Finally, Operation Gas Chamber (Dreambox).

This had an intense impact enough to rewrite all one side of the newspaper.

"Dear Genocide Daddy, Follow the city of Hornmack with the Gendarmerie Bureau and claim huge damages!

"Dear Genocide Daddy, Bark! My son was about to be killed by lies!

"Master Genocide Daddy says, I will never tolerate the neglect of the Gendarmerie!

As for the youtuber thumbnail, the father that makes his crooked face collapse even uglier, overflowing the tears the more as if he had become an eyeball marlion.

And behind it is a second son in a mummy lying in bed......

As such, hot and painful things, both headlines and true photographs, were featured as the top news of the day.

Of course, Goldwolf had checked that trend, but he didn't realize it was harmful to him or anything in particular.

Already...... I don't even know he is trapped in a confined space and invited to a relaxed sleep of death......!

Trials in this world differ from country to country in their systems.

This Hallbury small country employs a jury hearing system.

Since I was a kid, I've been like, "I'm gonna be a rumbling king! 'For Genocide Daddy, who was screaming in the face, it is an irresistible system.

This trial was a jury of seven, but that's as good as the seven seas.

Extremely easy (Berry Easy) such as putting them on the crotch knowing nothing......!

It was easy enough for a rumbling king to put a parrot on his shoulder...!

Hereinafter is the defendant's argument.

Good! Genocide fangs have been gentle kids since they were kids!

If I had a throwaway cat, she'd take it out of the box and transfer it to another metal, full box!

And he was a worker too!

I've worked more than anyone since I became a brave man!

But if that's how you hang in there, you're always in the way!

They're with Hyena and they don't hunt their prey from themselves......!

The only thing I can do is snap a lion's hunting leg and blush and steal his prey!

Those hyenas messed with my boys!

The hyenas don't even work for Locke. Fuck you, rebel against my son...!

Finally, I moved the plan to discredit Gorgeous Smart to execution......!

You know what that is!? It's a series of complaints.

At first glance, the hyenas make it look like they're working to discredit Mr. Slumdog Mart...

Actually, I was connected to Mr. Slumdog Mart in the back. Yikes!

'Cause think about it! Tell me what happened on that horn mac!

In conjunction with the Commercial Warfare Period of Holy Day (Holy Day), and Shanta...

Technically, it's a deer, but I can't believe you saw that Mother Reincarnation and sedated things...

By chance, it would be too much!?

That's right! From the very beginning, it was a setup!

In Hornmack's case, the guy in the lion's mask is the mastermind, which means Soyts is his son...

That's a detch, too! A guy of the same stature was wearing a mask and impersonating him!

I guess that lion mask was in Lynch with a horse down on the way!?

He was dying from a major injury, but he almost ripped off his mask and let him escape!

Isn't that crazy!? That's crazy!?

How could he get away with that mess!? They were chasing us around the city, weren't they?

Let me tell you why!

Soitz is a niceties prepared by the hyenas, so you couldn't have taken a mask!

After I messed up, the hyenas consigned me and let me go!

If you decide to let them get away with it, they can remain dull in the city......!

And if that emotion goes straight to the 'gorgeous smart' of the city......!

Gorgeous smart bad reviews spreading from Hornmack, the best city in Torqualm, can do a lot of damage to all the stores in the territory!

I still have proof!

My son was with me at the Gorgeous Smart headquarters in Halbury territory during the complaint riots at Hornmack!

The gentle girl moved the wildcat who had strayed into HQ into a fine box at best!

Yet... Yet...!

Not really!?

My son didn't do anything!

Instead of directing complaints...... push over to Mr. Slumdog Mart and get in the way of sales. How evil, I don't even think about it. He's a kid!

All I've been saying to the clerks from day to day is good luck not to beat Mr. Slumdog Mart!

That's all, that's all it was...!

Take it, take it...!

There's a bunch of newspapermen who don't write things down...!

I'm pissed! But my son wasn't mad!

On the contrary, I blamed myself!

"It was my fault"...!

"If I understood how the clerks felt properly, this wouldn't have happened"...!

"If one of me sacrifices, we all subside round... Lost trust can be regained if we start over from Ichi again"...!

My son didn't ask to be on the table to respond to the newspaper interview... but I stopped!

Because... such a gentle son, instead of throwing away cats, tried to sympathize with the hyenas and plead guilty to the sin of not doing so!

My son... the clerks who have been hyenas and bitten...!

I was trying to save you. Sacrifice yourself...!!

That's why I stopped desperately!

I persuaded her to hide herself!

'Cause...' Cause that's crazy!?

I didn't do anything wrong, son. Why should I be brought to justice?

If a child tries to do something wrong, it's the parents' stunt that stops them!

But my son...! Genocide Fang is......! You tried to live more honestly to yourself than I did!

If I have to stop that, how do I feel?

Trying to do the right thing, my son feels stopped by his parents!?

I don't even know that...!

Newspapers write funny freshly about their son who hid himself with the thought of cutting himself off...!

My son...! My son...!

I saw the Maichi newspaper and felt like my heart was ripping open!!

I felt so sorry for my son that I thought there was something I could do!

I asked the Minister of the Guard to talk to him about the truth!

Then you say that a criminal investigation is a 'gendarmerie bureau' job...!

I can give you a case-sensitive report from the Guard Bureau, but it's up to the Gendarmerie to decide whether to actually investigate...!

The Minister of the Guard Authority really moved in person......!

Take it, take it...! The minister of the gendarmerie bureau made me jumpy...!

Hey, tell me!?

Isn't it the job of the Gendarmerie to uncover the truth for the people, protect the right guy, and grab the bad guy!?

I messed everything up, no eyes for the hyenas......

For what sin, gentleness and seriousness alone make the young man in charge......

... you guys are the way to push yourselves to burn yourselves!?!?

My son didn't try to kill himself!!

They almost killed me!!



What... what's wrong with you!?

What the hell did my sweet son do when he worked so hard!?

Listen, Your Honor......!!

And the jurors............!!

No, I don't care about the trial anymore!! Beat this to the world!!

Instead of my son who got his throat burned......!! I'll keep suing you till you die!!

Just like my son, even if his voice crumbles and he can't speak again......!!

Like my son, I don't care if this body gets burned because of the guys at the gendarmerie bureau......!!

I'm like a beast, I'm gonna keep screaming for the truth. Ahhhh!!!


Genocide Daddy's eloquence is that of Kim......

No, it was Vajra (diamond)...!

Joy, sorrow and gesture. Run around the courtroom like stage theatre......

With novel and sensational rhetoric, gather your ears and eyes......!

With a narrative that makes you imagine a cruel and shocking scene and leaves a sad aftertaste......

I complain about my suffering as a victim...!

Moreover, a bed is brought in next to the testimony stand, on which the genocide fangs lay painfully like victims......

Sometimes he enters like a companion, his son's sorrowful crouching voice invites even more sympathy......

The seven jurors were then all killed and made emotional by their parents and children...!

They are in the defendant's seat, throwing a critical glance at a person in the ill-advised gendarmerie bureau......

On the contrary, at last, the beginning and end of the cry I get......!

Not so long ago the reply in court proceeded in the unilateral favour of the plaintiff.

This would not have happened if Genocide Fang had been healthy.

Had he stood on the arrow side of the heckle, he would have been more like a needle in no time.

But the mummy condition was precisely the merit of the injury.

Because even if I asked him, it was obvious he wasn't in a decent state to answer.

There's nothing unnatural about Daddy blocking it all.

I was able to turn my opponent's killer pass to the 'Rumor King', not the 'Scoring King'...!

Even if the other lawyer tries to force Fang to answer,

"Wait, Gorga! What a decent human being to force a son in this condition to answer!? If you were a parent of a person, you would know as much as how a weak child feels!? Oh, I get it! Bullying sick kids and scaring money from their parents is your way......! I guess that's what you guys believe in 'Justice'!! The jurors would have seen it too!? This is the gendarmerie station!! If you have a child, hide them somewhere safe when this trial is over!! Otherwise you'll be like my son!! Gorgaaa!!"

and the beginning and end of being used to earn points.

The courtroom was no longer completely controlled by the Genocide Family, the family that killed them all, until the air.

Unilateral trials are only at the end of the day, and it is as if the presiding judge will also conduct ex post facto processing.

I open my mouth like I'm out of my mind, just saying that's it.

"It's no longer like the verdict has been decided...... Finally, they have objections from one of the defendants, the Gendarmerie Bureau. Er, of the Gendarmerie Bureau's" Section Against Demon King Believers (Sanitast) "... I don't know why there is a" Section Against Demon King Believers (Sanitast) "here... but please disagree with me one last time"