The gaze during the courtroom is poured into the defendant's seat.

The man there was leaning against the back of the chair so that he could bring, throwing his legs forward.

Wearing a good hat as deep as daylight, a shechemok bent like a lightning bolt in his mouth.

Arms are put together to deepen the wrinkles in the black suit and legs are open to the large strands to extend the wrinkles.

A man of black colour, like a yaked liquor in a funeral seat and drunk on a bench......

Besides, the judge says you're calling your name, but instead of standing up, "Cancer," a snoring reaction no matter what you hear.

A big man sitting next to him rushes and pokes him in the side.

"... but Superior Gunhound! Superior Gunhound! Oh, wake up! It's our turn to argue.

"Nha... I don't know... Can you follow such a farce... You, take your place..."

Instead of sleeping in court, the beginning and the end of the day begins even with statements insulting the trial.

The gendarmerie and the defendants behaved in a deliberate manner.

Genocide Daddy rides all the way here.

"Whoa! Did you guys hear that now?!? This sacred courtroom is a farce! After all, they must be a bunch of rotten Udo trees at the root of their hearts! No more treatment! I knew I should fire you from the minister and burn down every woodland in Udo!!

The big man, who would be a drunk man's subordinate, rose bright blue.

Does he still have liquor, too, or does he look like a weird cocktail mixed with red cheeks?

"I'm sorry, Your Honor! Shit, on the gunhound...... No, no! Agent Gunhound, along with himself, was investigating occasional insomnia breaks this morning......! Oh, you seem tired! Or, hey, instead, myself, Sauccan, haha, I want to argue with you and let you, that's what I mean......!

The smell of alcohol grew and the old judge's face deepened even further.

"... uhm... I don't mind. Now, Agent Sauccan, let's begin to argue."

"Ha, ha! With all due consideration, I am most honored to know, Your Honor! So, Wonder Sauce Kan, let's get started!

Are you unfamiliar with presenting in a public place like this, Saucony, where your big body is as cocky as a fridge?

"… first, look at this, it is!

With a pull trembling hand, it was removed from a worn envelope by a single true photograph (shudder).

It rested the place, as if it were an imprint offered by a traveling hidden old man.

...... bahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I let everyone I saw run such a shock that such a sound effect would suit me, it......

Bloody and falling, it was Genocide Fang's true photo...!

"Damn, this was obtained in a proprietary investigation by the Gendarmerie...! It shows Genocide Fang, who is falling in front of Halbury headquarters in Gorgeous Smart!

I didn't think it was a good idea, 'conclusive proof'......!

Whatever came out of it, Daddy was going to curse him instantly... but he forgot it too and let his mouth soften.

On the contrary, where is the bravery that was regarded just now... the voice is also wearing a facial expression.

But he immediately brought up the rationale before him, and began to do so.

"Damn... so what! Are you saying you shouldn't sleep in the street in front of the office!? Your boss there, he's sleeping in the sacred courtroom, isn't he? Gorgaa!!"

"Ugh......!? Oh, that's...! As I said earlier, I was tired of investigating all night…!

Just because they poked me in the pain, a saucy saucy cane to get all sorts of things going.

He said the exchange had just begun, but he was already sweating.

This is one of Genocide Daddy's specialties, "Switching Arguments".

He was trying to defray the pursuit of true photography by blaming his opponent for his unscrupulous attitude.

But what works is an amateur (amateur) in a jury seat or hearing seat….

or even newcomers (rookies) with little trial experience.

"Oh, don't be so crunchy..."


It can't even work for a man who stands up at some point and leans on his men like walls......

I've run with so many demons so far and even chipped my own soul, to that hound......!

"Dear Genocide Daddy, I don't really see Genocide Fang in this photo as resting... Or do Genocide clans even kill each other as skincare before they go to bed? Instead of his face, all over his body to his clothes, his blood sticks...?

"Bloody and shouldn't sleep. Is that a decision?!? Anyone, whenever they get bloody in front of the office and want to sleep. Oh!!

It was a messed up logic, but Daddy rather raised his voice.

He was trying to bounce back a situation that was becoming unfavourable with his voice.

"Oh, I know, I know, all the time. How often I am. [M] I used to nap in front of the gendarmerie bureau, all covered in pig blood... duh. So," Master Genocide Fang slept bloody in front of HQ, "so why don't you?

Genocide Daddy feels a hint of something in his mouth like he takes a tendon.

Once this explores the other person's belly, the argument is further skewed.

"Stay! Before that! I mean, you don't know when it was taken! If that true photo is the basis for my son being a lion mask, the date and time it was taken should be the day there was a complaint riot on Hornmack! Can't you make that clear!?

Then he stopped at the gunhound with a tsukatsuka and yelled at him with a whole swallowing momentum.

"But good!! If you missed the right tip, the diarrhea wouldn't stop. Finally!! Golluuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

Saucony, which was solidifying next door, glances at me unexpectedly, even though it is not a curse directed at me.

It was exactly the drink of the king of the beasts, who would barometric pressure a big man like an elephant.

But...... the hounds, which would be much smaller than them, only pay off by hand, as if they had heard mosquito feathers.

"Oh, you don't have to yell so much... the hara is just empty, all the time. I have good evidence of when it was taken."

"Ahem!? Evidence? You're going to sprinkle stuff like Shomben the Wild Dog anyway, which doesn't even help!? I know how you guys do it!! I guess I'll splurge the lies and let the newspapers take it up again and let the good citizens believe it!! If you ever hurt my son with any more lies, you can fire him with Dek standing next to you and pull around the country!! Golhhhhhhhhhh!!!

If you were a human being, you would have escaped the scene for a long time, a terrible storm of intimidation.

Even Sauccan, who was cursed by the ghost sergeant every day in the military, is totally shaking.

But gunhounds don't break my pace like hounds walking wide through dogs.

Where was the wind blowing, as if the Pomeranians were barking at me?

"Oh that's good. I was just about to take a trip when this case (Yama) cleared up, I guess. Well, shall we just get this over with?... of this photo (shin), pictured in the candle, building at Halbury headquarters in Gorgeous Smart... Look in here, just a little bit, all the time.

Saucony, poked small by the side, shows some of the pictures he had listed.

My thick fingers were shining, little it......

It was an object of a large clock using one side of the wall, in the lobby within the headquarters building.

A luxurious statue imitating Godsmile is as magnificent as a great leader......

Are you telling us the date and time for those who descend…!

Plus, it's the same day as that claim disturbance at Hornmack......!

Hours after the disturbance...!

"Ugh......! Oh, no! If you go inside HQ and mess with the date and clock in the lobby, you can't do anything!

"Oh? That's crazy, all the time. Moving Dear Godsmile's watch is a felony in blasphemy against God. Still grand in the daylight, if there was an undelivered person who would do that, the guard in the lobby would be in the halt and fussing?

"Then the guard must have done it to frame my son!? Don't be afraid to disrespect Master Godsmile!

"That too, you can't, can you? After that complaint disturbance, Master Genocide Fang immediately disappeared... If you're going to frame Master Genocide Fang, you need to disguise him before he disappears... more"

Gunhound objections, like twitching and hunting down the prey of the hand.

That was even blowing Sauccan's fright.

"What the...!?" and Daddy, who is turning to the murderous Gyoro eyes, stares down in reverse.

Yet, like an elephant who does not give in to the lion's intimidation......!

The hound continues, leaving his body with the elephant.

"Because on the day of the complaint disturbance, shortly after this pointing time, the newspaper reporters pushed over to this scene for coverage...... And they're still, always sticking around...... So it's impossible to disguise..."

"Then you wouldn't have done it the day before! After attacking my son in front of HQ and bumping him out, messing with the clock......!

"No. Mr. Genocide Fang, witnessed before the complaint disturbance, was not injured or anything, ever. The day before, the day before that...... on the contrary, even a few years ago"

Gunhound poked the pistol he made with his fingers towards the genocide fang lying on the bed.

"True photography (shin) but deep I can tell it's quite an injury...... If you've been so badly injured, like that, you'll be all bandaged up for a while... Once Brave Sama is in that state, rumors spread quickly and there's no way she won't be featured in the brave section of the paper...... Does that mean that the injury occurred just before the disappearance... on the day of the complaint disturbance...? [incomprehensible]

The hearings, the juries, and even the presiding judge, whoa...! and whisper.

Until then, within the courtroom, he was wrapped up in a sense of fatigue like after the meal was over.

But in that space, which was left only to be cleaned up, I waited, but I was called.

And by the emergence of intense evidence, like a stubborn whore's drink...

The shabudai leaned heavily...!