Around, those who did poisonous face painting had arrived.

With knives, whips, hammers and squares in your hands, something you might call a weapon that would have been in this club.

In the middle of the ring that separated the gold net, a man with a hat that shakes his head behind him in a way that came along.

"Is this how a popular rare beast in a zoo feels? Then you want one of the twats, too, all the time."

Shortly after he snapped like that,

...... Zubaahhhh!!

The door upstairs in the guest seat blew up momentum.

The people who were stuck on the gilded net looked back and looked back.

The rare beast, freed from his gaze, leaked a breath that was neither "slow, nor soothing" to sigh.

Like music from heaven, live music pouring in.

Backed by a polar-colored light, I was standing across the door... a large silhouette, with my kicking legs shaken up.

"He broke the door again... and told me to remember to add and subtract. And at that rate, you're gonna bump into me again, all the time."

The big man who tried to leap indoors, as the rare beast predicted,

...... GAANG!!

smashed his head at the entrance and glanced at the grand

Did it hurt, holding my head down and crouching?

Downstairs guests left unattended in the shadows of comedy by themselves.

After a while the big man recovered and wondered if he and Dosdos had rushed down from the upstairs guest seat.

...... blah blah!

He spread his gigantic body like a dark cloud and danced through the universe.


...... Zuuuuuuuuuuu!!

Land in the ring with a rock-like weight.

And he stood upright and saluted Bishi as if pointing to a freshly made tankob.

"Superior Gunhound! Agent Sauccan, you have completed Operations One and Two and are now joining the main unit!

"It's okay to write, just give it to me, all the time."

Hitachi (gunhound) feels like an occasional encounter in the heavenly river due to the weight handed over.

But it was only for a short while, shorter than overnight.

"Ugh, fuck me... here, where was it? [incomprehensible]

Hiroshi presses his nose, pinching and hanging the weaving princess (cancer) with her fingers.

His squire, the big man, grinned nicely as he offered him a belt.

"Do you want to know?

"No, I knew it. Don't hesitate......"

Was the belt in the same place, full of unpleasant imaginative smells?

When I wrap it around my hips, I feel like it's staining my body.

Gunhound just threw up another lotus student and threw up in a yake-fucking mood.

"I didn't know there was more to this world than getting beat up by a big fat ass......"

... He was on board alone to find out that this club was an Azito of The Devil King Believers (Sanitast).

And I choke on the cigar guy I was eyeing as the boss.

As he retrieved the bundle of tags for the hanging, he deliberately showed off the gun, which was a sign of the gendarmerie, and carried out the bluff.

They just put the gendarmerie in front of them and don't do anything to kill them right away.

After you take the gun, sacrifice the 'ritual'......

That's what Gunhound was reading, letting his men Sauccan stick up the back door of the store.

Demon King followers (Sanitasts) repel silver weapons, so dispose of them immediately if they take them away.

An employee of the club took the gun-hound gun out the back door and threw it away… it was a sign of entry.

Sauccan retrieves the gun, bogs the watch and hears the secret underground, rendezvous with the gunhound.

That was the whole of their operation.

Operation is a huge success......!

But this uneven (decomposed) combination is still in distress...!

"What? I thought you had backup, you only had one of your men! Get out of my way! Hahahahahahaha!"

When the cigar man mocks him that way, his men laugh more and more that there will be 200.

That battle power difference, 100x......!

Gunhound regains his love gun, and Sauccan also has a long gun, both firestone (flint lock) style.

It takes time to reload, so in the meantime it is visible to slap......!

But from the two hounds, I can't even feel the rush.

When they laughed invincibly and back-to-back,

"I wonder why it's just the two of us...... you know what, Sauccan? [incomprehensible]

"If it's a club of Demon King followers (Sanitasts) of this size, it's because we're both around!

Looking around at the devil's hands, I let him hang up his tanka...!

"What the fuck!? The dogs are so annoying!... I don't care about 'rituals' anymore! Tear them apart and jerk them off! And feed your fellow dogs who come looking for you later, as knobs!


On the boss's voice, enthusiasm erupted.

The gold mesh crushes the men pushing from all directions.

When Sauccan spread his arms like a jetty, he took it covered like a high wave.

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!!!

And with many times as much anger as they let go, they push back at once.

Lose to just one, it's a chess game, you guys.

Gun hounds aboard the fallen gold net, further underlaying them.

"Keep it out of season, it's a good wave"

Ride like a surfer on a swinging gold net.

Despite the fact that his people are underlying him, his men work together one after the other.

"Yes, yes. It's racker to tread in large numbers, hey, all the time."

The sparing gunhound took up the boxing setup.

Use unstable scaffolding in reverse and shake like a willow to engage an enemy attack.

And he slammed a sharp jab like lightning into one enemy nose column after another.

... Bassi! Baki! Kiki! Gusha!

Light bursting sound, like popcorn burning.

"Around!?" "Yikes!" "Phew!?" "Gah!?

Four people down at once, just a few moments after blinking.

On their bent nostrils there are traces of holy engravings, like baking marks.

"I don't need a gun (cancer) to get rid of the Demon King followers (cockroaches). If you break your nose like this, you'll cry like a little bird..."

My men accidentally jumped from both sides, I wouldn't panic if they grabbed my arms.

"Or like this, all the time"

The gunhound gently lifts one knee before swinging down the momentum.

In the heel of his shoes, he stepped through the legs of the guys he was holding back.

...... Gusha! Kusha!

"Uhhhhhhhhh!?" "Higgyyyyyyyyy!?

"If you aim at your little toes this way, you'll easily crush them,"

It happens to be a scream, and I kick a rolling sobat in where I'm Kenken on one leg.

I bumped into a human rocket that flew in just the right time and rolled around trying to keep up.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

It was a chase attack from Sauccan, who was wielding his hands in a mess and straining his flock of men.

A one-sided sight, as if Yokotsuba is annoyed by the Chibiko Li's opponents.

He is not a Merikensack, but a glove with holy engravings embedded in his palm.

So I'm rolling out the tension by the auspicious arm.

...... Zuppahhhhh!!

A whip about the thickness of a line, along with a dry sound that pulled relentlessly.


It was overdone (overkill) that the victims, who had their cheekbones crushed and even pressed to the burn mark, would be blown away for a few meters.