The boss of the Demon King followers (Sanitasts), the cigar man, had moved upstairs at some point to determine the sights of heights.

Although how many opponents specialize in the exorcism of 'Demon King's Believers (Sanitasts)', there are only two gendarmes.

I thought you could lightly crucify me...

But he had already been hit by as many as half of his men, and he was beginning to rush.

"Gu......!? Damn it! They're only two dogs! Clean it up!

"How much cockroaches have gathered to eat and kill dogs...!

A gunhound that teases grasping men and sounds span span and pleasant.

Every time one of them sinks again with one of them.

The only punch the hound rolled out was the jab.

But power and speed, which is very much not that of amateur fights.

On the contrary, even professionals who can target the world transcend it.

First, a boxing punch is what releases to the opponent who is right against him, but the gunhound aimed primarily at the opponent who is next to him.

Besides, he wears his hat deeply so that he doesn't understand where he's going with his gaze.

From the receiving side, it takes the form of a sudden beating from a no-look opponent.

Besides, after almost zero preliminary motion, the speed that doesn't even fit in your eyes.

Everyone gets their nose snapped at some point and their consciousness is taken away as it is.


In front of the hounds, even blinks are ordered......!

If you do it badly, you may never open your eyelids again...!

And the hounds don't confirm the fate of the enemy they defeated.

It's like a dog on a walk, plain enough to step on a falling leaf and just shake down his next leg (punch).

...... pari! Pari! Pari......!

One after another, like dead leaves, shattering noses.

The bearers of its nose fall more and more, as if stirred by the wind.

This is no longer a fight, but a unilateral hunt......!

"Hih...! Hii! What strength!?

"Let it go, turn around on your back! Do it from behind! The guy in the hat is hyorous, so if he gets a blow, he should fall!

"Mm, I can't! That big fat ass is covering for you!

"Then first, get that big fat ass......!

"Oh, over there, no matter how much you hit me, I'm freaking out!?

"What kind of body is it that beats me with a hammer and it's flat!? Iron Golem Cute!?

"... don't move!!

Drinks pour down from the heights, as if to blow the thickening defeat color.

When the downstairs look up, there...

...... Gasha!!

From the upstairs guest seats, I turn to the crossbow to surround it, the newbies...!

"No matter how many hounds, this many arrows won't be broken!

A boss who is leading them said with a fired cigar hoisted like a wine glass.

That's a 'aim' signal.

When the cigar is out of hand, it becomes a 'simultaneous shooting'.

"The arrows are poisoned, so even if you just cuss, you're going to the afterlife!

Are you already sure of your victory, boss who tastes cigars like wine and spits out puhar and smoke.

"That's good, I guess. I just didn't want to live long."

Gunhound unravels his fist fight setup and continues with his neck pounding to rest.

"But we're gonna get a lot of people involved, okay? [incomprehensible]

"This poison is a mon extracted from a flower called" The Devil's Trumpet "! The gendarmerie would know what would happen if they took him!?

"... the devil comes and blows a whistle (pet)... all the time. Such hallucinations and hallucinations drive me crazy."

"Exactly! If you overdose him and die, you can go to hell......! So they're all happy to bathe!

As the gunhound looked around, his men stared at the cutting edge of the arrow with envy.

It's as if a dark cloud had appeared, bringing rain of grace.

"Ha, that's why. Is Koch more of a wack to get caught up in? That's perfect, you know."

Hounds go on to say "to it," while reclaiming the trademark Shikemoku.

"Playing a whistle is an exclusive patent of an angel."

A love gun (cancer) pulled out of his nose poked at a cigar.

...... jakieeeeeeeeeeeee!!

A clear sound sounds like the gospel from heaven.

Angels prefer treble and demons say they prefer bass.

Those who are the devil's men lagged behind like pests who heard the ultrasound of the exterminator.

But only the boss, laughs with his nose.

"... hun! Angel Demon Gun, 'Angel Hylow' or...! I hear it's so powerful! But no matter how powerful it was, only one shot...! Even if I get killed, the next moment, you're a hive too...! If we could take the gunhound on the road, the devil king would be delighted...!

"I'm so sorry about the cockroach extermination, all the time. Hey, babe, you, too, right?

Gunhound mouths her lips (muzzles).

"Just Holy Day (Holy Day), so let's call it a big service......! Excited, give me a one-way ticket to heaven, ooh...! I can't get a good boy to pray every day, it's a premium ticket...!

A whistle (pet) that can be raised heavenly again.


And the angel, he came down...!

...... Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

A fierce roar (shroud) bursts through the eardrum.

Flashing like a small sun exploded, the sight of all ruled in a blinking white.

...... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

white shadows slipping in recoil, but along the way,


By a large white wall, it had been taken.

I still don't rely on it, but I grew up enough to keep my back, another partner......

Gunhound thumbs up in a world buried in white.

And as you tangle your fingers together with your lover, when you re-grip the grip,

"Come on, this is the real deal (main) from here, whoa...!

It stood on the great upper stage as if it were a sword, and waved down with the temper.

"So Rhahhhhhhhh!

... zdoh...!!


The underground ceiling is beeped out and, on the contrary, like a gas explosion, even blows up the club ceiling.

A muzzle flash like an unstoppable discharge stretches into the night sky like a staircase to heaven.

When one gets down further, it rumbles out like a broom star's tail.

That becomes the polar pen, repainting the white world with further pure white.

Powdered snow blows up like a geyser from a club without a roof.

She fell flat and dyed one side of her makeup.

... Mary White Holy Day (Holy Day)...!

The people of this city rejoiced greatly in the fresh snow.

But no one knew.

This is the ashes of those who were formerly known as the followers of the Demon King.