In this world there are five goddesses worshipped by humans.

"Renalilis", the Lord God and source of power for the Virgins.

Make it a goddess of battle and grandeur, 'Culveries' worshipped by the warriors.

Make it a goddess of creation and luck, 'Tinlumat' worshipped by the Creator Braves.

Make it a goddess of abundance and harmony, the 'mertarion' worshipped by the brave men of the tone.

Turn it into a goddess of guidance and knowledge, 'Lectilk' worshipped by the brave men.

By the way, the Demon King followers (Sanitasts) worship the Demons' Goddess.

The goddesses, like the stem tributaries, have a year when their power is supposedly particularly strong, and this year it is' Mertalion ', the god of commerce.

An irresistible year for 'Slumdog Mart' to come to the mainland showdown.

For your benefit, Goldwolf and the ten beautiful girls were on their way to 'Hatsumoude' to the diocese where the Mertalion was worshipped.

In Sibukami, the eastern country, it is common to go to the cathedral on New Year's Eve (Just Moon), but it is not customary in this small Halbury country.

In the cathedral of the city of Antrea, he had been contacted beforehand that the Grand Virgin was coming to worship, so he had deliberately created a Sibukami-style chapel.

Reincarnation sets an example when you line everyone up in front of a special woodwork.

"Ha, well, folks, I'm not in a row. From now on, my mom will teach me how to come (Omari) in a shivkami style. Let's start by taking the money out of your wallet and put it in the old box, right in front of you."

"Why do I have to pay for this? Is the goddess that poor?

It's time to eat, young lady.

She does not condone the other, not even the Grand Virgin, but God.

To what is so disrespectful, the diocesan lord who was listening next door was in heaven, but Reincarnation smiles back like the Virgin Mary.

"Ugh, I don't think so, but in Sibukami, we do God every favor when we worship. Mertharion is the god of business, so the gratitude is money."

"Hmm. I feel like I'm in some kind of scam, but I can't help it."

Charles Lunlot removes notes from the "Gold Kun Gamaguchi Wallet" after shabu-shabu.

Other members follow suit.

A simultaneous paper blizzard was sucked into a large crate marked 'Money Box'.

Immediately thereafter,

"Hiaah!? Wrong, I put in the 'date voucher' I just got!?!?

A blue-faced glasspaleen snapped into a wooden plaid, as if trapped in a cabin.

"Oh, Glass Palin, I'm so excited."

"I'm sure the goddess will be thrilled."

A female teacher who is stirred up by her godchildren and cries hard.

"Hiaahhhhh!? I don't know!? Going out with Dr. Goldwolf, I was looking forward to it but no!? Wow!

"Well, well, calm down, Dr. Glasparine. I will reissue the voucher later..."

The spot finally subsided when the seemingly Goldwolf woke the teacher up.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The course of worship of the Grand Virgin continues.

"Ha, after you put in the 'money', let's make it right next time, as my mom did."

First of all, two courtesies.

... Bang, bang.

And two applauses.

... Poop, Poop.

"Well, that's it for starters, let's all do it ~"

Then what did you think, the women lifted their breasts and made them bounce about twice.

... Poor, Poor.

He then poses to tighten his sides and accentuate his chest.

... Munyu, Munyu.

Everyone but Goldwolf obviously does it the wrong way because they were blinded by a decameron that was going to stick out of their Reincarnation kimono collar.

But the lecturer, with a grin of 100 points,

"Ha, well done! I'm giving flowers to everyone, Mal. Well!

I didn't mind Melon coming out further, and I made a big mare over my head.

"What? Are you sure?" and Goldwolf.

"Yeah, Gol. I think it's more important that you feel comfortable than the procedure. Mommy thought everyone's feelings were strong, so she's full!

Heavy 'heart' above all else.

It is a loose-looking, girl-like idea that behaves like a child while in the position of the Grand Virgin.

Let's say that her life is also represented in the original words of prayer, such as' Leave me alone if I want to be ', which may also be taken as a blasphemy to God.

Osama nodded back deeply because he understood it well.

"Yes, you're absolutely right. So tell me more"

"Ha, next time, wrinkle and wrinkle, close your eyes... just in your heart, do me a favor ~"

Osama and the girls offer simultaneous, Sibukami-style prayers.

And I snapped in my heart.

'... may Gol call you Mom...'

"Make Goldwolf your Atashi partner, I put in a thousand yuan (ender), so I won't know it won't happen!

"How can you be a good guide?"

"Mr. Goldwolf and I are a little closer... Oh, wow, not me, because that's what my daughter says... If it was Mr. Goldwolf, he'd be perfect for my dad. It's the first time that kid's admitted to a guy, so please... '

"This year, we win all with cards! Win all the dice!

"I can't believe Luke's praying to the goddess, Hahn."

"Pull is the one. But just pretend, it's just in tune with the air on this spot '

'Um... I know very well that it is a generous favor, Lady Goddess Mertharion...... This year, please...... your uncle and your hand will connect, like...'

'... I no longer pray to God. So I don't want protection or every wish. But if, for that matter, you have extra wishes... please fulfill the wishes of all of you here...'

Goldwolf opens his lid and looks to the side.

Then all the girls lined up sloppily and their gaze bumped.

They were watching Osama, too.

"... I hope your wishes come true"

Osama smiled back so.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

After finishing his first period, he returns to the Holly Doll family mansion.

In a large dining room decorated with shivkami specifications, tongue drums were struck by the handmade 'Osseti' of the women.

"Ahhh, Golchan can't. Tyno Occasilla has bones. Don't blur. My mom feeds her. Lose your bones... Yes, ahem."

"O-ri-dan, O-me-gi-yu! Give it to me now, Yu!

"Oh, uncle, is it in your mouth, please... They say this is a food for offspring prosperity when it comes to kazunoko. Uncle, how many more babies... Ah, yes, eh, nothing!

"Hey, Goldwolf! Here, Atashi made it, so if I leave it, I won't know!

"That just cut the camouflage. I tried to create a superior compatibility for an egg roll called Datemaki."

"You're not wrapped around anything like that! How can an egg roll be so peany!? That's not it, Datemaki! It's just a dat, dat!

"Bufo!? This, salty no!? Shh, sorry! Sugar and salt, I made a mistake! Yet, Dr. Goldwolf... you ate at all...! Wow!

"Ahem. Because of that, then, Mr. Goldwolf, also from me...... Yes, uh. Ugh, when you do this, you look like a newlywed."

"I'll tell you what, I won't.... I can't help it, it's just for today. Look, open your mouth."

and so on, and Osama became hungry because the dish was transported to his mouth all the time.

Because of that, I'm late to realize.

More than usual, for the reason that they're coming gooey......

"Wow, Gol, one for you."

"That's carcass. I'll have it."

Reincarnation has offered me a lacquerware conger, but the cup is nowhere to be found.

But what did she think, when she pressed her smelling skin against her, she slackened her throat buddha,

... Dobbabba!

I poured alcohol...!

It's like I'm in the shower, leaving a drop of balls on my soft skin, while gathering in a rip of quantifiable bumps.

"Ha, thank you. Contains Mom's Tits, Chiu Yu with Special Milk Liquor! Fill your mom's taste, Chutsch Chima!... Hiku!

"No way, Mother, drink the carcass..."

But with no questions asked, I approached my face with a puffy, wavy milky white.

Osama was ecstatic...... no he tried to pull his body to escape the cup of madness.

but they just spray hot stuff in their ears and stop them from moving.

That, melty exhale (Merti Brace) is by Miss......!

She was trying to make Osama a soft sandwich...!

"Ha ha... ahhhhhhh... I'm so drunk... Hmph, it's going to matter tonight...... haha"

"Until Miss..."

A sweet voice on his nose tickles Osama's tympanic membrane.

His face had lost its escape and was in an irresistible predicament.

but accidentally gah! and is grabbed and dragged out forcefully.

There's Primla, the goddess of salvation...!

Seriously, when the runoff of the women passes, she always comes in to stop me, and sometimes she puts up with me.

Exactly what can be called a conscience, but things were different now.

His face is red as overheated and his eyes are fixed.

I wondered if that fearless appearance had gotten so close that my forehead and nose tip stuck together.

"Hey Sama! Answer me! Yes! How many babies do you want? I want enough straw to make a soccer team. Hey you are supervised, straw is money......! Hand wash everyone's uniform and make a pile of rice!

Osama was fought off by being unilaterally screwed over by an incompetence he didn't remember.

"No way, even Mr. Primla......!

The place is no longer a mess or a mess......!

"Hey! Mr. Charloonlot! Why are you so splendid?!? Study and swordsmanship are way above straw......! There's nothing more I can teach you!? You know what, right there!?

"Ugh... Ugh! Gu! Sorry, sorry, Dr. Glasparine......! I will be a better child...! So don't be mad...! Dull dull......!

Glass paleen pinching and pulling Charles Lott's cheek and stretching like a cake.

It is the opposite of the usual sight.

"Whoa! Whether it's arrows or artillery, bring it!

Kulalalaka, one of them in a big rage.

…… ……

Only Midnight Sugar and Pine Pack were quiet for some reason.

Is it something that makes sense? It is silent while facing each other and is being given away.

"... hey, give them your drunkenness..."

Osama managed to reach out of the woods of the female body, even though she was messed up, and asked for help in the outline of her last favor,

"I'm eating now, so I'll see you later."

"Please wait until you finish this barrel"

Angels and demons seemed to turn into evil eaters (Gratney) and booze gods (Bacchus).