gold and managed to align his ears with $5 billion (ender).

Then he meets closely with Osama again at the Holly Doll family and exchanges borrowings.

... Big Deal of the Century (Big Deal), (...) CONTRACT (CONTRACT) Huh...!

Finally... it's all over.