It is the city of Halstoy, Lutanvesta territory.

It was a seemingly lonely, windy club just off the downtown streets.

It's a place for everyone to know, but it's also a universal playground (play spot) in every city.

There, one man approaches.

But at the entrance, the doorboys blocked me.

"Look. That's your face. Go home."

"Go home and shake your mom's dick, Odysan! Gahahahahahaha!"

"I'll let you do that. Mom's working inside, all the time."

Towards the doorboy holding his belly, the man pokes the joker of the cards in a pickpocket.

Then their laughter froze as if they had been thrown naked into a very cold land.

"If you find out you chased back the guy with this invitation, why would you guys use it to run (Splinter) and get skewered (Splinter) in no time? [incomprehensible]

"Su, suiyasu! I didn't know you had an invitation (in part time)...!

"Duh, come in! Oh, but before you do, it's forbidden to bring weapons, so a physical exam is better...!

"Damn, I don't have one right now, dude. Or what? Are you suspicious of a guest with an invitation?

"Ugh...! And I made it easy for you to excuse me! Physical examination is fine, please come in as you go!

"Oh, um... what is the alternative... Please keep your earlier disrespect to yourself..."

Towards them shrinking their large bodies and lowering their peppery heads, the man raised his hand.

"Oh, I can't tell my mom. Bye, dude."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The store was filled with purple light smoke.

A psychedelic space where rainbow light is flexing and crawling around walls and ceilings.

The light is emitted from the deepest stage, on which a woman with revealing skin twists her body.

The violent heavy bass played by the backband comes through shivering the billies and the floor.

The smell of musk dominated the entire store.

That clung to his body like a deceased, so the man flashed his face.

When I get to an empty table, a waitress in bondage comes pretending her ass and puts a shot glass crept through the shape of her skull.

"Odysan, that's a face you don't see."

"Oh, I'm here to find my mom. Are you my mom?

With teasing eyes, the man emptied the glass.

The waitress brightens her face with a "wow" and pours a second glass out of the bottle.

"It's amazing how you fuck a cow piss (cowpiss) straight, Odishan. If you don't fall for another drink, you can be your mom tonight."

"Well," the man answers, emptying the glass again.

"Well, let me see if you're a mom in the toilet there, all the time. I'm not thanking you, but I'm going to go crazy on 'Heaven' where my dad is."

Then, the waitress suddenly got grumpy.

Kah! And when you open your big mouth to peel your fangs off,

"Shit! I'm not hippo enough to deal with a Temei Mazakon! Stick that coarse dick in this bottle and be a sack all by yourself!

I kept my middle finger up and went somewhere.

The man who is alone again looks around the store again.

On the dim wall, the relief of an upside down goddess.

Occasionally the light from the stage flies and floats in polar colors.

At the next table, there was a leftover beverage from the previous customer.

A glass of a similar skeleton is placed with a clear bottle containing cow piss (cow piss) and a brown bottle.

The man reached out to keep it out of sight and took the brown bottle.

If you tilt it, a red liquid spills from your mouth and falls into your palm at a concentration sufficient to pull the yarn.

Put it on your finger and lick it, it's......

- Blood.

The man snapped in his heart.

- The upside down goddess.

And a strong liquor called cow piss (cowpiss), divided by blood, "The Divine Liquor of Hell (Devils Cocktail)".

I hate the word 'heaven' even more, waitress......

This is a three-out, all the time.

Second, I notice the coaster that was laid under the glass.

It had the same design as the relief on the wall, smoking water and wrinkling.

- There was more.

I didn't know you could put a glass with a devil's drink on top of a goddess......

"No way, it's not a code breaking for-out, all the time"

When the man put his hat back on deep, he stood up quietly.

Walk to the back of the store and stop in front of the table where the card game is played.

I called out to a piercing man who also looked good in a pair of cigars, surrounded by chips and women.

"Husband, I like the wingspan, all the time. Why don't we split the twinkle?"

"What, what about Temehe?

A cigar man staring up at me with fallen eyes.

"Hehe, I can't believe you're a weak fig, my husband doesn't look good,"

Laughing to get in tune, he pushes the blue-faced young man, who was an opponent of the cigar man.

"For one thing here, how about a real game?

"I'm sorry, I don't know. I hate him and the guy who pulls it off when he first meets the real thing."

"Well, don't say that. If you say such a small hole in your ass, the girls next to your husband will do the same for you."

The man unbuttons the front button of the suit and opens his nose wide.

Moment after moment, he didn't miss the change in the complexion of the cigar man.

Pulling out the bundle of bills that were stuck in your inner pocket, you release a bump on the table.

"Why don't you screw him over and expand it a little? [incomprehensible]

"... fine. Only one battle, though. If you lose, leave Soytz and get the hell out of here."

"That's right, husband, you know what I'm talking about"

... a big battle for the full price, which began suddenly.

Rumors called for rumors, and the other guests gathered around the table just like the show.

Check the five cards handed out to each other and make changes.

"So do you want to call it a showdown? Start with my husband, all the way."

The urged cigar man threw his bills out in paralysis.

"Three cards of six and two pairs of a... a full house"

"Hehe, I'm sorry, sir. Koch is... Goddess Sama, in full swing"

The man's card, directed to flap the fan, to four Qs, the K of hearts......

It was Goddess Full House, the strongest player in this card game.

"Well, my husband's twitch, I'll get it, all the time"

But he laughed back at me with his nose.

"There's no goddess in this club. That's why" Goddess Full House "becomes a less than piggy handler. Hey, guys. Don't tell this Yoso!

When the cigar man says so around, there's a mockery.

It was a one-sided notice, but the man was shrugging his shoulders, man.

"Oh, my God, you took one. So let's just say that for today, we're going to be heavily dispersed."

"Sounds a lot better to me. I don't hate guys like you. I'll buy you a drink before you leave."

"Thank you, sir. We don't know each other anymore. We're not friends anymore."

The two glasses that have been carried are whipped with a cock at the same time, the two men.

"It's a good drink. I like it more and more. Kill him like this, you worthless bastard."

"What, did you find out? My husband is a waste of time to keep me tied up, you know."

"Oh. One last thing, I'll tell you. I've been seeing you since you took out the bundle of bills. The gun (Shippo) is a testament to the gendarmerie (dogs), but it flickers...!

"... yes, hey... So that means……. This is where" Goal "is, you know... all the time..."

... Gatan!

The hound fell to the table.