'Congratulations - sooo!!

The gorgeous voices greeted Goldwolf, who had just left the room.

And you see a bright stunning view in your eyes, as if you've strayed into a blooming flower garden.

Surrounded by girls with winged sleeves, who are also confused with fairies.

Osama was enveloped with a peachy, cute aroma and a marshmallowy feel.

"Congratulations. Nice costume, folks. This is only from the eastern country 'Sibukami' …"

"Oh, well. Gol, you knew. Yes, this is an ethnic costume called 'Shaker (Frisode)'! The goddess of this New Year's Eve is Mertalion, isn't she? So I wanted to make it sivkami style in a well-connected direction, Mom, and it's clear!

Lincolnation, who would have made a shaker for everyone, replied on behalf of everyone.

She wears a peony shaker on the black ground.

Her breasts seem tight in Sibukami ethnic costumes with many slim shapes, and her collar is perfectly clear.

Instead of shoulders and clavicles, nearly half of the moon-like white breasts floating in the hot tub have been exposed.

Only one was totally, oilan-style.

Oylan takes Osama's arm and invites him to Peach Origin.

As if it had come from both of them, the pine pack crawled all the way up by pushing the gap in his chest.

"Ohri, Padan, Mi!

A kimono in a water-coloured fabric with an easy-to-dance design with white tinned flowers.

Osama clasped his hand and held him back, as his long sleeves seemed tangled and unable to climb.

On the other side of Oylan, three girls are pulling Osama's arm like a tug.

"Goldwolf! How about Frisode the Atashi!? It's just for today, so worship more properly!

A fancy kimono Charles Lunlot with sunny blue blossoms.

"eye care."

A lavender, purple colored, calm shade of kimono midnight sugar.

"Dr. Goldwolf! How about that!? I've never worn such beautiful clothes before and I'm happy...!

Brain-weather bright, tampon kimono glasspaleen.

Probably fell and collapsed on many occasions, already a yore yore.

Stepping back from there were three more girls lined up.

Pretty pink kimono primula inspired by understated blooming cherry blossoms.

A kimono mistress with a sense of intimacy and lusciousness, embellished with a moonlit beauty that blooms at night.

Four-leaf clovered, green kimono coolaraka.

"It's very nice, folks"

Goldwolf smiled back politely at each of them.

From behind it, two girls with a slight look on their face.

Just because you find a new doll, Reincarnation gives you a delightful color.

"Oh well! Pull for Luc! I've got your kimonos ready, so let's get dressed with your moms."

In response to the offer, Luc lowering his head correctly at the fold and Pull doing his hand behind his head in disinterest.

"Thank you, Mr. Reincarnation. Luc also wanted to try on something called frisode."

"Pull is better for food."

"Ugh, I have a good meal for you. We all have 'Ossetian cuisine' made with more on our arms. Let's get dressed, come on, and we'll all eat."

"Osseti!? I want to eat. I want to eat! Then I'll get dressed! Let's go!

"If you pull..."

Luke and pull holding hands and disappearing into the reincarnation room.

The Grand Virgin, Angels and Demons......

What an odd combination, but they seem as happy as mothers and children.

Luc was a white lily, by the way, and Pull was a black rose kimono.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

When Goldwolf finished dressing for "Hakama," he had a completely Sibukami-style New Year (Just Moon) vibe.

"Because it's so shivkami-style, I'm going to give you" Old Ball (Otosidama) ".

Osama takes out a small envelope named 'Potip Clot' from his nose.

I knew Reincarnation was sticking out for today, so he was secretly preparing to go along with it.

When I finished handing out to each of them, I just stuck my hand in the contents, from Charles Lunlot.

"Oh, my God."

and the unobtrusive sentiments flew.

"Really? As for pennies, I meant to be excited..."

"You don't need money because you have enough money to rot. More than that, there will be something you can give out besides money. For example, Holla..." Bathing Tickets "or" Sleeping Tickets "..."

The lady reminds herself of what she wanted, wearing a sleigh she's not even interested in.

Did the other women think the same thing, yeah nodding.

"Bathing Tickets" is rightly "Gol and Bathing Tickets".

"Sleeping Ticket" is rightly referred to as "Gol and Sleeping Ticket".

This ticket system, likely to be on a day of reverence, etc., was originally conceived by the Grand Virgin.

It stems from the fact that she had originally issued a promissory note crowned 'Gol and ~'.

But the Grand Virgin exploited her position and indiscriminately billed one after the other.

Finally, I issued vouchers like "Gol calls my mom a mom a ticket" and other pieces of private lust, and I was to be pursued for that position.

But only demand still existed, so Goldwolf himself now manufactures and distributes tickets.

There is also a lot of disguise, so it seems elaborate that even the wax mark (tarp) is pressed to prevent it.

... I want you to imagine.

The way Osama imprinted his own 'bath tickets' and 'accompaniment tickets' with his neck hanging......

And I want them as premium tickets, the way the girls look......

In the end, Osama lost to their treat and was to pay the chase.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Before the party, we all went out to the diocese dedicated to the goddess Mertalion.

In Shibkami, we say 'Hatsumoude', and it is customary to worship the diocese on New Year's Eve (Just Moon).

As many as ten glossy beautiful girls caught their eye in the New Year's round trip, even though they didn't like it.

"Wow, look at that! Holly Dolls, the Virgins!

"Awesome beautiful dress, not my usual robe!

"Are you walking in front of the 'Wow Knights' kids!

"The usual knight (night) dress is fine, but that dress is cute too!

"That's over there, not Mr. Kulalalaka!?

"The usual manly outfit is nice, but so is the dress!"

"Oh, Miss Miss......! The clerk's apron looks good, but so does that mysterious dress......!

"Pull on Luc! Oh, that dress makes us both really like fairies......!

"Nice, I'd like to go on a date with those cute kids for once,"

"You can't even have one of those! Not to mention the ten of us, like Godsmile?

"But you have Osama with them all the time."

"Fool, that's up to the servant! Those cute kids are gonna deal with Osama or something!

And then Charles Lunlot, who was walking in front of Osama, looked back.

"That's right! The" hug ticket "I just got. I'm gonna use it here! Oh, but don't get me wrong! I don't want you to hold me, I'm just tired of walking!

Bishi! "Gol and the Cuddle Voucher" that can be poked at.

But it wasn't just one.

"Same on the right. Exercise Tickets"

"Yeah!? Then it's because of you, so am I...!

"Pantano! Rakuko, Rakuko!

"Ah, then so is Mom! Come on, come on!

"Oh dear! With this ticket, you can have my (My Road) hug!

"You don't have to pretend you're hurt to get my (My Lord) hug...? What a lovely ticket."

"Ahem. Well, then, Mr. Goldwolf, I'd love to, too! Oh my god...... nhhhh"

"Well, of course, if your uncle isn't bothering you, but..."

"Um, yeah, well... how about we all hug Goldwolf!?

"Oh, that's good, Kulalalaka! Let's do that! Everybody's good, too!?


And Osama, who can be lifted with or without.

He became a bee tree on Holy Day, and this New Year (Just Moon) he became a shark swimming in the sea of bees.

And at this point, I haven't noticed...

The fact that all the men on the road are so jealous is just a preface (prologue) yet......!