The courtroom was about to close the curtain with the overthrow of the killer family Genocide Family.

New evidence from the defendant's side, poked at the end of it.

It was a true photo of Genocide Fang, falling in front of Halbury headquarters, the heart of the country's gorgeous smart.

This is in direct conflict with the plaintiff's claim.

Genocide Daddy complained that my son was dressed in the wet clothes of the mastermind of the complaint disturbance, which was the neglect of the Gendarmerie Bureau.

But the existence of this true picture denies both of them.

It is proof that Genocide Fang is the mastermind of the complaint disturbance, the 'Lion Mask'......

Moreover, the gendarmerie bureau of obtaining this is also proof that, instead of laziness, it was conducting a solid investigation......!

The shock becomes a war and causes illness in the courtroom.

And it strikes Genocide Daddy......!

This man... despite the fact that he is a brave man to be respected by all...

So far, we've been telling bold lies... and we've been talking about justice, and we've got a gaze at foreign objects!

It was in Savannah, surrounded by herbivores who had eaten so far, the king of the beasts...!

But with this degree of conclusive evidence, I am not the king of retreating beasts.

If he's fart-like reason, the more gigantic tankers can be built, the more he's been flirting out......!

"Oh... that's proof! Such a true picture, I guess I let my son drink or even pill to sleep and took it when he was unconscious!? You're disguised as bloody or something! Well, there's no way you're gonna stay injured!

Gunhound was fanning patsy with his hands, as if he had been camouflaged in front of him.

"I checked the scene, then there was blood on the ground... all the time. And then we can reconcile that blood with Genocide Fang's blood..."

"Damn, I'm gonna let you do that! You gendarmes want to keep your son so much and drain him to the point of blood!? Instead of looking at my son, you guys have to mummy to the contents. I don't feel like it! There's no blood or tears, so I want someone else's blood for such a scumbag-like purpose! Hey guys, you heard what I just heard!? Keep it in such a terrible light, he and the others are still doing that...!

The air was cold, even as it hustled about the outrage of the gendarmerie bureau.

The lion feels the scornful gaze directed from all directions and begins to sweat like a gamma trapped in a box of mirrors.

"Gu...! Ugh! Mi...... don't let everyone fool you! Oh... yes! Not yet, there's more! Damn, that true picture lacks a decisive mon...! It's a lion's mask! My son in there, he's not wearing a mask!

It was a miserable word, but speaking of which...

And the king of beasts was devoured by his stray.

"Oh, yeah! I don't have a mask! The mask's not in the picture! What do you think? Without that mask, even if the blood stains match, it doesn't make sense! My son walked down the street and got hit by a carriage! Yes, it must be! Got it! That must have been their carriage from the Gendarmerie! They were trying to impersonate their son even more here! Guys! Did you see that!? Hear that!? This is how they do it, golllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!

I totally breathed back, Genocide Daddy......!

Scary, herbivores......!

"Oh, no... I was caught in your carriage... Regret... Regret. Ooh. It's justice. Bad luck, bad luck... Why don't I just walk around on my own legs... and make sure I don't eat too much..."

Just here, Genocide Fang borrows the authority of a tiger.

A whispering cry descends into a quiet courtroom.

But it was, like, a streetrain, only for a moment.

Oh, here it is, then.

New evidence, taken out by Sauccan with a light say......

By "Lion's Mask," lies cry is foggy......!

"" Become... what, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!?!?

The lion falls and Tanuki falls off the bed.

The hound barked softly, as if to inform his companions of the simultaneous attack.

"There's blood sticking on this mask...!? Ever! And it also matches the blood trail on the scene...! Ever! And then, to find the 'owner' of that blood...! The Gendarmerie will have Genocide Fang prosecuted here!... whoa!!

...... zgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

The shock of the shabudai being turned upside down sweeps the teahouse... no, the courtroom.

It was the moment when what he called the 'farce' blew up all at once.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The courtroom from then on was rough.

Since it could no longer be cleaned up, measures were taken to adjourn the court temporarily after a lunch break.

Around that time, time goes by...

'Halbury Small Country Headquarters', a gorgeous smart heart of the Halbury Small Country.

Genocide Daddy, who is now raging in court, is the 'department manager's office' where he usually works.

Located directly beneath it, in the "Aspects Department Manager's Office," there was a meeting, a so-called luncheon meeting, with a slightly late lunch.

Even so, there are only two participants.

A large table, with tablecloths of unbeatable whiteness on the Virgin's robe as well.

Fruit in croissants, sautéed seafood, and colourful salads on a white round plate.

Two men sitting opposite each other.

They are both youth, but carry their dishes to their mouths in good manners with each other.

"Yeah, yummy. That's right. When you become the manager of the department, you eat good food. Your companion is going to moisturize you. Besides, I can't believe you even got a special dane."

The long-haired young man, who was stretching his forehead to cover his right eye, laughed only with his yarny left eye.

Beside the dish he is working on, a number of large true photographs are spread out.

It was a photo of a genocide fang, bloody and falling in front of HQ.

"But come on, are you sure? The mastermind of that one big complaint case... the rumor" Lion Mask "fell apart even your brother Kung... Well, this one's gonna moisturize with this special dane, so it's fine."

The table was only spoken unilaterally by one man.

But here the man across the street lays down his knife and fork, and wipes his mouth with a napkin,

"Phew, I don't mind, Day Crowler. That's the only way I can use it anymore."

I answered that with a sigh.

A neat, seventy-third youth......

Yes, it is Genocide Lower, the best intelligence in the Genocide family.

The long-haired young man, called the Day Crowler, laughed again with only his eyes,

"What, what? What do you mean by that? What do you mean?"

I've been stretching my neck like I'm going in.

Genocide Lower drops his gaze on true photography, along with giving up.

"Phew...... At the trial this morning, almost the same true photograph was presented as evidence by the Gendarmerie."

"What, really? That means..."

"That's right. The day of the complaint disturbance, I was working at headquarters. A big owl came out the window after noon, but I approached the window to get rid of it. Then by chance, I found my brother falling down on the street in front of HQ. I hurried out and took my brother to the infirmary. Before the newspaper stores push over. But before that, as a trump card for a time of need, I took a picture of my falling brother with a recording ball..."

"Does that mean you have something to take a true picture of your falling brother Kung before you find it? And you did that because you brought my brother Kung to HQ... that's what you think, isn't it?

Though hidden now, it glows beyond the forehead like Shinobu, the right eye of the Day Crowler.

Genocide Lower remembered the feeling of being seen through everything, and now exhaled with admiration.

"Phew, you're right. Always a good guess. And Soitz, he's not from the Gendarmerie... he thinks so"

"That's right, because if the thing that took the true picture of my brother Kung was from the Gendarmerie Bureau, you'd be arresting it right into evidence."

"In any case, no matter how brave the man, his brother's guilt will be spared more than a true picture of the evidence has emerged. That's why I got out of the courtroom on the way, and this is how I scooped you."

"You're dry to sell your brother Kung. But I'm going to moisturize, so it's okay. I knew you'd be my best friend. But you haven't done anything for free since you were a kid."

Day Crowler with a cheek wand and suppose to nimmarize to remember the old days.

Genocide Lower is coolly wiping his mouth with napkins, like he has no interest in the past.

"Huh, naturally."

"Shall I guess that too? You just have to find out who the stuff that brought my brother Kung to HQ is, right?

"... half clammy, half hazy. Whoever brought my brother in will eventually show up before me, even if I leave him alone. When Slumdog Mart entered this Halberry territory."

"Slumdog Mart is an adventurer's shop... famous for its Rutan Vesta and Torqualm."

"That's right. I'm going to fight that store. I want you to help me with that."

"Oh, that's the thing. You think that Slumdog Mart thing is the problem. If so..."

Day Crowler mouths like he understands everything, and he specializes in lifting the forehead like whoever he is.

"With this' right eye ', it's easy to win."

Then there... instead of the eyeballs that are supposed to be, the round 'record balls' shine.

Instead of the fine left eye, the 'right eye' opened as if it had reflected everything in the world......!

Once again with no blink of an eye, he smiled like a piecemark of a ship's eye.

"It's a lot dry though."