I feel my consciousness come back to me as it rises from the bottom of the water.

The hound opened his eyelids with groans as he crawled out of the clouds.


Vision is latticed and distorted.

It's because I drank three strong drinks, and probably because of the medicine that was put in the third.

And my face, it was hot enough to burn.

I shook my head blurry and tried to cool it, but it wouldn't move.

After a while, I finally realized my face was stuck in a gold net and woke up physically.

I put my finger on a red, dirty braid that can't be rusted or bloodstained, and I grabbed it and stood.

That was a dark and quiet space, unlike any club I'd seen earlier.

... Pattin!

and I wondered if there was a ring of fingers,

... fuwah...!

Fluorescent playing in the sea at night, small lights from all directions, as if in all of them.

Right in front of you, on the ceiling, on the side... it goes on everywhere. It's a candle flame.

Beyond them sits those who have made such a disastrous makeup that they do not know their age rather than their expression.

"Have you noticed?"

To the golden net, said the man sitting in the front.

From the sound of his voice, he looks like a cigar guy who played card games at a club.

"I didn't know the gendarmerie (dogs) had someone to send out 'invitations'... Besides, the" Anti-Demon King Believers (Sanitast) Section "kiri hounds (dogs), to gunhounds...!

A cigar man who entertains a joker.

The hound poses as a hound.

"If you want to tighten up the guy who sent you the invitation, you wait a little longer, all the time. About tomorrow, I'll be back in Koch. I was reborn as a goblin baby, all the time."

He never asked why his identity had been found out.

Because my lover (cancer), who I always hold, had left my dress and disappeared from my nostrils.

"... I knew Coco was a cockroach nest, all the time. And after all, this is where 'goal' is wacky, all the time."

"Yes, this is Temehe's graveyard. You dogs who have ever fucked my people... if you give your soul, our Lord will surely rejoice"

"The ritual of the Devil King's Believer (Sanitast) has to be done where no sunshine enters even at night. That means this is the basement of the club. It's the perfect place for a Demon King's Believer. And that wasp, he said," Seriously, it was wasp, all the time. "

"Ho, I didn't know you were sniffing that far......! Exactly...! This used to be the Azit of the inferior bandits who would be 'Get Set Bat'......!

Cigar Man...... No, the leaders of the Demon King followers (Sanitasts) rise.

Then he spread his hands and lowered his head deeply.

"Our God is not in heaven, but at the bottom of the earth".

Because they believe so, they honor the Great Lord on the ground.

"The demon king did not forgive the dirty evil of the bandits...! That's why I gathered all the burglars in this underground arena and they gave me divine punishment...! That's exactly, demonic feat......! All the bandits were temporarily turned upside down while sitting in this seat...! Other than the devil king, there is no way he can do that...!

"Can you believe what he's saying when he looks like he's stuck in a paint? I just adorned the wars with those rashes, and they're just nuts, all the time. You cockroaches, even the one who slipped on a banana and hit him in the head and died, would make a scene that it was the devil's fault, but all the time."

"Hmm......! I didn't know you didn't believe in the existence of the devil king......! After all, dogs are only dogs......! Fine, find out the truth in hell, it's a hound...!

Unexpectedly, the gunhound looks back feeling signs behind his back.

Octagon ring surrounded by gold mesh.

In the center of it was a giant man with body painting that put 'screams' together all over his body.

High as a stone column, a chunk of robust muscles......!

...... GOON!

A roaring punch grabbed the gunhound's cheek decently.


After blowing straight to the side, hitting and bouncing against a number of gold nets, a gunhound is slapped to the ground.

But get up soon and fix the hat that was about to come off.

Behind him, a roar full of madness was twisting.

"Saah! It's the beginning of the ritual......! The skin, the flesh, the bones, the blood...! Give it to us! If you do, you will be able to give your soul to the Evil Demon King...!

And on the front, the executioner squealing his finger bones was looking down.

"I just did it lightly and bounced like a pinball ball ball. This is just my fingertips, I think I can tear them apart."

The gunhound stays staring up and wipes the blood dripping from his mouth with his sleeve.

"Right. That's good, dude. I just didn't want to live long."

"Have you finally figured out who you are? Guns, dogs, dogs, dogs."

"Baka. My Kawaiko doesn't have a body under three like you... whoa!

And leap, face to face and release a punch.

"What are you going to do with those branchy arms and stone fists?"

Sure, they thought he was right.

Everyone in the audience imagined an executioner like the immovable Benqing, who didn't even feel as bitten by a mosquito.

But moments of impact,

...... Jubaaaaaaaaaa!!


The sound and scream echoed as if he had been pressed against the grilled gote, and Ben Kyung was circling the floor.

"Huh!? Ahhh!? Ahhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

The cheeks are burnt, melted...

Already up to the cheekbone, exposed......!

"... you're all over the place, all the time."

The fist of the gun-hound, which he threw away so much, was fitted with a dull, glowing coalition.

That's not just a Meriken sack.

Made of silver, the mark of exorcism known as the Holy Engraving was unravelled….

It was a hound-only melee weapon for the gendarmerie, equivalent to a baton...!

"Duh, where, such a weapon (emotion)...!

Turning to the executioner, who suppresses his face and trembles with a crocodile, Gunhound said.

"Come on, dude. But if you're going to confiscate the weapon of your sleeping opponent, I'm going to look into the soles of your shoes from now on."

"Gu......! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

An executioner who keeps crawling and flying like a frog.

Gunhound butches a relentless counter punch in his face that has melted and become like an Ibo toad.

And when you push the left and right Meriken sacks against the temples like an electrode,


Fire erupted from the hole called the hole in the executioner's face, and the skin carburized.

The moment it collapses, it collapses into a mess.

"... Come on, all right, which one of you is next? Oh... apparently all of it, all of a sudden"

The hound felt the kind of killing wrapped in the needle rather than the arrow shoulder up and down.