Once upon a time in the city of Hornmack, a massive claims war.

The Genocide Fang, who had lost and broken the battle, is brought down by the Skeleton of the Clouds.

The Kramer Corps, which flipped the anti-flag because of it, and the residents of the city made it a mess, but on the verge of being stripped of the lion mask, it was somehow rescued by the 'Skeleton of Clouds (Murray)'.

The pattern is then transported straight to the "Gorgeous Smart Hallberry Territorial Headquarters" and released at the entrance.

Where he was falling as hard as he could, he was discovered by his brother, Genocide Lower, and will be safely and transported to the infirmary.

… This series of tricks was an Osama warning to the Killer (Genocide) family.

In addition, it was one of the manipulations for the new punishment.

If at this stage, even if the identity of the second son comes to light, the damage (damage) suffered by Gorgeous Smart is limited….

No, I'm sure for the lions it would be painful enough for one flock to devastate, but the wolves weren't satisfied with that.

Complete, complete......

Once ruled by the three men, as they burned all the stores on the territory of Lutanvesta......

He was after an irreversible level of K.O. (knockout) equivalent to turning his (or) land into absolute scorched earth...!

So far, you will already understand.

That the antique scam handover from my second son was a ship for Osama to cross.

Besides, when I got on the boat, I got on board, and that it was a full treat, that we even had a pan set on fire.

In the pan, one duck......

The onion named Genocide Fang was soaking like a hot spring, not knowing it was going to boil.

The duck intends to communicate with the human faculty immediately.

And I intend to win.

But for Osama, it was only at the culinary attraction level: fun to watch, tasty to eat...!

... I want you to think about it.

Osama was once a swordsmanship tournament in which the Charles Lot and the others had played, only by the way they walked through their fat muscles.

There's no way he hasn't input the Genocide Fang scum that confronted him on Hornmack.

No matter how deceitful you look, trivial scumbags and tricks really come out......

Conversely, if you can't be that different, you can't deceive the wolf's eyes...!

I know my opponent is a genocide fang, and it's an easy story if the weapon I brought is real, and it's cheap.

Selling stolen goods to impersonate sins or inducement to fraud later refrained from...... any of them.

But in any case, there is no harm if you don't put it in the store.

If it was stolen, I was going to return it to its original owner, and if it was a scam, I was going to be full of sprinklers, disguised as an antique weapons collector, and kept buying it.

And I missed the timing, and now I set it up from Osama.

The inverse scam of illusoring Pine Pack paintings with famous painters and withdrawing tremendous amounts of money from them...!

I had a cold at that time because I was deluded when asked for the author's name.

Recently, not only video recording techniques by "recording balls", but also magical research into audio recording has progressed.

Although some cutting-edge technology, he was wary of the possibility that his brave second son was using it to record interactions.

Communicating "Hein Hatter" and false author names can be evidence of fraud.

So I went out on the operation of deliberately kushami and blur at the author's name and mislead them.

Genocide fangs, not to mention, tie in with famous painters they know.

And the last gateway is the appraisal certificate….

It has a clear and author name written here.

But this was overcome by the fact of shock, that it was issued by the "Kingdom Appraisal House".

The duck was blinded by the brand of the 'Kingdom Appraisal House', distracted by its immense credibility, and did not confirm the author's name with Locke...!

Goldwolf is handing over a properly authentic appraisal, so the fact of the fraud is zero.

They just took it personally wrong.

I paid 5 billion yen (ender) for my toddler painting...

I just sent one strange young man out into the world...!

... I opened the lid and it was all in Osama's hands.

But there was only one thing he had a hard time with.

It's about pretending to have a cold without the sisters in the example finding out.

Because in that Virgin's nest, quacking is tantamount to poking a hive.

They're likely to fly even from the back of the planet if Gol is ill.

Especially the eldest daughter, who turned into a meat futon, was pushed down everywhere and crushed with a giant ice sac.

... mistake the passion of those girls for just a bunch of nagging...

Failure to break through is the biggest defeat of Genocide Fang.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around that time, Genocide Fang was in the safe house, where complete defeat was confirmed.

He didn't even pull out a piece of glass that stung him like a urchin all over his body, and he was raging in the living room.

He was sobbing with blood, sweat and tears on the walls and on the floor.

"Ugh......! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Regret! Regret! Regret! I'm so sorry!"

I was putting my last hope on it and checking out the twenty appraisals I took from Osama, but everything was the name of that toddler girl.

"Wow! What the fuck! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. This! Why are you such a fucking kid...... such a turtle to root for dark kid graffiti...... why do you have an appraisal? Ooh!! I don't think so, I don't think so. Normal...! It's the Kingdom Appraisal House...!? Ugh...... Wow!

Genocide fangs tearing them apart in tears and throwing them into a burning fireplace, like a child with eclampsia.

... Here he also made irrevocable mistakes.

Plus, two in a row.

The first is that in ten years' time these paintings will be worth enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with Heinhatter.

And in twenty years' time, it will have astronomical prices as paintings painted by rare artists in their childhood.

One of the precious pieces of "Ntayurigo" she loved most as a motif and has been drawing throughout her life has been lost here......!

"Wow! Wow! Wow, wow! Whether it's an argument, a bickering, or a deception... this me who never lost from being a kid...! Oh, to such a filthy wild dog...! Gwwwwww! Regret, Regret No!! Painful, painful!! Oy, y'all!! Oyaji, no, no, no!

He was struck by remorse and cried out in his voice, he did not realize.

The second fault is that the oil in the oil painting burns very well.

If the Great Magic King had a tongue...

If, with that tongue, he licked the man who judged...

That must have been such a sight......!


Red and black scorching fever erupts like a mass of hate, scorching the body of a crying deceased.

As for the kelp in the fiery waves, it makes the body twist violently.

"... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?!?"

...... dowwwwwwwwwww!!!

His last lifetime, Death Voice, burst into flames and broke through the windows.