An unusual space, like all walks turned upside down, if you like in chess.

Even if there's no light, it's shiny. In that one, he's there.

My father was mourning that my son had not stayed between them and that he was covered in bandages.

"Oh... my son...! What the hell happened...!? I'm glad I happened to find you, but you almost burned to death...!

My son finally looked like he was moving his jaw. When the sticky lips peel off, the smoke blows out pounding.

"Uncle... Uncle..."

The barely spinned word had no shadow to hear.

Like a young warrior's knife. One scale of voice that was sharp is nowhere.

He was worn out, as if he had fallen on a fallen warrior's wand.

Screaming in the fire caused my skin to burn my throat and lungs.

And his son spelled out his previous whispers in a defiant voice.

That I wore a disguise and took a deal to frame a wild dog for a trap.

It went well, but the clouds changed along the way.

That I tried to sell a fake holy sword and, conversely, that I was brought a deal from a wild dog.

That he was asked to borrow money to overcome the store's management crisis and that the wild dog used the painting of the Grand Virgin as collateral.

And... that I got on with it.

"Right! I hope so! If you run away with the painting as it is, the wild dog shop is over... here we go, my son!

... be this son, it is the thought circuit with this parent.

"Oh, I get it! You wild dog bastard, you just borrowed the money and attacked the painting storage and stole it out!? You said you set the fire to destroy evidence! You son of a...!!

"... Yikes... no... Ugh... Here we go (yes) …"

My son couldn't tell me.

The antique warehouse in Torqualm territory is already Carrappo.

Gorgeous smart must be secured in order to spend another $5 billion (ender).

And... to "Forbidden Gold," that I've got my hands on it...!

"Uh-oh!! That wild dog has been clever since I took care of him! He's a lazy bastard, and he's got all the bad wits working for him! How many times have my 'Legendary Salesman' status been nearly taken hostage too!! I can't forgive you anymore......! This time, you'll never forgive me, Gorgaaaaaaaaa!!

My son can no longer turn back to his father, who shoots at angry hair heaven.

... It has been so since childhood when I thought about it.

Fearing disappointment from his father, failure has always impersonated someone.

Adults such as classmates and teachers… up to the wildcats walking around the corner.

No matter how painful the excuse, only my father believed and blamed me for anything but him.

And at any given time, he drove his opponent to apologize, making him even compensate instead of being grounded.

The boy lost all credibility from around him, but that didn't matter.

If only the father's feelings were right for him, that would have been fine.

"Ooh... ooh... ooh... ooh... ooh... ooh... ooh"

Guilt is already gone.

The survival instincts that have always been taught to be victims were creating natural and false tears.

"Ah, poor my son...! Your carelessness is that I double this... no, I'll give it back to you ten times! There is already a 'secret of rumbling' for that!! About the jewels that got lost in the box of chocolate, he's the one to keep it!! But he needs your help!!

"Ohh... me... of... giggly gu (cooperation)?

"That's right...! If it's true, it's faster than a belly-up cheetah rushing into the toilet, skinning that fucking dog bastard raw, and I just want to sell him off on the black market... Patience now! Pray that parasite bastard jams his mesh down his throat in the morning! He's only gonna do it after he's on his side...! Comparable to an elephant, you're on Decay's side......!!

And revealed, further secrets of Genocide Daddy.

... Nevertheless, the dreaded Never Gives Up spirit.

It is an abundance of terrible malicious variations.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Already the gorgeous smart on the Torqualm territory is carp on the slab.

On the contrary, it was a carp that I didn't even know was made alive, and that gave thought to the ocean.

But Genocide parents and children are in the hands of resurrection.

It's a trial......!

The Kramer Corps and the residents of the city of Hornmack... and even the media and the gendarmerie bureau of the Hurlberry Small States took action to compensate for the damage...!

That it discredited the reputation of Gorgeous Smart with the spreading of an unlikely rhetoric.

If it is even more original, the fact that a proper investigation was not carried out even though it is a case for the Gendarmerie to investigate….

That those elements have cornered genocide fangs.

Finally, the fact that I let myself attempt suicide in the most painful way: to set fire to the villa and burn myself......

That's it, I filed a complaint...!

This is what Genocide Daddy was after.

As we know, he is a good friend of the 'Guard Bureau' minister.

And that minister is in the middle of a birth dispute with the minister of the 'Gendarmerie Bureau'.

If we can win this trial and create a 'gendarmerie bureau' scandal......

The birth of the Minister of the 'Guard Authority' will be unshakeable….

Finally, you can master the "Gendarmerie Bureau" and become the lead minister...!

That's why I was dealing with the 'Gendarmerie Bureau', not the 'Guard Bureau'.

And if this kicks ass and a minister of goodwill comes out, make a big loan, as you wish until the 'Gendarmerie Bureau'.

Where sin is brought down, it is also possible to fabricate the opposite….

Eradicating 'Slumdog Mart' and so on will no longer be made......!

No matter how cunning the wild dogs were, it's the same as not getting to the health center.

If we catch him, even where the Grand Virgin appears as the owner, it is futile.

Where I barked how much across the cage, I just had to hand it over for a reason.

On the contrary, depending on the mood, it is always possible to send them to the gas chamber.

Moreover, it is.

The horrible thing about this operation is that 'now (●) it has nothing to do with wild dogs'......!

I didn't know the trial that sued the Kramers would go around and end up at a huge disadvantage and come down......

Even that Osama must be unpredictable...!

Even if we were increasingly discerning causality, that's it...

Nothing more can be done......!

Because Goldwolf, who is not involved in the trial...

It's because you can't stand in court...

This means that I can't do anything...!

Even if we know it sucks to be won by the plaintiff's side, we can't prevent it if we don't get involved in the trial......!

"... grrrrrrrrrrrrr! This is the ultimate 'secret of rumbling'......!! And this is the end for wild dog bastards......!! It's too late when he realizes and all he has to do is die like he dreams......!! It's called Operation Gas Room!! Golhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Gwahhhhhhhhh!!! Gwahhhhhhhhhh!!!